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Mintleaves's Mobafire Blog

14 Jul
Hey there if you've been reading my blogs then you probably noticed my spotlights i try to go for unique abilities and combos. My next champion is a Buck from Valoran forest who has seen what the plant life has done to it so he seeks his revenge on the newest champion in the league Zyra.

His abilities are based off movement speed much like Hecarim.

This champion is like a fun champion and if you like this one wait till you see my next one: Frozo, Penguin of Light!
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14 Jul
Hey there and as promised i have made a new champion spotlight featuring, Jarlean, Arrow of Fate, here with me I have, The Lost Legacy of Riot.


Lets travel back to the past where we see an anceint prophet who controls the fates of many. Zilean a happy fellow traveled back in time and brought back someone, Jarlean. Jarlean when she shoots an arrow at someone it creates a random occurence. Some people sought this as a gift and others as a curse. This ability is a fifty-fifty chance among normal people but summoners, that is a complete mystery. Jarlean...
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14 Jul
He there im Mint and im here to talk about Leavers, Trolls, and Feeders.

Leavers Come Back!

Nobody likes a leaver, I mean why join a game if your not prepared to face anything that could happen in it such as, a Feeder or a Troll. Leaving a game is a shameful act and should not be taken lightly. This morning I was playing with a solo top Darius and he went 0/4/1 after that he quit, leaving our jungle to solo top tyrndamere which is fine we got this, wrong. We pushed their top to their inhib tower, their mid to their inhib tower, and their bot to their...
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14 Jul
Ok guys I just got off of the phone with my friend (hes a comedian). He mentioned to me a couple of jokes about WoW so i thought what if i could make and entire Blog Post about, jokes about LoL. If you have a joke to add please comment below or send me a PM.

1. What do you call a Sejuani who harrasses? A "Porker"
2. What is Malphite's Favorite song? Rock You like A Hurricane
3. What kinda of soup does Teemo Like? Mushroom
4. What do you call a bad Ashe? A (inappropriate content but if you send me a message i will tell the answer)
5. How do you figure out a good pun for a...
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12 Jul
Hey there guys this is my 3rd blog today in order to catch up on my blogs.

My spotlights have been slow going and thats cause i put a lot of thought into them and this is my third one, Jarlean, Arrow of Fate.

SO i hope you guys enjoy my blogging and see if you can get LoL to make any of my champs thank you.

Please dont forget that if you PM what champ you would like me to make i will make it just send me a message and it will happen like magic.
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