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Creator: Alec_V November 9, 2012 4:27am
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Nov 9th, 2012
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I dont know who to pick. Honestly no idea. Im not a noob but im not that gr8 either. Im a lvl 25. Nearly up to ranked and i want to get a main champ before i reach that stage.
All the champs ive tried and i think are allright. I read about them more and everyone says theyre UP. :(
Does anyone have any good suggestions for a ranked game champ. I dont even care what play style. Im willing to put the time and effort into learning any champ. I will jungle, adc, apc, solo top. Just any good suggestions for a guy wasting all his money on champs that he never uses again.

Is Rammus good?
(Only reason i ask is cause he is so awesome looking, HES A FREAKING ARMOURDILLO :D)
been thinking about jungling with him.
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Jun 24th, 2011
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Rammus is pretty terrible. :P
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May 2nd, 2012
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^ Yeah.

Well, here's some suggestions:

ADC: Ashe, Graves, Corki, Caitlyn
APC: Morgana, Anivia, Katarina, Orianna
Jungle: Skarner, Lee Sin], [[Nocturne, Maokai
Solotop: Darius, Malphite, Singed, Jax

Just a few champs that I think are pretty good, and that I've seen pro teams use frequently.

Thanks to jhoijhoi and LaCorpse for the amazing sigs!
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May 13th, 2012
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Rammus isn't that great, he cannot carry! Not saying he sucks but he's decent only if you know how to use him.

Moving on ,
ADC: Graves , Ezreal , Caitlyn , Ashe , Corki
Top: Darius , Jax , Irelia
Jungle : Warwick , Nocturne , Xin Zhao, Amumu
Mid: Ahri , Katarina , Akali , Anivia

Take note, these are all very helpful champs, some of them not easy to master especially Ezreal , Anivia , Nocturne , Amumu. You should learn on when to initiate in a fight, and you should also understand your role.

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Mar 21st, 2012
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Don't just join ranked because you reached level 30, it's like asking to insta dive into cesspool elo

The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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This. All day. A fresh lvl 30 is nowhere NEAR ready for ranked. You need AT LEAST 300 wins under your belt before you can jump in, more preferably 400, 6-7 runepages, and be more than 'decent' with 5 champs for each lane and roll. Yes. That includes support. Because you WILL be last pick and you WILL have to accept support role because no one pays attention to called lanes.

As to your question. Any champ can be good if you master him. Rammus used to be on the perma ban list, but really isn't any more. With the S3 changes there are more pressing matters and things to ban. Other people have made good champ suggestions, I just wanted to make sure you understood the fact that going into ranked requires alot more than what most new players think. And yes, if you are lvl 25, you are still a "new player". Not a Nub, that's an insult, just a new player.
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Dec 2nd, 2012
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Well said! The exact wording should be in a pop-up window right after logging in.
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Jan 2nd, 2013
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It's not like all the characters in the game are exactly balanced, and yeah - as everyone above me has said, unless you know what you're doing and can do it really well, you might as well save yourself the effort and use someone else...
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Aug 19th, 2012
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Here are some champions that I personally suggest you try out. I have no idea of your game playstyle, or your personal preferences, but here are some of the most effective champions for each role, IMO.

Shen is a great tank, and acts as a "global support" through Stand United. However, he is perma banned. Still nice to learn, in case he's ever left open.
Singed is quite interesting. While his laning phase is rough, he works really well at disrupting the enemy team late game. Also, he's almost never banned in ranked.
Darius if you're just looking to deal damage and carry by killing everyone else. The cooldown refresh on Noxian Guillotine needs to be removed..Sometimes banned.

Maokai is a "supportive jungler", in that Vengeful Maelstrom reduces damage taken by allies in the area. Also, Twisted Advance makes for great ganks.
Lee Sin is great if you are looking for early aggression, as his clear speed and ganks are among the most effective in junglers. However, he falls off late game.
Amumu's jungling is rough early, and prone to getting counter jungled. However, his team fight presence with Curse of the Sad Mummy can be game changing. Perma banned.

Mid (My favorite role, yay :D)
Morgana is one of the strongest champions in this role, as well as one of the few AP carries with a strong engage. Black Shield effectively counters just about all AP mids, and prevents CC. Her damage output is significant, and a good Flash Soul Shackles engage acts similar to Curse of the Sad Mummy. Occasionally banned.
Katarina is a champion heavily reliant on snowballing early game. She needs kills early to become a threat late game. She is a great roamer, and can easily acquire kills from doing so. Her burst is huge, and her AoE damage output is also very high. However, her auto attack range is melee, so expect a rough pre-6 period. Also commonly banned.
Anivia is like the absolute safest champion for the role. With Rebirth, there's no reason for you to die in lane. Also, with Glacial Storm, farming is a piece of cake. Damage output is also enormous with Frostbite, because it deals up to 350 + 100% AP, at a 5 second cooldown. Almost never banned in NA ranked.

AD Carry
Ezreal is the most popular pick for this role, and is the most popular champion in the game, being picked/banned around 50% of games. Sometimes banned, but almost always picked.
Vayne is the late-game hyper carry, like Kog'Maw. While her early-mid game can be painful, her damage output late game is unrivaled.
Graves is another popular pick for the role.

Sona is just about one of the most frequently seen supports, providing with good harass, sustain, as well as hard CC in Crescendo.
Janna is a good pick if your AD carry is a late game champion that relies on early farm, like Ashe, Caitlyn, or Vayne.
Taric works well with just about any AD carry, and is a great tank late game.
If you have any further questions regarding my comments, feel free to PM me, and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

If I have helped out, a +rep would be appreciated!
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May 9th, 2012
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ramuss win rate is actually 51.96% right now so he cant be that bad

all credit for this amazing sig goes to the nameless bard

if you thought what i said was worth it a rep would be rainbow pony awesome
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