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Miss Fortune Build Guide by DutchWolf114

Support I Know What I'm Doing [Quick & Dirty MF Sup]

Support I Know What I'm Doing [Quick & Dirty MF Sup]

Updated on March 17, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DutchWolf114 Build Guide By DutchWolf114 5 3 21,835 Views 2 Comments
5 3 21,835 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DutchWolf114 Miss Fortune Build Guide By DutchWolf114 Updated on March 17, 2021
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Runes: Basic

Glacial Augment
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Ultimate Hunter
Taste of Blood

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Ability Order Pew-Pew

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

I Know What I'm Doing [Quick & Dirty MF Sup]

By DutchWolf114


At time of writing (patch 11.6 release) the game is so horribly broken and unbalanced there is no point in writing (or reading) a guide, especially for an off-meta pick. Games are a coinflip right now (at least in silver/gold elo), skill does not matter as roughly 8 out of 10 games are decided by "who has the most broken champs". Of the remaining 2 games, at most 1 is decided by the best player in the match....and the other(s) are decided by the worst feeder. Maybe some sense will return to Rito and I'll get to update these sometime, untill then so long...

Welcome, I've Got A Good Feeling About This :)

Welcome to the seventh installment of "quick and dirty off meta supports/adc" (check out the rest of the series, including Ashe support, LeBlanc support and Ahri ADC here). Let me preface this by saying this guide is primarily intended for support mains that want to have some fun. For that reason, I'm going to assume that, as a support, you know the basics of warding, laning, etc. Now, some may remember that Miss Fortune support actually saw some pro-play with GorillA bringing it out twice in the 2016 LCS semi-finals to great success. That was then tho, and now this is a hopelessly out-of-meta pick once again. But that's what we're looking for in this series, so let's get to it.

So what are we gonna talk about? We'll have a short discussion about the mindset behind this build and then we'll go through some MF specific gameplay. That's it, quick & dirty.

GL;HF and see you on the Rift :)


PS. If you just want to know the build and start playing (or, you know, if you got auto-filled and panic picked), scroll back up. Got most of the items, abilities, etc. explained in the notes. Give that a read and you should be good to go..although full-AP MF might be a safer bet in this case.
This Is The Way

So how our we going to play our little MF as a support ? The why is obvious: pretty redhead with a pair of insanely huge....ehm....guns...yes...I was definitely looking at the firearms. Anyway, back when GorillA pulled it out it was a bit of a cheesy combo. Ashe arrow, Bullet Time, kill, win, cake...much like the Leona + lethality MF cheese that was massively OP in low-elo a few seasons ago.

That's not really what this series is about tho. So we're going to go for the more supporty route. And, like her bra, Sarah Fortune is great at that job. What we want to do here is enable our team to make plays, and counter the opposing forces when they try to do the same. This is reflected in itemization (getting stuff that does stuff other than straight up damage) and use of abilities (applying debuffs, cc, etc. to multiple targets).

If we keep this in mind, our cute little bounty hunter (yes she's a bounty hunter, go read the lore) can not only fill the support role but be excellent at it (to some degree).

We have the (soft) CC, we have the poke, we have the movementspeed boots, we can liberally and apply on item effects with both abilities and AA's. Our stuff scales mixed so we can make most items work. This is totally do-able. So we stick to our support-fundamentals - Ward, Peel, Control, Dominate - and we adapt Missy's kit to do that.

This is the way.
Bring 'em In Cold

So, like I said, we're gonna skip all the where to ward, how to trade, etc. stuff and just focus on what makes MF work as a support. To that end I'll briefly go over the item choices and supply some tips on gameplay. As a support main you should really know the rest already.

We'll start with a quick word on itemization since MF is a bit A-typical in that regard.
A Quick Word On Runes

So, straight of the bat I'm going to ignore my own rules for the Mythic item. Twist it as you might, Liandry's Anguish is simply to strong to ignore on Miss Fortune as we have so many easy ways of applying it. Should the enemy team be seriously squishy tho we could leave it and take Everfrost or Moonstone Renewer as they actually help our team more...but that just seems sub-optimal at this point in time and I don't see this changing any time soon.

We do always try to use the remaining item slots for that. Anti-heal and armor-shred are the best options most of the time. Here it is preferable to take Chempunk Chainsword over Mortal Reminder unless we also get Runaan's Hurricane, as the CDr will do more than a single Crit chance item. Stacking this with Morellonomicon works great as we'll be grieviously wounding everyone all the time. Alternatively we could get Umbral Glaive for the vision score, or even something like Mikael's Blessing. Be creative, and look at what the match requires of us (or we could just be a basic b**** and build full AP, but that's boring).

I'm just going to highlight some of the more important aspects of playing the Bounty Hunter, rather than go through it all. In my mind, this is what makes Miss Fortune support work.

Position, Position, Position
Like Arianna, we want to be in the right position at the right time. Granted this goes for any champ in any role, but for MF you really need to Double Up on that principle. We constantly want to be in a spot where we can deliver maximum effect, be that thru Bullet Time, auto-attacks, or even just our intimidating presence. Generally speaking this would be slightly more aggressive posturing than an ADC, but a little less than your average mage support (think Lulu if you turn it down one notch). We have Boots of Swiftness and Strut to help you with this, so let's be afraid to use the latter for this in lieu of getting more AA's out of alive support is usually more...uhm...useful...then a dead support.

Rain Down On 'Em
Our E, Make it Rain, is really the hidden gem of MF support. Not only does the slow get quite potent, and therefor great for peeling and setting up plays, the early game damage is stronger then you'd expect...especially with all the AP we're building. The AP-ratio on this thing is also positively insane, being slightly stronger then Lux's very simmilar Lucent Singularity. Early mana-consumption is a bit steep, but it is a great way to stack our Spellthief's Edge. So let it rain on 'em.

Tap Dat Ashe
The passive, Love Tap, is obviously usefull for the purposes of poking. This much should be obvious to the point of not having to point it out. That being said, we should realize we can reset the Love Tap mark by hitting a minion. So after trading, let's give one of those little hooded creeps some love before going back in to make sure we do maximus damagus. Works on turrets as well. So give 'em a little love tap.

Bullet Time Is Scary
While Bullet Time appears to be a rather simple ult, massive cone of bullets. It is, however, as a support 's toolbox it is as massive as Sarah's....guns. Zoning, waveclear, applying Black Cleaver stacks, intimidation...the possibilities are endless (well not really but you get my point). Be above all: don't underestimate the psychological impact our cute little cone of death has. Between Ultimate Hunter and all the CDr / ability haste we'll be building, the cooldown comes down to barely-anything. So don't be afraid to face towards enemy and let'r rip. Preferably while screaming like this:
Time To Set Sail!

If you are reading this: thanks for going all the way through, please leave a like if you liked and/or a comment if you have any suggestions. I hope it has been obvious that I'm being half-serious in this guide. Honestly, as much as I love playing it....MF- support is not the strongest pick in this (or probably any) meta. Don't let that stop you from having fun tho, in lower-ELO it is perfectly viable...hell, I would go as far as to say that it is actually quite strong in low-Gold right now. Then again, LeBlanc support works fine in low-Gold as well ;)

So don't let the meta stop you, it's time to head out to the Rift and have fun,
Thanks for reading,

PS. If you are looking for more off-meta stuff check out my other guides here.
PPS. If you want to play full damage MF support, basically just being an APC with a few extra wards, I do reccommend you check out this excellent guide.

League of Legends Build Guide Author DutchWolf114
DutchWolf114 Miss Fortune Guide
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I Know What I'm Doing [Quick & Dirty MF Sup]

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