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League of Legends Dominion: Crystal Scar

Dominion: Crystal Scar

Dominion is a fast paced game map revolving around the capture and holding of 5 points around the map. Champions gain personal score for many things such as getting a kill, capturing a point, assisting allies and much more. Most of the fights revolve around the top point and, if it is taken, the "middle" point for each team. All champions are viable with some being more so than others. Teamwork is forever important as no one person can win you the game by them self no matter how hard they try.

Dominion Specifics

Dominion harbours a fast-paced gameplay, and as such, many statistics of the game had to be altered to account for this, including:
  • Champions start at level 3 with 1375 gold.
  • 12% armor penetration.
  • 5% magic penetration.
  • Mana regeneration bonus, equal to 2% mana regeneration per 1% of missing mana.
  • A fixed experience gain over time.
  • Increased gold gain over time. (26 gold per 5 seconds)
  • Reduced gold gain by killing champions.
  • Increased gold gain by killing minions.
  • The Recall spell is replaced by Enhanced Recall that requires only 4.5 channeling time instead of the original 8.
  • Respawn times are reduced.

Along with these statistic changes, certain buffs/effects can be obtained throughout the game via different ways:
  • Health Relics - are items that provide champions using them with an instant burst of HP and mana. These were placed to counter the advantage that sustainable champions had.
  • Speed Shrines - provide a short, decaying Movement Speed bonus to any champion who enters their sphere of influence and cannot be exhausted.
  • After successfully completing a capture quest, the entire team (minus those presently dead) is granted "Mark of the Conqueror", which grants 10% increased damage.
  • Storm Shield - a large buff that makes your champion bigger, gives a regenerating shield and, causes your damage to shoot lightning on a short cooldown.

What is Top Lane in the Crystal Scar?

Top Lane is the lane closest to the top of the map Crystal Scar. Usually 4 champions per team will go in this lane. They will fight the biggest battles over reign of the Windmill.

Top Lane Champions
Item Purchases

What is Mid Lane in the Crystal Scar?

There is really no "Mid Lane" in the Crystal Scar. In the middle of the map, one will find the crystals called "The Greater Relic" that give buffs dubbed "Storm Shields". It is a stationary buff placed in an always-visible area at the center of the Crystal Scar that would provide a strong, individual buff to a champion that claims it. Like the capture points, these crystals have to be "captured" in order to obtain the buff. These crystals do not spawn until 3 minutes into the game and respawn 3 minutes after they're taken.

The stone platform that they are on also has stealth detection for both parties as if it were a neutral turret.

What is Bot Lane in the Crystal Scar?

Bot Lane is the lane closest to the bottom of the map Crystal Scar. Usually 1 champion per team will go in this lane. They will duel over the Boneyard and the Quarry.

Bot Lane Champions
Item Purchases

Dominion specific items

Sanguine Blade:

Provides AD and life steal.
Has a unique passive that stacks both AD and life steal upon attacking. Low cap, fades quickly. Dominion's substitute for Bloodthirster.

Oracle's Extract:

Provides stealth detection for 5 minutes or until you die. Whichever comes first.
Dominion's replacement for Oracle's Elixir


Provides a small amount of HP and a lot of AD.
Has a unique active that imitates red buff .

Prospector's Ring:

Provides AP and MP5.
Has a unique passive of 200 bonus HP. Does not stack with Prospector's Blade or another Prospector's Ring. Dominion's replacement for Doran's Ring.

Prospector's Blade:

Provides AD and life steal.
Has a unique passive of 200 bonus HP. Does not stack with Prospector's Ring or another Prospector's Blade.

Odyn's Veil:

Provides HP, mana and MR.
Has a unique passive that reduces all magic damage you take by 10% and stores it away. It's active releases this energy as an AoE around you for as much damage as you stored up plus some bonus. Can not exceed a certain cap. Dominion's replacement for Banshee's Veil.

Kitae's Bloodrazor:

Provides AD and AS.
Has a unique passive that deals a percent of the target's life as magic damage on attack. Dominion's replacement for Madred's Bloodrazor.

The Lightbringer:

Provides AS and AD.
Has a unique passive that reveals all units hit by your basic attacks.

Summoner spells in Dominion

Dominion has slightly different summoner spells.

Most notable is the removal of Teleport for the summoner spell Garrison

Garrison is a dual use spell. If used on a friendly turret, it will break all capture channels, give the turret increased regeneration and, increase it's damage. If you have the mastery, it's attacks will also splash in a small AoE.

If used on an opponent's turret, it reduces the damage output of the turret to near minion-like.

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The Howme | February 23, 2016 8:02pm
This map is now history since the morning of 2/20/2016. A one of a kind was given to players who have achieved a minimum of 100 wins in this mode before it was taken down. In addition, on the stats page of your profile, you are still able to see the number of wins, takedowns, and points captured that a person has achieved before it was taken down. I do not know Riot's plans for those stats, but they will probably be taken down if nothing will take the place of this map.
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