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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Gangplank Mid

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  • Janitsu

    Gangplank Mid

    So, I played a few games as Gangplank mid and for three times in-a-row, I was last pick. So, when I said that I prefer mid, they agreed and they didn't ask any questions. Then when it was finally my turn to pick, I picked Gangplank and they almost immediately started shouting things like "Report this noob omfg" and things like that.

    So, as the game started (Surprised how no one leaved even though I picked Gangplank), I realized that our jungler was afk, and his exact words were: "[ALL] I wont play with this noob mid, lets 9x his ***". So, I just kept playing and the enemy team told my teammates to literally "shut up". I won my lane and roamed pretty much and ended up with 12/3/15 stats. My ADC and Support said that I was actually good and they were sorry because they said bad things to me. But our top and jungler still wanted to report me, and probably did.

    So, what is the thing with Gangplank mid? Why can't some people understand that he fits pretty well to the current meta? Or does he?

    Oh, and we ended up losing the game because our top and jungler started feeding (literally walked to their base). The enemy team was generous enough to not kill them and get easy feed.
  • Answers (6)

    kronoth | May 25, 2013 7:53am
    went 17/8/18 last game with AP GP. Players who have watched siv hd's vid dont mind gp mid, those who haven't seen it will flame you lol. very viable imo. Your ult deals so much damage in team fights and your heal heals alot.
    D34thPhO3n1x (4) | May 21, 2013 6:56pm
    I agree with "Kingluis", I play Twisted Fate as an AS/CritChance/AP champ, people flame and rage all match long and then I end the match with 12/ 2/ 19, whether we won or lost they just keep shouting, so just ignore them and play what you enjoy most whether that be AD twisted fate or mid gangplank if you enjoy it more then go for it, LoL is a game first and a competition second and we play games to have fun not do something tedious that we don't enjoy, If they want to do a competition first then they should stop playing video games and do something els ... like sports.
    Teh Grazzh0pper (38) | April 25, 2013 4:18am
    Don't think that it's viable, but nevertheless here's a pro using it. Once again, SGS altering the meta.

    Though I don't think that he's viable cause like what throatslasher said, there are waaay better midlane champs with more kill potential and burst to bully midlaners better.

    Do take note that they lost a game using about the same team against SAJ cause SAJ played poke comp while taking out SGS's strong initiation frontliners. It's this game:
    Teh Grazzh0pper (38) | April 25, 2013 4:19am
    These games were quite old though. Since then Gangplank mid has not been seeing action at high elo.
    Phil Collins (176) | April 24, 2013 5:10pm
    Mid lane is Gangplank's secret strong lane. Don't let people change your thoughts. I mean, ranged crit harass with Statikk Shiv proc? That's so strong! You don't even have to roam that hard because you have Cannon Barrage.

    As for people who get mad at you picking, it's solo queue, what do you expect? Apparently you aren't allowed to play something that isn't played in pro games.
    Kingluis (8) | April 25, 2013 2:44am
    can't you do the same and better in top?

    I mean, he can only protect mid, not kill the enemy.
    Kingluis (8) | April 24, 2013 3:15pm
    God lord

    And I play Twisted Fate AD everysingle game, and I DONT CARE about those people that flame and blablabla.

    I just ignore.

    Now... about gp in mid. I don't like, I am not even sure if its viable.


    Shoulnd't we play LoL for fun?
    throatslasher (248) | April 24, 2013 2:09pm
    It's not viable. I've played it and had a lot of success with it, but he's out classed by other ad casters.

    Best to worst would be

    He's also outclassed by most as bruiser mids like wukong and irelia.

    Comment has been deleted

    Janitsu (569) | April 24, 2013 2:07pm
    Well, he has pretty strong mid game laning, where he can easily push mid turret down, early game is just farming and healing yourself and trying to get a gank from jungler. He is also a pretty good roamer with his mobility and AoE CC ulti.
    Meiyjhe (539) | April 24, 2013 1:54pm
    The other bruisers (like Talon, Kha'Zix and Zed) have very high burst damage.

    Gangplank does not, he has sustained damage.
    Even then, the other sustained mid-lainers just deal more sustained damage than Gangplank does, making him not such a good pick :P

    I see no actual reason why he would be strong to be honost :P
    Janitsu (569) | April 24, 2013 1:45pm
    Like almost every ad bruiser IMO :D
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