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Pheyniex's Mobafire Blog

27 Jun

Views: 1058 Would I Lie?

Would I Lie

by Pheyniex

Dearest Lady of Illusion
Am I lost at your palace
Shrouded garden in delusion,
Bright cold without solace.

Your silence becomes mine,
Distorting perception as fit.
Enchained never felt so fine,
Mimicked insight within wit.

Elegance of simplistic power,
A dashing kiss at late hour,
Baroque play of insane seduction
In a bed of incertes compulsion
Overshadowed by mirrors without,
A fleeting display of deceit.
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09 Jun

Views: 587 Huramak's Disguise

I feel it is a bit of a shame that Haunting Guise has only one possible upgrade, so I'm making another suggestion for one. I will also try to make a constant flux of blog posts from now on.

Huramak's Disguise
Recipe: Stats:
  • +275 HP
  • +70 AP
  • Unique Passive: +15% Magic Penetration
  • Unique Active: Summon a clone of your champion on a location within 2000 units. It grants you vision and can be contolled as a pet. If it takes damage it is destroyed or lasts 15...
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30 May
A concept already posted on the forum, but I hate the idea it will be deleted/archived, so I'm giving it a few more months (maybe Riot steals it, meanwhile). I was looking forward to a champion that could counterplay ability relying champions, especially ones that dealt magic damage. With a few tweeks he seemed to become viable as a jungler. Here is the finalized idea:

Forum Link

Being convicted is just the start of a new life, where doors are wide shut....
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03 Sep
So... already September. AUgust was a good month regarding LoL. I infiltrated into the MOBA comunity and participated in Inhouses, etc.
However, I still make those silly mistakes tanks usually do. And I'm still so afraid to death of griefers, I avoid going alone.

Went Draft 5v5 today, though, as Taric. =3
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