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If you had to choose

Creator: Blowfeld
May 17, 2012 8:31pm
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Ok, let's play this through....

For some reason you behaved badly and Riot only allows you to furthermore own 10 champions with the following rules:
you can choose 5 champs for your favorite position
you can choose 1 champ for every other position
you can choose the 10th champ as a joker that is allowed to go anywhere

Oh, and you must briefly explain why you chose what, otherwise you only get jungle eve without leashes and start at 0 Elo ;)

As I only play blind pick normals to not blame myself or tell other people that "I sure must be better then my ELO" I would choose the following:


Rumble I love that crazy dude and even if I suck with him, once I am good I will own :D


Gragas I am horrible at mid, but somehow I manage to be useful with him...and his ult is amazing!


Graves He is the only AD carry I feel comfortable with, Ezreal is more fun, but I like to win... plus i dig AE skills ;)


Soraka Yeah, I know - what a boring pick...but she keeps you trained at keeping an eye on the minimap and health of your mates.


Alistar He is somewhat slow but his ganks are freaking fantastic and you can transition well into late game even without a lot of money.

Nautilus If I have the feeling I need even more CC for my team, compared to playing Alistar, Nautilus is No1

Skarner I like that he can annoy people quite well, he clears fast, has an amazing ulti and can slow people like forever. Good, solid pick

Twitch For pubstomping and the giggles.

Nocturne Making people paranoid 24/7, ignoring wards, being able to snipe or offtank. He is a good choice when my team has a good amount of CC and I want to wreck faces.

Joker card:

Jarvan IV Still waiting for his legendary mustache skin. This dude does well top, in jungle or as support. Smashing people in the name of Demacia all game long. Need a AS buff: check! Want a knock up? check! Like smashing soundeffects? check! 120% more Demacia? check Wanna "help" checkcheckcheck

Jarvan is one of the most versatile, non path restriced champions that can easily adapt to the game and even if he does stand out at something, he has no real weaknesses either. One of the most balanced champs out there.
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Hmmmmmm, interesting game :D

I'd take LeBlanc (don't ask me why >< idk. best champion), Kennen (for E-flash-Ult combo :D gettin' high off that), Katarina (as a praise to TiensiNoAkuma =P), Talon (Because I need an AD mid) and Vladimir (I should have a really viable champ in my set, right?) for mid
Top lane Irelia (I don't even own her, but she is definitely my favourite top lane champ)
Support Janna (Only support I really-really got down)
AD Carry Graves (MANLY MOTHERF*****)
Jungle Nocturne (My first champ :3 And ult es #1)
And I would take Lee Sin as a joker. He can really go anywhere. I generally play mid/jungle with him, but I went bot or top or support numerous times. Really fun to play, but I have a looooot to learn about him still D:
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Olaf mid
Olaf jungle
Olaf top
Olaf RANGED ad carry
support Olaf

Best team composition.

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Riven - One of my best champions and one of the strongest tops too. None of my other tops really come close right now.

Lux - She's my main. Kennen comes in close second, but Lux is more fun and I can snowball more easily with her.

Graves - Lol, I don't even own him yet, I play AD so infrequently. He's pretty good at everything and has a pretty solid laning phase. Nice burst with a kill-support, nice harass with a sustained support. Good all around.

Janna - Soraka's almost even with her. I've always loved supports who can't be zoned from usefulness in lane. Using Janna's abilities well means noticeably changing the outcome of the game. Your carry will thank you for the clutch shields and perfect ults. :P

Nocturne - Great damage, great ganks, good clears, is awesome.
Nautilus - Best CC. Really tanky.
Alistar - Great ganks, good survivability, very early ganks.
Lee Sin - Good at EVERYTHING.
Malphite - Super tanky. Great initiate. Great ganks pre6. Great clears.

Joker card:
Kennen - Good in any lane, though I mostly play him AP. He's one of my safest picks. I don't always stomp, but I rarely do poorly with him. I've even jungled him a bit, which was interesting. :P
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Lee Sin Too much early dominance and burst, I love him.

Malzahar, I picked him up since level 3 and I just love his entire combo. Whenever I play him it usually results in a win.

Graves has got to be it for this one, he's quite tanky and it's easy for me to learn since I play bruisers a lot.

Alistar, too much CC and heals. Setting up kills for the carry is fun.


Udyr would be my first choice. Even though he can't stick to targets well, it's fun to be able to full almost full tank and deal damage.
Skarner, the permaslow is too ridiculous and his ult just changes fights.
Jarvan IV is always fun to play, connecting the flagpull combo and ulting them in place.
Lee Sin only because it's fun to counterjungle and gank so easily.
Nautilus, his tankiness and damage is way too high without items and he just brings a lot to the table.

Joker card:
Janna. She can actually be played AD because her kiting is really amazing, allowing you to get free hits off the opponent. Not to mention her being able to be played AP and support...
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Solo top
This is a real tough one simply because I have so many champs to play top and I love at least a third of them in the jungle as well such as Jarvan IV and Maokai, among others. However, my list for solotop would be: Cho'Gath, Poppy, Jarvan IV, Galio(even though I've played him very little, he's strong) and Yorick. All are strong picks and can run full tank setups for late game and build damage.

Mid Lane
Gragas:Strong poke, builds tanky, great mobility, strong sustain, amazing disengages or separations.

Bot lane
Graves/ Ezreal: I can't deal with not having a good escape or good AoE fighting on an AD champ.

Alistar:Really forgiving with the ult, heal and 2 ways to disable. I'm also good at the EQ comb. :3

With the ability to do at least decent in any and every lane, he's an amazing pick.

EDIT:Why is everyone having their favorite role be jungle?

EDIT2: My jungler would be Master Yi. Because... get dunked.

Thank you to jhoijhoi for the sig, and all the dividers in the guide.

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Trundle - very verstatile, strong pick against a lot of bruisers, often underestimated in lane which leads to free wins
Poppy - lose lane, win game
Riven - will always be up there, never really a bad pick
Kennen - just to ruin peoples day and just another really safe top lane pick
Renekton - really fun to play, very strong laner in general

Veigar - cause nothing is more satisfying than messing up your combo and still 1 shotting people

Ezreal - cos banana

Taric - I love playing agressive supports, Taric can often single handedly carry the bot lane

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Top: Shen
Mid: Malzahar, Lux, Swain, Brand, Vladimir
AD: Twisted Fate, even though i play him on-hit and not full AD.
Support: Karma cause **** you, thats why
Jungle: Lee Sin

Joker: Singed. He can top, he can bot, he can mid, he can jungle, he can tank, he can support, he can go balls to the walls AP and carry.

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Wickd wrote:
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