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Patch 9.19 Summary

Creator: Wayne3100 September 30, 2019 7:47am
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Aug 3rd, 2011
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Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 9.19!

It's finally here, the patch which the 2019 World Championship (Oct 2 - Nov 12) will be played on! In this final set of changes released before the action kicks off, Riot have reverted part of the nerfs applied to Aatrox and Akali in 9.18, while simultaneously increasing the buff applied to Annie.

Other notable changes include a range increase on Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab, damage increase on Orianna's Command: Shockwave and increased healing from Zac's passive depending on the rank of his ultimate, Let's Bounce!. Those aren't nearly the only changes made to champions in this patch however, as Riot is changing a total of 26 champions in an effort to increase champion diversity at Worlds.

Outside of champion adjustments, a number of items are also receiving a slight name change this patch (with the word "The" being removed from their names), and six new skins will be released, including a new Hextech addition for Amumu as well as a Prestige skin for Riven.

As always, be sure to check out the full patch notes for details on any changes that interest you (or, if you're more interested in Teamfight Tactics, click here for the 9.19 patch notes for TFT).

Champion Balance Changes

Click on any of the champion icons below to view the champion-specific changes in the official patch notes

Adjusted / QoL


Other Changes

  • Item Names

  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed a bug where Ultimate Hunter would not reduce Kayle's R - Divine Judgement's cooldown
    • Fixed a bug where Rakan's self-only R marker would display in Spectator Mode
    • Adjusted the default keybindings for some pings ("This is warded" moved to H, "Hold position" moved to J)
    • Tibbers will properly draw turret aggro onto Annie if he deals damage to an enemy champion under turret
    • Illaoi is properly able to cast W - Harsh Lesson even when Grounded
    • Shyvana no longer loses her gained movement speed from W - Burnout when transforming via R - Dragon's Descent
    • Yasuo is no longer able to cast R - Last Breath onto a non-knocked up target who's just been hit with Ornn's R - Call of the Forge God
    • When Taunted or Silenced, Shyvana's Q - Twin Bite's empowered attack properly launches onto the target before being consumed
    • Increased the recast lockout time for Pantheon's E - Aegis Assault so spamming the key doesn't accidentally, almost instantly, cancel the ability

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released this patch.

Hextech Amumu

Majestic Empress Morgana (1350 RP)

Splendid Staff Nami (1350 RP)

Valiant Sword Riven (1350 RP)

Championship Ryze (1350 RP)

Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition

The following chromas will be released this patch.

Majestic Empress Morgana

Splendid Staff Nami

Championship Ryze

Share Your Thoughts!

That's it on our end, time to hear from you guys! What are your thoughts on the final changes made before the 2019 World Championship, and which champions do you think we'll see most of during the event? Which other balance changes have Riot forgotten to make? And finally, will you be picking up any of the new skins introduced in this patch?

Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to MissMaw for the signature!
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Oct 19th, 2018
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I absolutely love the new Riven skins, they look beautiful! :)

Thanks to Jovy for the Sig :)
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Jan 9th, 2015
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I had to scratch my head when I saw how much the changes to Zac boosted his winrate. Did not think it would have that much of an impact.

Ashe has moved into the blow her up quickly or she will murder your entire team one at a time if she has a little peel. Reminded me of getting chased down by a Tahm Kench with Yuumi. Feels bad.

Blitzcrank grab range increase is nuts.

Heimerdinger - probably already a pest to melee champions, now even more so. And I believe I understand how his ult works now, so... >:) His ult stun grenade is kind of ridiculous. You can easily turn a team fight with it.

Annie - zoom button is fun. Surprised at how much mana her abilities cost, even with a Lost Chapter you can run oom. Anivia is still cancer to play Annie into though.

The usual suspects still seem strong in the right hands. Got mauled by a Vayne. Got mauled by a Riven.

Mordekaiser feels like a win more champion and he should win more win the buffs. Have gotten mauled by a couple of them too.

Rek'Sai feels, maybe slightly better. Still think you need to be so active on her in the early game that you force an FF early as she doesn't feel like a champion after 25 minutes. Good if you are smurfing I guess.

Fiora felt pretty good even though I was in something of a counter match-up and only somewhat know how to play the champion. I just farmed up, got my items, and then was able to pressure through the split push. Her damage is bonkers when itemized.

Overall felt like the patch made some already strong champions even stronger, which feels a little weird from Riot.

Not super excited about any of the skins.

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