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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Akali jungle

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  • Frid

    Akali jungle

    I've seen very little jungle Akali. Is there a particular reason she isn't suited for this role?

    I am also curious if Warrior enhancement might work for her. It should give her quite nice spell vamp bonus.
    Runeglaive seems like an obvious pick, but nerfs upset me.
  • Answers (4)

    Benjiboi | January 9, 2016 2:32pm
    To you guys that dont think warrior enchantment for akali is good...
    TRY IT!
    I just tried it, and it felt amazing, you heal insane and deal emense amounts of damage if you get three points in e first and then max q. this will allow for a better clear early and help you get ahead as well as giving a lot of damage after level six by starting to max q then. the ganking pre six is very bad. im not going to lie, so in some games its not going to be good at all. But same goes for the jungle hyper carries Master Yi and Diana they suck before six also, so i guess it will be fine.

    For build i went Warrior enchantment on the stalkers blade, and then hextech gunblade. this helped me put out a bit more burst damage. (just btw... start the gromp, and then blue... really helps out a lot) after that i went guinsoos rageblade for more hybrid damage. and you might be thinking

    -wtf why guinsoos?!?!?
    -Because, dear you, it helps with sustained fights against tanks and such, it helps with sustaining health in general and clearing.

    After these items you have 30% spellvamp as well as the new passive from gunblade which heals 15% of the damage dealt. At this point, only hard cc can stop you (seeing you aren't extremely behind).

    BUT i am not done yet i have a bunch of other items that are really viable for a hybrid akali jungle:
    RABBADONS DEATHCAP: this help bursting down targets really fast.
    ZHONYAS HOURGLASS: the Hourglass really helps out in teamfights were if the enemy team really focuses you you can just turn into gold and let them focus someone else as well as you can let a nasty ignite wear off while beeing in stasis, this is obviously really great.
    VOIDSTAFF: helps you penetrate tanks really well
    GUARDIAN ANGEL: helps you be a little more tanky so that you can easylier sustain the fights
    ABBYSAL SCEPTER: helps with penetrating a little as well as it helps being a little more tanky.
    LICH BANE: helps you burst insanely (can take guinsoos place though i rather recommend it taking boots's place)

    lastly i want to mention that you can take the summoner spell CLEANSE seeing you dont REALLY need flash (though it will allways be good). You allso can go with the boots of you choice (any boots can be good in fact), though you dont really need it because of your insane followup with both gunblade active (30 sec cooldown) and smite which slows, But i do recommend taking lichbane if you are not going boots since it gives 10% extra movementspeed. (dont forget that you get an extra stack of you ultimate dash for every kill you get).

    I prefer this build:
    HUNTERS MACHETE (three potions)-> STALKERS BLADE-> WARRIOR ENCHANTMENT HEXTECH REVOLVER-> HEXTECH GUNBLADE GUINSOOS RAGEBLADE (the rest of the items is based on how the game is going but usually) HOURGLASS LICHBANE RABBADONS DEATHCAP/VOIDSTAFF (if they are really burst heavy i go guardian angel instead of rabbadons/voidstaff

    :D enjoy the free-elo
    SawyerTHEBEST (1) | December 14, 2015 11:28pm
    Akali jungle lacks CC, and dashes until level 6, so it's not that Akali is bad in the jungle, but it's not as effective compared to say Nidalee (From a damage and mobility perspective., until much later into the game.
    Ekki (86) | December 11, 2015 10:05pm
    Probably her complete lack of CC. The only junglers that actually work with little CC are either hyperscaling champions ( Master Yi) or just OP reworks that work everywhere until they're toned down ( Graves, Quinn). Akali has a nice level 6 powerspike, but it's far from being worth having a cr*ppy ganker for so long (even yi sometimes sucks due to this).

    You won't see it in serious games because it's subpar, and since lots of people just follow the meta even in normal games you won't see her outside mid or maybe top. That said, she has good sustain and probably works to some degree, so go with it if you want.

    On the warrior enchantment, you'd be wasting the armor penetration for some ****py spellvamp that you could get from items more suited for her. Runeglaive wastes the mana but it's still the best option (it's going to be reworked into a Luden's Tempest-ish passive, so it'll be even better I guess). Buying AD for the spellvamp on Akali means wasting lots of stats unless you're doing a hybrid item with a desirable passive ( Hextech Gunblade). Don't fall for the noobtrap.
    koyomilikesbloods | December 10, 2015 12:39pm
    I think that Akali is a great jungler that isn't really bad unless very very behind. When extremely behind, she just becomes a burden until grabbing some farm, levels, and items.

    Her ganks are pretty good since she has an easy to land AOE slow ability and a very high amount of damage.

    The two enchantment items that are viable on Akali are Runeglaive and Warrior. Runeglaive scales her abilities and damage from her passive; Runeglaive improves her clearing speed greatly but is a very expensive tool to build. Warrior scales her E, basic attacks, and heal percentage from her passive; Warrior gives Akali a ridiculous amount of passive spell vamp, about 30% with only the Warrior enchanted jungle tool.

    In terms of jungle tools, it doesn't really matter which enchantment you get as long as you understand what you're doing and where your damage will be coming from. It's not hard to do, but depending on which tool you get, you'll have to change the way you play a bit as long as it's relevant within the game.

    For runes, it's good to go full AP with AD marks since they very greatly increase her early clearing ability. What I usually use is: 9 Marks of AD, 9 Seals of Armor, 6 Glyphs of AP and 3 of MR, and 3 Quints of AP; You don't really need the MR since the jungle doesn't do magic damage. You'll be less resistant to magic at early points of the game (not by much though) and will have to keep that in mind.

    Masteries, go with 18/0/12; Sorcery, Vampirism, and Piercing Thoughts bridgestones | Double-Edged Sword, Oppressor, and Fervor of Battle keystones on Ferocity. Resolve: Unyielding, Explorer, Runic Armor, and Perseverance

    The point of Akali going into the jungle is to farm quickly to force a lead that way. This is very easy to do in the jungle. That doesn't mean you can't gank or help secure various important objectives across the map, you just need to prioritize different advantages correctly. Which action will have the best outcome? If you happen to be near a skirmish or a potential one, then go there immediately. Just kinda sit by, lurking, waiting for somthing to happen and then get picks that way.

    Akali is a hyper-carry jungler like Diana where, if given the right amount of time, will becomes unstoppable. Getting there is like a routine--it's the same every single, and they all have a similar outcome.
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