I want to win the game. I need your help.

Protect the jungle entrances at the start of the game.

-Don't AFK while watching. Be ready to drop a ward and retreat if they do invade.

Play around my position on the map.

-If I'm close you can be more aggressive.
-If I'm far, play more passively unless you know where their jungler is and know you can beat them 1v1.

During lane if you can get deep vision into their jungle that helps a lot.

-I will try to get some in there myself
-Be safe about it (check your map to see where their laners are and if they move out of vision when you go to ward)

Have a control ward out on the map at all times, especially covering paths that allow me to gank for you.

For ganks to be successful we need at least one or more of these things to be true:

-An unwarded path into your lane
-A healthy (health bar and mana bar) laner and jungler
-For the enemy laner(s) to be in a risky position
-For the enemy laner(s) to be half health or lower
-Enemy with no Flash and/or their mobility spells on cool down
-Know where there enemy jungler is
-Know if any of their laners have Teleport

If we miss an important skill shot (e.g. Anivia Q) during the gank then back off

Do not chase them under tower without a minion wave or into the fog of war.

We want towers and objectives. Kills will sometimes help us get those things, but they are not always required.

If I don't think a gank has a high chance of success I am going to do other things on the map such as:

-Counter jungle
-Get vision down around the map
-Look to take neutral objectives like dragon and rift herald

If you get too far behind in your lane I can try to help you at level 6. If I am not level 6 yet don't ask. It means I need to farm up to be near parity with laner I'm about to attempt to gank.

Mid laners Yo it is really awesome when we three or four man a lane that is behind. Think about roaming with me if you can (but don't roam so much that you lose your turret...Mid turret is super important to keep up)

gl hf