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Home // News // League of Legends Early Patch 13.19 – Worlds Patch is here!

League of Legends Early Patch 13.19 – Worlds Patch is here!

These Patch 13.19 changes are going to determine the meta of the most important League of Legends Tournament of the year. So you won't want to miss a single detail of it.

This Worlds patch is going to be way more centered for Pro play, as always, so if you were somehow expecting Tryndamere nerfs, sorry for you!

However, to not be a doomer, the changes to some of these iconic picks are going to set an interesting meta for Worlds, for you competitive scene lovers.

So without further ado, let’s dig into the changes of the most important patch of the year.

Disclaimer: There are non-skewed pro play changes. We will look through them in the article too. Don’t worry.

How will these changes impact the upcoming LoL World Championship?

Well, a few of the champions addressed have been mainstays of the premiere tournament for years even decades.

Most of these champions are flashy with high-skill expression making them a pleasure to watch in the first place, but most of them have different strengths that allow for different strategies for teams to work around (and to not pick Azir every game).

Taking into account that this will be the last patch so Riot has made sure these stellar picks are viable to compete while not disturbing the meta enough to cause chaos and uncertainty.  A few of these picks are getting game-breaking changes for Pro play, let's start with this fan favorite pick in Worlds. 

Highlight: Lee Sin is coming back to Worlds

Lee Sin Splash

Everyone knows when Worlds comes, one blind monk gets buffs.

Lee Sin has been a staple of Worlds since his release, going back as far as when Insec innovated the champion with his insignia play to the more modern Lee Sin gods such as Kanavi (JDG Jungler).

It was a no-brainer that he was going to get buffed for Worlds.

The changes themselves don’t seem game-breaking whatsoever, only his armor is going to increase along with the sustain of his Safeguard / Iron Will (W) in the early parts of the game (The new value is the same as a Vampiric Scepter).

However, these buffs may be enough for pro players to use him, and when we consider the meta items in the jungle (Gore Drinker and Spear of Shojin), you can bet he will picked in the most high-stakes games.

Mid changes – Massive buffs to Syndra. Nerfs to Azir

Syndra is getting a huge buff but not on paper. See, only her Dark Sphere (Q) damage is increased by a mere 5 damage, but once you consider her kit this is a big buff for pro play.

Especially, when players such as Knight, the midlaner from JDG and considered the best Syndra player in the World, have this champion on their hands.

Lee Sin Splash

Expect Syndra to be a power pick.

The second mid lane is Lissandra, her Ring of Frost (W) root duration is increased from 1.1-1.5 to 1.25-1.65. Don’t be fooled though, in competitive this is deadly, pair this longer root in early 2v2s or key team fights and you can see the impact of this buff.

Galio's Hero's Entrance (Ultimate) cooldown is lowered. Considering his pick rate in competitive and how hard his matchups are, the change doesn't seem as big. Still, you can argue that giants such as Faker (T1) or Xiaohu (WBG) will pick him up when the time is right.

The last change to mid champions is the nerf to Azir. Only his Conquering Sands (Q) cooldown is nerfed, by looking through sheer numbers these probably will not impact his play rate as much.

Jungle changes - Rek'Sai nerfed (Again)

Lee Sin Splash

Another round of nerfs to Rek'Sai

For the Jungle there are three changes, we previously mentioned the Lee Sin one.

First off, Rek’Sai is getting massive nerfs to her early game and healing ability. This was a move to address some of the issues with bruiser Rek’Sai which has been terrorizing games for quite a few patches. Here is Riot Phroxzon's explanation on the matter.

“P changes have allowed Rek'Sai to perform more like a bruiser rather than an assassin. Our changes aim to keep this shape, but nerf it a bit, while also hitting early game strength with Movespeed and early Q damage”

There’s a tiny buff to compensate Rek’Sai with her unborrow damage being buffed in the later levels.

The last jungle change is a buff to the pair Nunu & Willump. This is a odd one, their Snowball Barrage (E) AP ratio is improving by quite a bit. These changes will make those AP Nunu & Willump players snowball harder (got it?), a neat change but not impactful enough to move the needle in at all in competitive or ranked ladders.

Top changes - Gangplank Ultimate is OP now

Lee Sin Splash

Huge buffs to GP Ultimate

Gangplank Ultimate is receiving a substantial buff to its numbers and passives. First, the cooldown is lowered. Second, Death’s Daughter (Passive) slow is improving from 60% to 75%. Third, Raise Morale (Passive).

Gangplank has always been an important pick in Worlds throughout the years so these changes could move the tides into GP's favour. However, is still too early to tell considering that these buffs are not addressing directly the main weaknesses of the champ.

The last top lane change is to Renekton and is a nerf as expected. Renekton has been simply too of a reliable pick in pro play, for months he has been one of the best blind picks.

Sadly (or not), the nerf he’s receiving is only a reduction to his magic resistance numbers. That’s all really.

Obviously, this change is pro-skewed, mainly to prevent Renekton from being played in the mid lane as a counter to mages.

ADC changes - Zeri nerfed prior Worlds

Lee Sin Splash

Riot is stopping her movement

Oddly enough there are not many changes directed to ADCs in Patch 13.19. The only nerf is one to Zeri's movement speed, mainly to hit her performance in competitive.

Regarding buffs, Jhin’s Curtain Call (R) will have a massive damage increase. Although numbers wise looks small, with the execute passive it will improve at least 4x (If you hit all your shots though).

The last change is for Twitch’s Spray and Pray (Ultimate) missile speed. Is increased from 4000 to 5000, this will make the ultimate feel more responsive and harder to avoid.

Support changes

Lee Sin Splash

QoL changes for Pyke (Will not make him OP)

Pyke’s health grow is increasing and the cooldown of Ghostwater Dive (W) will reduce upon leveling up. This is more a quality-of-life buff to Pyke mains, the change will give more options to scale abilities up.

There are no more changes to the support role.

Item changes

In regards to Item changes, there are only two the bigger one towards Seeker’s Armguard.

Base armor from Seeker’s Armguard is increased by 5, this is especially big in Pro Play with the popularity of Tristana. should be way more handleable for mages in mid.

The final change is to Randuin’s Omen, the price is being lowered by 300 gold.

Item changes seem skewed toward decreasing the strength of ADC champions, how this will fare in-game actually, we don’t know but according to Phroxzon, Riot's Balance Team Lead, this is to mainly nerf to Trist Mid double crit carry comps.

Are you excited for Worlds, we are just a few weeks away from the most important tournament of the year. Make sure to tune in on October 10th, the first match of Play-Ins between Movistar R7 and PSG Talon. Will be one to remember for sure.

For more content on the latest League of Legends and TFT updates, check our News section. You can also check the best guides for your champion, or look up your stats to know what to improve or showoff

Below is a detailed breakdown of all the changes

List of Changes - League of Legends Patch 13.19

Champion Buffs


  • R Cooldown: 200-160 >>> 180-140
  • R cooldown: 180-140 >>> 170-130


  • Death's Daughter slow: 60% for 1 sec >>> 75% for 1 sec
  • Raise Morale move speed: 30% for 2 seconds >>> 40% for 2 seconds


  • R damage: 50/125/200 + 25% total AD >>> 64/154/244 + 25% total AD

Lee Sin

  • Armor: 34 >>> 36 W Omnivamp: 5-27% >>> 10-26%


  • W Root Duration: 1.1-1.5 >>> 1.25-1.65


  • E AP Ratio per hit: 10% >>> 15% (total ratio 90% >>> 135%)


  • Health Growth: 104 >>> 110 - W cooldown: 12-10 >>> 12-8


  • Q base damage: 70-210 >>> 75-215


  • R missile speed: 4000 >>> 5000

Champion Nerfs


  • Q cooldown: 12-6 >>> 14-6


  • Passive heal: 15-125 + 2-12% Max HP >>> 10 + 2-10% Max HP
  • Q damage: 34-50% Total AD >>> 30-50% Total AD
  • Burrowed move speed: 350/355/360/365 (1/6/11/16) >>> 340/345/350 (1/6/11)
  • Unburrow damage: 50-110 + 80% bonus AD >>> 50-190 + 80% bonus AD


  • Base Magic Resistance: 32 >>> 28


  • Base Movement Speed: 335 >>> 330

System Buffs

Randuin's Omen

  • Price: 3000 >>> 2700

Seeker's Armguard

  • Base armor: 15 >>> 20 (Max armor: 30 >>> 35)

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