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Why I'm being placed against much higher lv...

Creator: Parsley0 February 21, 2021 3:38am
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Feb 21st, 2021
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I admit I'm not great, but I'm enjoying playing League of Legends. I'm lv31....

But now I have a lost streak of almost 20! games in the row... I don't understand why I'm being placed to play against people with 1.3 mil !!! Mastery points and lv 200+??

This is not fun for me, and this is not fun for my team as I'm always the worst/lowest lv player in their team.

I fell terrible for having games like 0/7/1 but there is not much I can do about this....

How do I get demoted? Or force the game client to recognize that I SUCK? !!!
Sovereign Kitten
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Jan 23rd, 2016
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It's dependent on what server you play on and what game mode you are playing, there are a multitude of many reasons for this.

If the server you are playing on is DEAD where Riot shuts down a good portion of the servers game modes, it's simply due to a lack of players.

Dead Servers
By dead I mean, the population is so low at a specific time or overall, so they pair you up with differing ranks to not have 1 hour que times.

If you are playing Ranked and you play very well, you go up against higher ranked players, regardless of your level, because you're playing so well.
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Oct 19th, 2018
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Most of the time where you're playing people that are higher level or has higher mastery is because they're duoing with someone else that is either lower or equal level as you.
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AD Cannon
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Jan 28th, 2021
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Huh, neat, so it basically averages the levels of the 5 team members and pits you against another team with the same average.

So you can get a team of five level 30 players vs a team of four level 20 players + a level 60 carry.

Statistically it sounds fair on paper, but geez I lose lane against that carry :'(

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