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Mintleaves's Mobafire Blog

19 Jul
Hey everyone this is Mint my new Ryze Guide is complete! (With a few minor things left out) but go check it out Ryze, an Amazing Bookworm by Mintleaves

So heres some skin ideas that if they ever woere to get to Riot i would thank the person who took them.

Number One: Batman Shen

Q Change: His knife instead he throws his bat-shaped blades

W Change: Shen surrounds himself with his cape

E Change: Shen jumps toards his opponent not dashes

R Change: Shen jumps in the air to his...
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18 Jul

Views: 451 1st ranked game

Hey everyone i was just remeniscing on old photos of my LoL playing and came across this one of my first ranked games.

I played Ryze one of my favorite champions of course now i'm 1 10 thanks to some stupid players who couldnt help but feed (sometimes that was me too) but i digress just wanted to show you this and thanks to DusktoGlory fro his help <3 i love people like that makes me wanna press that pretty purple +Rep button <3 love you all.

P.S. Sorry the quality sucks but i promise...
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16 Jul

Views: 351 Goodbye omagma :.(

Everyone we have lost a very good friend and mobafire bretheren. It's always sad when one of us leaves but I have only been around for two: omagma, The Lost Legacy of Riot. These two people have been through thick and thin, through rain and sunshine!

This post is more of a tribute and comment your feeling about these two and something about thme thank you :.(
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16 Jul

Views: 471 Playing With Ya'll

Hey guys, I haven't been getting much feedback from my viewers :( this kinda makes me feel sad. But! I shall overcome my sadness :D!! I want to say thank you for the rep+'s from two people whoever you are.

Now time to get to the topic on hand I have a question or two.

I want to play with three people in League of Legends I want to make a 2v2 so in a comment or PM tell me your username for LoL and a friend invite (Both needed to play) I don't really have a prize so anyone who wants to play can (at least 3 people) the first thrre people to send me a comment or a PM will be picked have...
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