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Home // News // 5 Best ADC to Climb Ranks in League of Legends Patch 13.11

5 Best ADC to Climb Ranks in League of Legends Patch 13.11

Changes to items brought an entirely new cast of ADC to the tier lists. Learn which are the new 5 Best ADC to Climb Ranks in League of Legends Patch 13.11 (And dominate with them!).

We are already at the start of the Summer season, and as Riot promised, it brought a huge set of changes to the game, especially to items.

Regards items receiving a particular set of changes, it's needed to point out the ones made to the ADC class. To summarize, Mythics turned into Legendaries (Immortal Shieldbow and Kraken Slayer), new Mythics (Guinsoo's Rageblade, Infinity Edge, and Navori Quickblades), and tweaks across the board (Buffs to Stormrazor, Return of Statikk Shiv, and more...)

This, of course, meant that most ADC spots were going to receive huge shake-ups. Learn who are the current 5 Best ADC to Climb Ranks in League of Legends Patch 13.11 (Two of them dethroned Jinx).

5. Twitch

Twitch Splash Art

Our 5th spot goes to Twitch

The buffs to Guinsoo’s Rageblade has turned Twitch into a menace in the bot lane. Making it our 5th spot in this list.

The plague rat is one of the best users of the newly reworked item, along with Blade of the Ruined King and Runaan's Hurricane, his late-game ultimate team fights are among the best of the game. 

The main drawback of Twitch continues to be his tough matchups against early-game bullies such as Draven, who can punish him and never allow him to get to that 1v9 stage.

The good thing is that in Solo Queue you can ban the harder matchups, or players aren’t going to pilot champions effectively enough to render you useless, and if you know how to navigate those hardships you are going to be rewarded.

To learn the ins-and-outs of Twitch, check our MOBAFire guides section.

4. Jinx

Jinx Splash Art

Finally she's being dethroned

After dominating the entirety of the Mid-Season Invitational, Jinx is finally dethroned in the tier lists. The nerfs to her main items, along with the rise of new OP candidates, were enough to take her down to a 4th spot.

Despite of that, Jinx remains one of the best ADC picks in the game, especially if you are new to the role thanks to her low barrier of entry.

Be aware though, as she may struggle against the Stormrazor users or the new late-game machine in Kog’Maw, but, in most games she's still pretty pickable.

To learn more about how to use Jinx in LoL Patch 13.11, check our updated MOBAFire guides.

3. Zeri

Zeri Splash Art

The Spark of Zaun is back at it again

Despite nerfs to her main build with Immortal Shieldbow becoming a Legendary Item (And worse stats), Zeri got a fine replacement with the newly buffed Trinity Force, you can even argue that she’s doing even better with this bruiser setup.

Especially if you take into account into consideration her successful debut at the start of the LPL Summer Season 2023 (Which just started this past Monday).

Although Zeri's win rate numbers don't suggest her true level, these may be skewed due to a lot of people not building her properly, once people start adopting her most optimal build, expect those numbers to rise.

To find out the best way to play Zeri in LoL Patch 13.11, make sure to check our Zeri guides on MOBAFire.

2. Jhin

Jhin Splash Art

The Virtuoso is our second spot on the list

Jhin and Stormrazor is a match made in heaven. The Virtuoso paired with the newly buffed AD item makes a way too strong of a pair, and since patch 13.10, Jhin has been dominating in most Elo brackets with a impressive 53% Win rate. 

And no wonder, the synergy of the Energize powered attack with AD scaling, along with the extra mobility match perfectly both Jhin's Hit-and-Run Playstyle, and his preferred heavy AD itemization. 

Remember to pair Jhin with engage supports (Rakan, Thresh and Alistar), to start stacking up kills and take advantage fully of the traps and roots of Jhin's kit. 

Once you get your setup of Stormrazor + Galeforce, expect to 100-0 most of the enemy carries, or hard poke enemy foes to make them useless ahead of skirmish or team fights.

Despite nerfs in League of Legends Patch 13.11 to Stormrazor, Jhin is still one of the best picks in the game, especially taking into account that the season will end in July 17. Our recommended Jhin's MOBAFire guides.

1. Kog’Maw

KogMaw Splash Art

The 1st spot on this list goes to Kog’Maw

If you want to climb Elo, your best bet now is to play Kog'Maw.

Seriously, after the addition of Guinsoo's Rageblade in LoL Patch 13.10, Kog'Maw has been tearing through Solo Queue games, boasting a 53% win rate along with a 8% pick rate, and he's even stronger when paired with the strongest enchanters (Milio, Janna, and Sona) in the game.

About the cons, as always the main issue of Kog'Maw is his lack of mobility, making it very vulnerable to heavy engage comps (and Youumu's Ghostblade abusers), so he's more well-suited to front-to-back comps that allow him to do damage safely, is that's not the case, Kog'Maw can suffer. 

Even without meeting those conditions though, and the nerfs to Runaan's in patch 13.11, the new build setup still works in most games, you just need to be dang good at kiting to play Kog'Maw effectively.

And to learn the best way to play Kog'Maw (and you will need the help), check our MOBAFire featured guides to start playing like the Kog Pros ASAP.

Honorable Mentions

  • Lucian - With nerfs coming in patch 13.11 to some of the stronger items, expect him to rise the tier lists with his Essence Reaver + Navori Quickblades setup.
  • Karthus - Even if he's not the most popular pick, one cannot deny his power level, he may be even stronger than the picks in this list, but because he's a niche pick more often than not, we couldn't add it to the list.
  • Samira/Nilah - There's a setup of Draktharr + The Collector gaining popularity, if buffs to the Lethality mythic go live, expect these champions to gain traction towards the middle of patch 13.11.

For more relevant LoL up-to-date information, or everything about the new TFT Set 9 - Runeterra Reforged, check our News sections. And as always, to get ahead of the curve, check our MOBAFire guides to learn from the best champion mains and players of the world

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