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Guides of the Week! (S9 Week 47)

Creator: PsiGuard November 22, 2019 5:54pm
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Akali Mid | FalleN3's Guide to Akali by @ FalleN3
This Akali guide is short and sweet, but still offers enough detail to cover all the basics of Akali as well as a ton of matchups in the Threats meter. FalleN3's guide is an accessible and updated resource that'll be useful for any prospective Akali players looking to pick up the champion in Preseason 10. Be sure to check out the Combos section and practice your mechanics in Training mode so you can pull off some clean outplays when the time comes in game.

Honk If You're Thorny - Zyra Bottom Guide by @ snu***z
Looking for an AP bot laner to add to your champion pool? Check out snu***z' guide to Zyra bottom. As a farming carry, bot lane Zyra has access to more gold than support Zyra and still retains her powerful zone control. Check out the Synergies section of the cheatsheet for snu***z' recommended support partners to make the most of your strengths in the laning phase. Snu***z also offers multiple build options and tips for every stage of the game, so give this guide a read if you're looking for a bot laner that isn't your typical AD carry.

OFFENSIVE Soraka Support Guide - To Poke & Heal by @ M1sh0
M1sh0's Soraka guide is already updated with the new support items added in preseason 10. While this guide is on the simpler side, it's still a great resource for getting started with Soraka. Read through the gameplay chapters to get a sense of how to change your playstyle when laning against dangerous hook supports compared to a more aggressive style when against supports without strong engage potential.

If you liked any of these guides, be sure to give the authors a vote and comment with your thoughts! See you again next week. :)
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