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Nice core for Vayne

Creator: TheJohn August 26, 2011 8:57pm
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Jun 6th, 2010
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It's a very cost effective durability+damage item in lategame.
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May 1st, 2011
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Boots + 3 Health Potions/ Doran's Blade (Normally Boots + 3 Health Potions in low ELO since the players usually suck)
Doran's Blade x2
Berserker's Greaves/ Mercury's Treads
Zeal/ B. F. Sword (If I can afford B. F. Sword I go for that.)
Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge
Then whatever I want to build against the team.

If you tend to die a lot Infinity Edge would be better so you don't have to worry about the stacks on Bloodthirster.

Note: Also if you're doing good early game, there's no need to stack Doran's Blades.

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