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League of Legends (LoL) Question: HELP , ASHE MAIN

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  • danylp88


    Hello everyone , I`m an ASHE main but lately I can`t seem to have such good match ups ( mostly because of ******ed teammates ). Can anyone recommend me a good build and runes for damage and speed ? ( PLEASE I`M GOING INSANE , I DON`T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE ) !!!!!
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    Tauricus2017 (120) | November 5, 2020 12:05am
    Ashe is currently in overall a really nice spot. She holds above 50% winrate across all different divisions, she can bring a lot of utility while dishing out a lot of damage. The problems with her is just her really big squishiness, no escape options and weak early game. In order to succesfully hold Ashe you have to cover those weaknesses with right choice of playstyle. During the early game your only duty should be to not mess things up. You most likely scale better then the enemy ADC (unless it's Kog'Maw, Jinx or Vayne), so why should you play risky? Your time will eventually come so be super passive and patient. At all stages of the game, you have to pay attention to your enemies. There are hudreds of abilities that can shut down Ashe easily so try to monitor everything and be prepared to answer every thread and If you can't - then wait until the ability gets wasted on another teammate. Buy items in a response to enemy teamcomp: If they have too much healing or Water soul - buy Executioner's Calling, If the have too much CC - buy Mercurial Scimitar, atc.

    The main thing you should do however is to watch your own game vods and find what exactly you have done wrong. The bitter truth is that 100% of times, even though your tammates suck, you could do some things differently and play better. Accepting your own mistakes and learning from them is a key for success in LoL - don't try to blame your teammates for everything - keep in mind that you are the only person you can control and upgrade. Perhaps you died to Unstoppable Force - you could have used Flash and survive, yet you didn't because you underestimated the thread. Sure you can say that Janna didn't shield you or that Tahm Kench didn't devour you, but keep in mind that when you say that (even though it's technically true) - you learn nothing and you will die to another Unstoppable Force, and another Unstoppable Force and an Unstoppable Force in the game after. Stop blaming your allies, you can't change them or make them better, you can only accept that the only variable in the equation is you.

    For popular builds Ashe players seem to really prefer this build. But the trick is that every player plays differently and thus every player should have a different rune/item setup. For example I don't care about movement speed from Magical Footwear. I know that I am already good in dodging skillshots so I don't need more movement speed. However I have serious mana problems so I will much rather build Essence Reaver and take Biscuit Delivery. What I am trying to say is that you should create rune/item builds on your own and not follow anyone else's playstyle because that person plays on 100% at least a tiny bit different from you. Thus there is no reason why you should copy a setup of a different player.

    Test and play! Play more Ashe and try more builds and setups. Don't stick to just one rune set, trty to test all of them and see what makes you comfortable. Maybe you will find yourself having the best performance with Arcane Comet and Umbral Glaive - who knows? Maybe this setup will make your winrate the very highest but you will never really know until you test it first and see how it goes. Try different summoner spells, starting items, stat runes, keystrone runes, normal runes, ability maxing, etc., wtc.

    Hopefully I helped at least a little bit :D
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