Hey there FRIENDS, since I'm not only an incredible AD carry player but also a masterful genius at the videogame Legend League in general, I thought maybe you'd all like to see me vomit out some wisdom. All over the floor.

Stuff I think is strong:

Graves - Insanely high damage.
Lucian - His ult is practically 100% of a squishy's health at all levels, and he gets 30% CDR now.
Kalista - She can actually use a normal ADC build and get crit now without losing Hurricane for E.
Miss Fortune - See Lucian, plus her autos and Q deal literally a million damage.
Caitlyn - Her Q is garbage now but traps are absolutely ridiculous for sieging.
Tristana - More or less unchanged.
Jinx - More or less unchanged, Q nerf doesn't really hurt her that much.


Ezreal - 40% CDR still isn't enough to make you useful when you could just play Lucian instead.
Vayne - Seems about the same, W is even more dumb but BotRK was nerfed and laning still sucks.
Draven - Hasn't really changed.
Corki - Not really sure (haven't seen a single one) but the changes look dumb.


Twitch - Core item was nerfed and he should get **** on by the buffed early game ADCs.
Ashe - RIP damage.
Varus - Basically unchanged.
Sivir - Gut feeling but I think she'll lose lanes, and she can't build Essence Reaver.
Quinn - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kog'Maw - Ok buddy its nice that you have 5.0 AS but your autos are dealing 5 damage each.

Useful winrate data


Fairly straightforward I think, the crit healing mastery is stupidly strong and the early defence tree is much worse for an AD carry than it was before.


For an autoattacking/long ranged AD carry:

IE components ( B. F. Sword, Pickaxe)
Infinity Edge (except Kalista, who finishes Hurricane first)
Runaan's Hurricane (generally, some cases might want Shiv)

For a caster AD carry:

Essence Reaver
Statikk Shiv

One or two exceptions are likely, for example Vayne probably rushes Shiv.

Afterwards, Bloodthirster is still very strong and should be part of most builds. If the other team has tanks you'll definitely want Lord Dominik's Regards; you can also just build one component of it if you're dealing with mostly health or mostly armour. Sixth item can be whatever the hell you want really, Mercurial Scimitar is great, double crit/AS item is fine, build whatever you need. 99% of games won't go that long anyway.

Blade of the Ruined King - Nerfed too hard and not worth building generally imo.
Phantom Dancer - Unsure about this, but it's more expensive and it doesn't have the extra damage of the other crit/AS items so I think it's much more situational.
Rapid Firecannon - Don't like this at all, the stats are too much lower and the passive is only useful for sieging.
Mortal Reminder - Pretty much worthless I think
Death's Dance - Not as good as BT. Could be a decent sixth item.

About the patch in general:

It sucks ****. Towers are made of paper and games never last over 30 minutes, as soon as a lane gets 2 or 3 kills the game is probably over. AD carries are a little stronger, but so are the champions that **** on AD carries the hardest. I can't get off any autoattacks because something is instakilling me and I can't even try builds properly because every game ends in a stomp so damn quickly.

That's all, you can go away now.