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Orianna Discussion

Creator: Dudemanguy1 June 22, 2011 2:15pm
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Oct 4th, 2010
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^no lich bane

don't focus on ur auto attack, just BALL IT

her auto attacks deal hefty damage with AP, and even more with lich bane. The difference between a good Orianna and a great Orianna is the use of AA.


and also I experimented a lot and starting with a ring + AP quints is much better, 30 AP off the bat and nice HP and regen, sets you back A LITTLE on your philo but np

That might be viable, but health regen will keep you in lane longer and you'll get more gold faster, instead of a bit more lane dominance.


also, I think she is better early laning phase duo than solo, although she CAN hold her own solo; I think this because she can net her ally many kills with protect + haste and slow...get yourself and ally fed early on, very nice :)

Unless you want to go without farm in a duo lane (which you seem to detest >.<), then Orianna belongs in a solo lane. She has strong lane presence with large burst damage from her Command: Attack.


and if you look at that JunSupport thread that I liked, Ori packs a big punch. Yes she has a lot of utility, but your theory of her not bringing as much damage as normal mages is wrong...

She CAN pack a big punch, but it's very situational. The only way I could work out hitting one person with all 4 spells is this:
- Command: Attack
- Command: Dissonance
-enemy walks to the other side of the ball
- Command: Shockwave so they're now between Orianna and the ball
- Command: Protect

Basically, to land all 4 spells you need to not only depend on the enemy's positioning, but also your own/an ally's positioning. This isn't always possible to land a 4-spell combo, and really only 2 spells are guaranteed.

there is no "normal" mage anyway, everyone has different special things

By "normal mage" I meant a champ who doesn't move a ball from a separate origin, but instead a champ who casts their spells with the champ as the origin.

and, she happens to be the 2nd best nuke behind Veigar in the game, according to some high Elo person who did the math

As I mentioned - with the ball's design and the separate spells, that whole combo is VERY difficult to pull off, and depends on the enemy's positioning, which you cannot control.

plus her AoE is AMAZING for the WHOLE enemy team, you should NOT be focusing ONE person with the ball as you suggested, you should be focusing the WHOLE team to dish damage to EVERYONE.

The same situation applies - focusing heavily on utility will not only accomplish more than just focusing on damage, but it'll also deal nearly as much (if not just as much) damage. You can either hit the enemies with Command: Attack and slow them, then Command: Dissonance to slow and Command: Shockwave to deal damage, then Command: Protect yourself for the final burst...

or you can Command: Protect xin zhao while he initiates, then speed up xin, damage the enemy, and slow the enemy with Command: Dissonance, then keep them from running again with Command: Shockwave. See? The only ability you DIDN'T hit with was Command: Protect, and that's beause you're using it for a utility/team-beneficial role.
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Jan 17th, 2011
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imma reply from your bottom section up ^^

yes but that is not item-wise, that is just situational skill combo

if you are pursuing someone and an ally is in the front line, E + haste him.

if you are just in a big blob teamfight, Q + R + W + E nearest champ so the ball stays near them or whoever needs an E or you or w/e

it is not which is more focusing on damage or utility, it is a simple matter of which combo to perform in which situation ^^

combos aren't generally difficult to pull off at all, E to yourself if you don't have to ball to setup the combo much easier, faster projectile speed than Q

Q + W + Q lol I just killed enemy carry.

no need for ult even.

and with good CDR, everything is on an extremely low cooldown so this is all possible to do in ~ 5 seconds give or take.

Ori is very versatile with laning, duo and solo are both good, as I said though you can both still get nice CS with a duo, or you can go your way and go more passive support early game, JUST relying on philo for income (no stacking it though anymore QQ and you need your RoA + AP item of choice (I go evil tome) + deathcap to get the ball rolling [lol pun]), however duo nets you a lot of kills because of her poke + shield + haste + slow. She has amazing lane presence wherever she goes.

Ok so you are saying more HP regen with regrowth.

ya, but then you cast a few times and are just a sitting duck.

Ring gives you nice AP so you can do some nice damage off the bat, nice HP, AND good mana regen which should pose more of an issue to you than HP regen, because you shouldn't be going in dirty with your ball and autoattack range.

Yes, use auto attack ofc.

But see, if you get more AP, your autoattack deals more damage overall each hit.

Yes lich is nice but if you get an item with more AP + passive/active benefits, MPen, etc., you will do more damage per attack overall without even needing to cast, plus with most of your items, auto attacks are nice but you will be focusing on landing your ball combos which will kill people instantly before you even get to auto attack them xD

and if you need to auto them, you have a ton of bonus damage from your AP already ^^

for the price of lich bane, you should devote that slot to something else that will give more AP and benefits overall.

Mana regen, don't need it, I got RoA and mana regen masteries and possibly runes, plus Evil Tome.

and blue if I can.

MRes, nty I got my E passive

more MS? nah, I can just click W.

For the neat 3500 g it costs, you are getting 80 AP (okay) and some more damage on your AA, which is nice, but unnecessary since you will be bursting so much with your ball already, and when something is on cooldown, another ability will be up; you will almost always be able to cast your Q due to the extremely low CD with some CDR (4 seconds about).

imo, you NEED RoA, evil tome, sorcs, deathcap, void/abyssal.

You need that HP and mana, mana regen, AP and magic pen/MR Reduction.

That leaves one slot.

Lich bane or Rylai (in my case)?

A lot of HP, same AP as lich, and a beastly AoE SLOW on EVERYTHING, even your Q, and a SUPER slow on your W, to help position your combos easier...

OR same AP and some extra autoattack damage when I don't even need it :/

Don't get me wrong, it is a good item for her, I just think there are better ones.

Thanks to TRUeLM, Plastictree, Scrax, Xiaowiriamu, foggy12, JahGFX, jhoijhoi, msrobinson, JEFFY40HANDS, Nyoike, MissMaw, and me :) for the sigs!
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Sep 15th, 2010
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I am just glad our girl is getting some love on the court. I bought her the first week she was out and she is by far my 2nd favorite mage (behind Vlad). Swain rounds out my personal top 3.

There for a while I thought she was going to get mad at her lack of play time and just take her ball and leave.

After all... it may be the Fields of Justice's court... but it is her ball.
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