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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Manamune on Nasus?

Posted in Items | Tags: Manamune Nasus 5,408

  • cheesecakejedi

    Manamune on Nasus?

    Considering I've seen both Frozen heart and Iceborn gauntlet on builds in ranked, both which provide plenty of extra mana, and Nasus's Q ability has a very low cooldown, allowing it to proc quite often, it seems like a perfect fit, but I've seen seen no one grabbing it. Also, taking into consideration his ult, if you can get it to a Muramasa, activating both would be crazy.
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    PsiGuard (1480) | January 31, 2013 8:01am
    He has no particularly effective way of proccing it. I wouldn't spend 2100 gold on essentially a glass AD item. You should have plenty of damage from your abilities, Iceborn Gauntlet and Sunfire Cape. You might as well build tankier and peel for your AD instead of trying to be a damage carry yourself.
    NateKiller (49) | February 4, 2013 6:56am
    It does good damage and he can always use the extra mana. However, Nasus has no real AD scaling abilities and relies on his Q-farm for damage. He also has no gap closer or burst so he needs tankiness to survive the middle of team fights. There are worst items for him, but Manamune isn't a good one either.
    Valkenhyn (6) | January 31, 2013 7:41am
    there isn't any significant problem with getting it, it's just that Nasus can basically passively generate damage so the general plan is to make him unkillable so he can just beef his way through everything. I'm not sure but i think if you feel your are not doing enough damage a BC or an LW might be better

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    A State of Art | January 31, 2013 7:09am
    But there is a problem here - u have lesser movement speed with Muramana + Iceborn Gauntlet than with Trinity Force but u can increase it by little amount through buying Enchantment: Alacrity and some move speed items.
    A State of Art | January 31, 2013 5:14am
    And i forgot about that imba proc from Muramana which will give you ~120 bonus magic damage from AA or single damaging spell like Siphoning Strike which will deal 110 + ~170-200 AD + ~150 from stacking Q + ~100 dmg from Muramana + ~150 dmg from Sheen proc... Calculate.
    A State of Art | January 31, 2013 2:50am
    And remember that Trinity Force proc from Phage isnt 100% when Iceborn Gauntlet has 100% chance of slow.
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