More rabble rousin'. This time vs. Shen and Nasus

Both are melee, get tanky, and have some innate sustain, so fairly similar enemies.

Both times I maxed Barrel Roll and the lane went fairly even with both.

Vs. Nasus, A pink ward in the tri-bush and a green ward in the river bush likely saved my life as together they stymied a two man gank by Jarvan IV and Gnar. I was even able to waste quite a bit of Jarvan's time by acting like I didn't know he was there. Gnar showed up shortly after Jarvan and then they decided to go in on me, but I simply used Body Slam to get my tail back to my tower, though I did waste my ultimate trying to knock Javan back and missing.

Is it worth maxing Body Slam for the percent health damage? Nasus doesn't necessarily build health first. Shen might build Spirit Visage or Sunfire Aegis, but it takes a while to build up enough gold for either.

Also against Nasus would it be worth going Morellonomicon as a first buy which does give you decent mana sustain but delays Rod of Ages? The reason I ask is that while you can harass him a lot he just sustains through it especially if he is running Crystalline Flask which is a standard starting item on him these days.