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Official Shameless Selfpromotion Thread

Creator: Meiyjhe August 28, 2015 4:27am
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Sep 8th, 2019
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Hey everyone, my name is Dark0asls and I am a Gold IV jungle/support main. My 3 main champions are Ivern, Taric, and Nunu & Willump. Since I have started playing league of legends, around 5 months ago, I have fallen IN LOVE with the Green Father himself Ivern. I have spent multiple months, hours on end working on a jungle guide for Ivern. It is still not complete and requires a lot more work. I'm posting this on here in the efforts to get a little bit more views and possibly get help from this community on what I can do better with my guide. Make sure to PM me if you have any suggestions. Thank you all ♥.
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