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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Gangplank

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  • GarnetGaming


    Is Gangplank still viable with the crit item changes?
  • Answers (2)

    EvoNinja7 (18) | April 7, 2021 6:15am
    Still strong in all stages of the game. Heavily underrated top laner.
    TheInkKingLoL (43) | April 6, 2021 8:03pm
    Easily. He's a powerful lane bully with lots of map agency as well as high damage. The changes to crit items in 11.7 (as I assume you are referring to) are relatively minor and easily handled by Gangplank. At least in my opinion.
    GarnetGaming | April 7, 2021 7:50pm
    Okay! Any recommendations for builds?
    FancyPot (1) | June 18, 2021 5:07pm
    I recommend building Trinity Force -> Ravenous Hydra -> Steraks Gage but if they have high healing and also sheilding going for serpent's fang and chempunk chainsaw is actually great since you change a lot in the game with those two items which also sit with gangplank nicely (after trinity force of course)If you are going with this build in your games I recommend trying zhonya's after those 3 items, trust me it's better than you could ever imagine! You can check out a guide on gangplank I recently made if you are interested in his builds and why he builds certain items.
    TheInkKingLoL (43) | April 7, 2021 9:20pm
    To be honest I'm not a top laner, nor a GP player. I simply know this from watching competitive play and ranked. However the build I see most often is something along the lines of Essence Reaver -> Immortal Shieldbow -> Infinity Edge. Provides high damage with a nice liver saver from Shieldbow. Hope that helps!
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