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Akali Build Guide by legendarymech

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author legendarymech

legendarymech Last updated on May 20, 2013
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Hello i'm legendarymech,

This is my first guide I hope you will find it helpful, any tips will be greatly welcome. :)

I choose Akali because she is my all time faved champ not only because of play style but also because of appearence and story. I normally play Akali on her standard lane mid but these days I've chosen to also play her in the Jungle. Now I know it's not her best job but it can be actually quite effective!

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When playing jungle Akali there is 1 thing you must keep in mind, ''Your ganks will be great once you get to level 6'' untill that time try ganking with flash and rush for sorcerer's boots and keep slaying minions for as long as you can. Don't wonder off too long, if ganks aren't needed just stay in the jungle and if someone recalls and leaves their lane alone you should go there and take some minions to keep their lane save and get your self some gold and exp.

Jungle Akali doesn't need any leashes, there is an ''path'' to clear your jungle quick and recall to get your self a ''Spirit Stone.''

This is the jungle path you should take: Ancient Golem (AKA BLUE BUFF) > Wolves > Wraiths > Big Golem > Lizard Elder (AKA RED BUFF)

Ancient Golem: Spam your Q at him and activate an health potion the first time the golem slaps you, finish the golem off with a smite. If the golem is down and you lost lots of health activate another health potion.

Wolves: Spam your E, Spam your Q at the big wolf and your basic attacks at the little wolfs. Use a health potion when you start attacking them.

Wraiths: Same story at wolves, Q on the big guy and first take out the tiny ones with your basic attacks and spam your E. (Try not to use a health potion here unless your health is below 25%.)

Big Golems: Kill the weaker golem first and then the stronger one. Use a health potion when you kill the weaker golem.

Lizards: You should have 1 health potion left and your smite should be ready again and you should have at least around 30% of your health. Use your Q and E to lower the Lizard elder's health and finish him off with smite. Use your health potion when your first hit lands.

Now recall and get yourself a Spirit stone and around 3 health potions.

From this point you can try little ganks, make sure enemy doesn't push lanes too far and easy take out jungle monsters without too much difficulty. You can perhaps try to take out some of the enemy jungle monsters if you're good enough.

When ganking you should keep in mind a few things.
1. Akali has no difficulty killing stuff as long as she has her ult, so that means getting level 6 and having some ''Essence of shadow'' stored.
2. Remember that your ''Twilight shroud'' (W) slows enemies.
3. Wards. (If wards are making it difficult try buying a ''Vision ward'' to see the enemies ward and also warding the bushes for your team.

If your level 6 just gank by using your ''Shadow dance'' (R) to rush to them, damage them and try slowing them with your W.

If you're below level 6 try ganking by standing in the bush and flash in but note that Akali can't dash towards enemies yet so you should use your twilight shroud (W) to slow them.

In later game you serve simply as assassin and unleash burst damage at enemies.

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Start with a machete as it makes it easy to take out jungle monsters in the beginning. Also buy 5 health potions because that is your key of taking out all of your jungle monsters without dying.

Get this item as soon as your first jungle route is done, it will make jungling easier and grands you some health regen so you can gank with much more health.

After spirit stone go for this one. Sorcerer shoes gives you magic penetration and more movement speed meaning you'll do more damage with ability power. Also if you're not level 6 yet the movement speed should make it easier to gank.

You should get this before your ''Hextech gunblade'' for an important reason: Spell vamp, this item is much cheaper then Hextech and you really need that spell vamp. This item also gives ability power and makes it even more easy to defeat jungle enemies. Maybe if you have this item you can try slaying the dragon.

This is the best item for Akali. It gives Attack Damage, Ability power, Life Steal, Spell vamp and an active passive. This active passive is an attack that slows the enemy meaning it's great for ganks and also for jungling and of course fighting.

Some items great for doing high damage. Void staff has magic penetration, Lich bane is great for Akali's burst, Mejais soulstealer gives massive ability power but you should only buy it when your getting many assists, kills and don't die alot. Rabadons death cap because ABILITY POWER. Deathfire grasp because MORE ABILITY POWER (and don't forget it's active passive.)

Some items great for staying alive. Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives ability power and health, it can also slow enemies hit with abilities. Abyssal Scepter gives magic resist and also ability power, it also has an passive that lowers enemies magic resist. Spirit Visage gives health and magic resist and also has an passive which increases your life steal, spell vamp and healh regeneration. Guardian Angel is one of the greatest defensive items for Akali, it gives Armor and Magic Resist and has a passive that brings you back to life if you die, but remember kids it has an cooldown of 5 minutes.

The bloodthirster: the only real ad item you need because it can give a total of 100 attack damage. It also gives life steal and due to Akali's Passive you gain more Spell vamp also. A great item for Akali.

I already explained. You can see enemy wards with this so you can keep destroying their wards and also ward for your allies.

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Thank you for reading. It's not the greatest FAQ I know but I try to get better so any commentary would be great. :) If there is any grammar let me know for my spelling ain't that good. :(

Thank you!!