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The "How to counter my main" thread

Creator: Lugignaf
May 19, 2012 12:10am
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So, this is a thing I found a while ago on the official forums and it was basically a full-on knowledge pool.

The idea is, you say one of your best champs and how to counter them. Whether it's a specific champ, an item set, a rune set or some certain play style.

For example,
One of the best ways to counter Maokai is to play someone with strong pushing capabilities like Shyvana. Or, you can simply kill him early on. Champion specific counters are Gragas and Janna as they can remove people from his ult or knock back a particularly fed/farmed Maokai.

Anyone care to continue?
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by Wintermond » May 19, 2012 2:10am | Report
The best way to counter Riven is by counterpicking. Strong picks vs Riven would be Kennen, Kayle and Renekton. If you play vs Riven, don't focus only on getting Armor. If you do that you will get killed unless you're Irelia. Buy Ninja Tabi asap. Don't push vs. Riven, because Riven will have an easy time farming, harassing and killing you with a jungler gank there. Try to bait her into attacking you and back off when she uses her Q or W. This will push her minion wave towards your turret and you can farm at your turret kind of safely. Be careful of E-W Autoattack combo under the turret, try to CC her or call for a jungler gank when she overextends.

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For Viktor it's kinda easy: push and be able to dodge his skills. Also outranging him can work because you will win the poke war. People I've lost my lane to include: Kennen (big counter thanks to speed and harass), LeBlanc (jump and nuke) and Malzahar (pushing). Try to push, so that he needs his laser to farm under his turret instead of poking you. Also try to harass him as much as possible. Viktor receives ganks pretty well, but he needs to be near you to use his trap. This will give away. Also just run away when he ults you. You will die. Fact.

Great idea for a thread btw!
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Hell, I wonder why I don't want to do this :DDD

But still, LeBlanc...

As any champion, playing against LeBlanc requires strict understanding of her range and current damage capability. Knowing her cooldowns and approximate damage is vital. If you're unaware of whether she can kill you or not, you're making a fool out of yourself. There might be nothing to fear and you're just wasting gold/exp or it might be that next second you drop dead unexpectedly.

Once you know everything about enemy LeBlanc's capabilities, it's time to manage that in your favor.
First, in a LeBlanc lane best you can do is to deny her the farm by pushing every wave like there's no tomorrow. Push it, push it, push it. As LeBlanc, it's very hard to last-hit under the tower.
Make sure to have proper ward coverage to avoid ganks though. Although she will be deprived of farm, if you let her get kills, there is no purpose for doing all this pushing.

Counterpicking and counter-itemizing are 2 best ways to beat LeBlanc in lane.

Best counterpicks would include champions with either very high MR and/or an AoE pushing skill other very good countering mechanism is silence. The best LeBlanc counter is probably Galio since he has both. I would say that Malzahar and Anivia both have great kits to best LeBlanc in lane. Morgana does fine in LeBlanc lane too (just like with almost any other lane)
The best cp to LeBlanc in my personal opinion is Talon. He has a perfect gap closer with silence that outranges everything but LeBlanc's chain, great damage and invisibility to prevent any sort of retaliation after silence wears out. You can also build quite a bit of MR on him.

Counter-itemization against LeBlanc is simple. There are two things you need to prioritize to make yourself free of danger. Flat health and magic resist.

On any AP carry, go catalyst the protector instead of 2 Doran's Rings. It's a way better tool to sustain vs LeBlanc AND it gives twice as much health. Additionally, it builds into the best LeBlanc countering item in the game.

Alternatively, if you already have rings, get a giant belt, that works too.

As for magic resist, Banshee's Veil, Abyssal Mask, Guardian Angel, Hexdrinker, Quicksilver Sash Mercury's Treads, Wit's End, Aegis of the Legion are all decent items to pick up, depending on your role. I also foresee Chalice of Harmony being a common pick against bursty mid's with the introduction of the new item.

Also, full MR runepage isn't bad to have if you want to really counter the **** out of LeBlanc ;) But for the most part I would just suggest keeping a page with MR or MR/level glyphs for your AP carries. This bonus MR really helps.

P.S. Awesome thread. Really nice idea, Lugi.
Want to see an in-depth diamond level LeBlanc guide? Come by and check this ;) It's written by Baekstra who is a Diamond LeBlanc main on EUW and being one myself, I can vouch for it 100%!
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by IceCreamy » May 19, 2012 5:28am | Report

She is countered by basically anything that has a lot of mobility. Think of Kassadin and LeBlanc, or even Ahri. Also tanky champions can be a problem ( Sion), or champions that burst even harder than her ( Veigar).
Many people seem to think Morgana > Lux but nope ;D

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get items like randuin's omen or frozen heart. most of irelia's dmg comes from her true dmg, which comes from auto-attacks. i you reduce her auto-attack count, you will also reduce her overall dmg output.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by Nyoike » May 19, 2012 6:42am | Report
Jungle Pig (AKA Sejuani)

Counter Jungle to slow down
Gank in jungle
Ward to prevent ganks
Mercury's Treads/Tenacity to minimize CC
MR to minimize damage
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IceCreamy wrote:

Many people seem to think Morgana > Lux but nope ;D

Well, if someone would say Lux > Morgana I'd also say 'lol nope' :D

Anyway, I don't think I really have a main atm..... :S :(

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by EvilDice » May 19, 2012 7:46am | Report
Interesting idea.. whenever i can't figure out how to counter a champ i start playing said champ so i can learn weaknesses. seems like this is kinda the same deal.

LeeSin top dunkmaster stomping guy!

hardest matchups (in order) - jax, udyr, irelia
can also lose to (mostly a skill matchup) - olaf, shen, warwick

only way you beat lee if you are not playing one of these champions is to go ballz deep early game meaning you get a jungler gank and you try to get first blood. even champs lee counters can snowball off ganks and win the lane.. lee is really easy to snowball against.

you can stack armor but tabi+wriggles is all you should really need. if i see someone stacking armor against me i start maxing E just sayin.

also watch what skills he is maxing, there is a big difference between Q max lee and W max lee. look at the size of his shield (or if he is lifestealing a bunch) and you should be able to determine what he is maxing.

but yea he doesnt lose many lanes. hard to counter.

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^ Recently started playing a little bit more top, love playing Lee Sin there ^^

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