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MOBAFire Midseason 8 Guide Contest!

Creator: PsiGuard July 1, 2018 12:25am
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Hello everyone and welcome to the Midseason 8 Guide Contest! This is our first midseason contest and the prizes are just as good as the S8 contest in January. Check out the details below to learn how you can win $100 value in prizes!

$10 RP Gift for ALL S7 & S8 Authors

As a thank you to our guide authors from seasons 7 and 8, we will be giving out $10 RP for every S7 or S8 guide that is updated to patch 8.13 or later. All you have to do is update your S7 or S8 guide, then go to this thread for details on how to submit your guides for your reward. Thanks for your awesome work! :) Check out Author Rewards thread for more details.

Midseason 8 Guide Contest
To enter, simply create or update a quality Champion guide and keep it updated throughout the coming month. Your guide (or guides) must fulfill the requirements to be considered a Full Guide (a complete build plus 3,000+ characters of body text, including BBCode. You'll also need to set your guide to "Champion" and select your champion's role in the guide settings box on the right of the guide editor.

There will be 12 prizes and categories, each winner will receive the same $100 value prize!

  • Best Top Guides - (1 winner for best Updated guide, 1 winner for best New guide)
  • Best Jungle Guides - (1 winner for best Updated guide, 1 winner for best New guide)
  • Best Mid Guides - (1 winner for best Updated guide, 1 winner for best New guide)
  • Best ADC Guides - (1 winner for best Updated guide, 1 winner for best New guide)
  • Best Support Guides - (1 winner for best Updated guide, 1 winner for best New guide)
  • Most Fabulous Guide - (1 winner)
  • Best Revival Guide - (1 winner)

Two winners will be chosen for each role category - one guide established before the start of the contest and one guide created after the contest begins. Whether you're making a new guide from scratch or updating your masterpiece for the current patch, there are lots of chances to win!

Contest Prizes
All contest winners will receive equal prizing. The winners of any category will receive $50 RP as well as their choice of $50 of merch from the Riot Merch store!

We’ll send out emails to all the winners after the judging period is concluded asking for your choice of merch. The item(s) you select must be in stock so that we can buy it for you!

In addition to the prizes above, each winner will also receive a special badge for their profile. There is a unique badge for each category of the contest. Each badge will be linked to the author's winning guide so other users can more easily appreciate their achievement!

Monthly Raffle Point Changes

For the month of July we'll be doubling the amount of raffle prizes we're giving away! Instead of 25 winners there will be 50 winners to celebrate all the exciting happenings going on in League of Legends!

In addition to doubling the prizes, we'll be doubling tickets earned from New Guides and Guide Updates! All the more reason to create and update your guides!

Not familiar with our Monthly Raffle? Check out the details here.

Contest Categories
For each category with two winners, one winner will be selected from updated guides created before the start of the contest and the other winner will be a new guide created after this post.

Fighting is my First Language (2 Winners)
1 Winner for Best Updated Guide
1 Winner for Best NEW Guide
Judge: I Am Goliath
Teach your readers how to crush their opponents in top lane. How should your champion play out the early laning phase? Which early game items are most suitable for surviving tough matchups or dominating easy ones? How should your champion look to control the minion wave to maximize their success in the early game? Show your readers how to roam, use Teleport or split-push successfully. A detailed matchups section is always a great addition as well!

Time to Reap (2 Winners)
1 Winner for Best Updated Guide
1 Winner for Best NEW Guide
Judge: PsiGuard
A good jungle guide explains not only the build, but the playstyle as well. Does your champion shine early with aggressive invades and frequent ganks, or should your readers adopt a more conservative playstyle and farm efficiently? What’s the best way to gank with this champion, and which lane can they gank most effectively? When does your champion reach its strongest point in the game and how can a good jungler capitalize on that power spike?

Pushing My Limits (2 Winners)
1 Winner for Best Updated Guide
1 Winner for Best NEW Guide
Judge: Yamikaze
The middle lane is the key to map control. Whether you’re a mage, assassin or marksman, timely pushes, roams and freezes are key to a successful laning phase. If your champion has a variety of ability combos available to them, teach your readers how to make the most of their kit. If your champion has a key skillshot, defensive ability or ultimate, tell readers when and how to use that ability to its fullest potential. Whether you’re a diver or a backline carry, team fighting is also an important aspect of mid lane, so be sure to prepare your readers for 5v5 brawls.

Stay Alert, Stay Aggressive (2 Winners)
1 Winner for Best Updated Guide
1 Winner for Best NEW Guide
Judge: Vicious Skittle
Success in the bottom lane is always a team effort, but you can always teach prospective bot lane carries how to succeed at every stage of the game. While this role is usually occupied by marksmen (or “AD carries”), judges will consider all champions for the bot lane role. Be sure to cover how to make best use of the key abilities of your champion, as well as teaching your readers how to position optimally in fights. After all, a dead carry is a useless carry!

I Ain't Greedy (2 Winners)
1 Winner for Best Updated Guide
1 Winner for Best NEW Guide
Judge: Jovy
Supports can fulfill a variety of purposes: sustain, peel, disruption, pick potential, roaming, or even pure damage! Whatever kind of support you are, explain what your champion excels at in the early game, as well as their key weaknesses. Vision control is also a key aspect of this role, so any information on ward placement is a welcome bonus. A great support guide gives players the tools to succeed individually as well as set their teammates up for success.

The next two categories will have only one winner each. Winners of these two categories can be updated guides or new guides.

My, How They Stare (1 Winner)
1 Winner for Best New or Updated Guide
Judge: Hoppermh
Artistic flair is an achievement in itself. Many guides are presentable, but only a select few really stand out from the crowd. This category is for the author (or coder) with the best-looking presentation, formatting and graphics. To claim this prize, you'll need to impress our judges with fantastic visuals and clean presentation. A cohesive visual theme is always a great plus, whether it's a simple color scheme or stylized graphics that match a champion or skin.

I Am Beyond Death (1 Winner)
1 Winner for Best New or Updated Guide
Judge: PsiGuard
The Revival category is new for this contest. All guides for the eight champions shown on the left are eligible to win this category. Each of these champions is in need of some fresh new guides, so we're adding this extra category to reward those authors who create new content for these champions and provide more options for our readers! Simply create or update a guide for Hecarim, Darius, Jarvan IV, Olaf, Nunu, Lissandra, Rek'Sai or Zac and you'll have a chance to win this category!

Remember, you do not have to rush your guide-writing. We want you guys to take your time and put in your best effort. You will have 30 days from the start of the contest. All eligible guides at the cutoff date will be reviewed by our panel of judges, and the winners selected. Remember, if parts of your guide are outdated your guide may be disqualified, so be sure to be thorough!

We have a hand-picked team of judges this year, including some prolific guide authors. Since judges can't win any category of the contest, now's your best chance to secure a spot in the standings while these guide giants are out of the running! All judges for role-based categories have reached at least Diamond V.

I Am Goliath
<Top Judge>

<Jungle/Revival Judge>

<Mid Judge>

Vicious Skittle
<Bot Judge>

<Support Judge>

<Aesthetics Judge>

The Fine Print
  • Guides must be set to Champion category to be eligible.

  • Open to registered MOBAFire members only. Not a member? Register now and craft your guide!

  • Authors can only win in one category for this contest.

  • Contest is worldwide. However, we can only gift RP PINs to players on servers which accept them. If your server does not accept RP PINs and you cannot accept PayPal payments, we may be unable to give you your RP reward.

  • Prizes are shipped from Canada. International winners are responsible to pay for any import fees, taxes or other charges that may be applicable depending on location.

  • Contest will be closed on July 31, 11:59pm PST.

  • After contest is closed there will be a 2 week judging period.

  • Winners will be notified by email after the judging period and will have 7 days to claim their prize.

  • Chosen merch prizes must be in stock.

Thanks to The_Nameless_Bard for the sig!
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Nov 16th, 2015
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That Revival category is a welcome addition to the contest; looking forward to all the new guides. Good luck to everyone!

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Nov 10th, 2017
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Wicked contest as usual with what looks like a dream judge team :)

I also find the revival category as a very neat idea, boosting where it is less developped is a nice concept.
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Mar 28th, 2018
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The fact that Mobafire is going this deep with rewarding and incentivising well written guides is very impressive. Most sites wouldn't do more than rack up ad revenue on others backs and leave it at that.

Much respect to you dudes and dudettes!
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Thanks for the kind comment ThatTaylorGuy. The site and the community both need each other so these kinds of events can be beneficial for everyone. For the community, you guys get a chance to win prizes and check out some of the best guides on the site, and it's good for the organization too since we get more great guides from you guys. A mutually beneficial relationship between any organization and its community or clients is the best for everyone imo. :)
Thanks to Fatelblade for the sig!

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