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Official Shameless Selfpromotion Thread

Creator: Meiyjhe August 28, 2015 4:27am
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Oct 19th, 2018
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Are you tired of losing as Xayah? Don't you think you have the right amount of knowledge needed to carry, then look no further. Here's an average guide on Xayah written by yours truly.

Here's the link: and enjoy.

Only 0$ per minute.

Thanks to Chromuro for the Sig!
Godot's Forum Avatar
May 16th, 2019
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Made a quick TOP/MID guide for Yuumi. Read and give a vote, comment, or suggestion. Thanks!
Silverman43's Forum Avatar
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Nov 11th, 2017
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Do You like one-shotting ADC's? Do you like off-meta builds? Do you want to see the REAL way to play Rengar?
Search no longer! I present to you: Rabadon's Deathcat!
In this experimental video I show the power of Full AP Rengar, along with some (overused) memes!
Like, who doesn't prefer AoE one-shots over single-target one-shots?
R3Veal's Forum Avatar
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Jul 11th, 2017
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Hey, you!

Started playing Jhin or want to main him? Got a skin from chest and decided to check it out in the game?

Well, my guide will help you win games and not only!
Made in 2017 is quite here and got enough feedback to get better and It's still improving!
It's in-depth Jhin guide which will not only help you win games but you will learn some tips and interesting facts about Jhin!

Check it out (and stay PERFECT!): Click me :3
Mr. Nyahr
Mr. Nyahr's Forum Avatar
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Mar 29th, 2015
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Hello, I'm Mr. Nyahr! I've been playing LoL since Season 2 and I've been a member/guide creator on this site since Season 5.

If you'd like to see some in-depth guides for some of my favorite champions, you can find them on my profile. Any comments or criticism is welcome, and I'm glad to answer any questions you might have.
Seth346's Forum Avatar
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Sep 20th, 2014
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Do you want to play Riven like a God? My guide is just for you! I've recently updated it so now it not only has all the best information, but also looks better than the rest too. Leave me any advice in the comments, thanks in advance!
If I helped you, I would appreciate a +rep
ziolo to noob
ziolo to noob's Forum Avatar
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Jul 4th, 2019
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I am a Vladimir main from Gold 1, that still peaks better ranks. I really want you to invite you to my Vladimir guide! You will find a lot of tips there and self explanation. Its good guide for first time vladimir players and for mains. I played around 200 matches in 3 months (when i started playing vlad) and I love this champion and will never stop playing him.

Thanks for feedback.
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