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Thresh Build Guide by lin00

Support diamond

[10.16] Fresh Guide for Thresh

By lin00 | Updated on August 5, 2020
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Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[10.16] Fresh Guide for Thresh

By lin00
About me and Thresh
I am a Thresh main from EUW server. I have been a Thresh player ever since the Champion is released back in Season 3 and have around 1.5 million mastery points collectively. I reached 1 million mastery point on my main back in 15/09/2019.

I have peaked in Diamond 2 and planned to reach higher in the future; so I have written this guide for all Thresh or non-Thresh players about what I think about Thresh and my experience on this champion and hopefully will help you out.If there are any questions; feel free to stop by at my stream. (Don't stream regularly)

Thresh's unique play style instantly hooked me and made him one of my main. Starting from season 3 all the way till now; he has become my number 1 champion with the most games played. Except for season 3 but he was still top 3.
Thresh to me is a really well rounded champion, you have tools to engage onto enemies, lock down with CC and provide ways to escape the most impossible situation for other champions thanks to his Dark Passage.

You can fit Thresh into any team composition, depending on what you are building and how you play the champion. If your team is lacking in frontlines, he can be your front line with 1 or 2 defensive items like Gargoyle Stoneplate. Thresh is also an excellent peel support for your carries, babysitting them while they are dishing out damage for the team.
Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Great Engage
  • Great Peel
  • High Amount of CC
  • Excellent Roamer
  • Grate Immobile Champion Escape
  • Playmaker


  • High Skill Ceiling
  • Reliant on Skill Shots
  • High Cooldown
  • Reliant on ADC
  • Less Effective When Behind

When Thresh is ahead in lane, he will control the flow of the lane enabling him to roam, obtain vision in river or in enemy jungle and zone enemy from minions which extends the lead further. However, when Thresh is behind. It becomes harder to make plays and harder to collect Damnation as minions dies.
Thresh does not gain armour per level and solely relies on Damnation passive to gain armour which will result in Thresh becoming less and less tanky over time.
Skills Explained Back to Top

Damnation (Passive)
Thresh does not gain additional armour per level like other champions, instead he needs to collect souls drops from minions, monsters and champions. Each soul increases 0.75 armour and ability power giving Thresh the ability to infinity stacking armour and ability power hence the later the game, the stronger he his. Make sure that you are actively collecting souls during the laning phase to maximise Thresh's passive. While collecting souls, do it while it is safe to do so. Your enemies can see the souls spawning too and will attempt to prevent you from collecting them, Thresh's Dark Passage can collect souls as well as Thresh himself but Dark Passage has a high cool down and using it to collect soul will make your immobile carries vulnerable to ganks.

Death Sentence (Q)
This is Thresh's main engage, gap closer and escape. When Death Sentence connects onto a target, you can pull yourself to the hooked target by reactivating the ability. Combine Death Sentence with Dark Passage to give one of your allies the easy gap closer, usually it would be for your Jungler who is coming in for a gank.

Keep in mind that Death Sentence requires 0.5 seconds wind up time before the ability is casted while channelling you are vulnerable. Make sure you don't over step in lane and give the enemy a chance to land skillshots likes Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab or Nami's Aqua Prison on you.

One thing to note is that Death Sentence can be used on jungle camps which means Thresh can navigate through the jungle by dashing to jungle camps with Death Sentence.

Dark passage (W)
Dark Passage is one of the most unique abilities in League. When ally uses the lantern it pulls then to Thresh, this can be used offensively or defensively. Offensively by throwing the lantern out for your jungler or carry offering gap close to the enemy or defensively by pulling your ally away from danger, this is usually done to prevent ganks. Lantern can be body blocked by wards, champions or minions; make sure to throw the lantern into an open area away from the minion wave to minus the chance of it getting blocked.

Dark Passage counts as terrain, you can use your lantern to block movement. Best example is the tiny gap between wall and tower. Your lantern can completely block it off and is impassable. Notable mentions of Dark Passage is that when you walk out of the zone, the lantern is instantly teleport to Thresh but if you go outside the zone because of re-active Death Sentence then the lantern will stay for another second before teleport to Thresh.

Flay (E)
Flay has a passive ability that would empower your next auto attack after a brief moment of not attacking. Use this to perform short trades with the enemy by auto attacking them once it is fully charged. (Flay icon will show different colours to indicate how much it is charged from base colour, light green, yellow and red) This scales with the amount of souls collected and attack damage which scales more based on skill level.

The active from Flay provides a knock up and slows the enemy. Ally Yasuo can cast Last Breath from the knock up. A well timed Flay can interrupt movement abilities like Leona's Zenith Blade, Tristana's Rocket Jump and Alistar's Headbutt. As well as movement abilities, channelling abilities too can be cancelled, Katarina's Death Lotus and Fiddlesticks's Crowstorm.

To make Death Sentence easier to land, start off your engage with Flay. The slow will make it almost impossible to dodge the following up hook.

The Box(R)
Trapping your enemy inside The Box forces them to either flash out or take the damage and slow as they try to escape. Offensively, you can box your enemy inside after reactivating Death Sentence or Flay enemy into the wall for damage and slow. Defensively, The Box is a great tool to use for zone off an area and disengage fights or ganks.
Runes Explained Back to Top
In this section, I will be covering what rune I take and in what situation that you might want to take other runes depending on the lane match up. The main tree for Thresh is Resolve and Inspiration. Taking defensive tanky runes to compensate Thresh's lack of armour per level and squishiness which enables him for early aggressive plays while inspiration provides utilities like cool down reduction.

Primary Tree - Resolve

Thresh is really squishy compared to other engage champions, as mentioned he does not gain armour per level and aftershock enables him to sustain damage early engagements. Thresh will take most of the aggro when engaged as he wants to be right on top of the enemies usually tanking both enemy laner's damage output. After 2.5 seconds, it deals damage to surrounding enemies.

Demolish increases the siege capability throughout the game. During early game, each Demolish proc should grant you a tower plating gold which can help extend your gold lead.

Bone Plating
When you take damage, Bone Plating blocks the next 3 auto attacks or abilities from the same champion. At level 1 Bone Plating blocks 30 damage per damage taken within 1.5 seconds from the same champion, effectively Thresh becomes 120 damage more healthy at level 1. I would not recommend taking this against a heavy poke lane since Bone Plating only blocks damage for the next 3 damage within 1.5 seconds so this wouldn't be too useful as it has a 40 seconds cool down. Champions like Yuumi who can poke you consistently with Prowling Projectile.

This rune provides extra health for Thresh as the lane phase goes on and once 120 minions dies near him; Thresh gains additional 3.5% maximum health added onto his health bar. More health is always nice and allows him to build armour/magic resistant. Extra health will increase the shield size of Locket of the Iron Solari and damage on Aftershock.

Secondary Tree - Inspiration

Biscuit Delivery
Thresh lacks self sustain and Biscuit Delivery will enable Thresh to sustain in lane longer. This is especially useful when against mage or poke lane.
Side note is that Thresh has high mana usage and Biscuit Delivery expands your mana cap by 50 per biscuit, you will get 150 extra mana. Even if you don't need it, selling them gives you the extra mana and 30 gold each.

Cosmic Insight
This is a must take for me. The increase in cool down reduction capacity and starts off with 5% cool down extra will help out with Thresh's high cooldown on skills and since Thresh wants to build maximum cool down in the shortest possible time, this rune will do just that. With shorter summoner spells cool down, this enables more Flash + Flay engage and more flashy montages... Or fail... Either way, it is nice to have a short cool down.

Optional Runes - Resolve

While Aftershock makes Thresh himself tankier, Guardian will give shield to you and your carry. The only way to use this rune is by having an ally next to you, or ally that is shielded from your Dark Passage. The extra shielding allows the survivability for both you and your carry. Guardian is good to take when against hard engagements like Blitzcrank or major assassins like Zed where your carries will get heavily focused down.
Side note: The shield scales with bonus health built and from runes which makes Overgrowth worth while to take.

Font of Life
This is a good rune to take when against a heavy poke lane, it provides very little regeneration when your ally attacks champions that you slowed or immobilised. This rune will make trades more favourable for your carry as the rune will keep their health bar topped up a bit more in lane after each trade.

Second Wind
This rune is good against poke lanes where Bone Plating is useless since poke damage will keep Bone Plating on cool down most of the time. And Second Wind is like having Doran's Shield where it regains some health back after taking damage, this keeps Thresh more healthy for future engagements. Second Wind is really good against champions like Yuumi where the cool down between her Prowling Projectile will allow Thresh to regenerate the whole duration of Second Wind.

Unflinching provides slow resistance and tenacity when summoner spells are on cool down or within 10 seconds of using your summoner spells. The tenacity will stack with each other up to 32% when 1 is recently activated and the other is currently on cool down. This rune is useful when you flash engage and negate some of the CC effect from your enemy. And its especially powerful when against champions like Leona who is really CC heavy or Ashe who can slow you with her auto attacks.

Optional Runes - Inspiration

Perfect Timing
Perfect Timing is one of the most powerful runes for early tower dives and out plays. By having the ability to drop tower aggro makes tower diving a lot more forgiving. Most supports like Braum, Leona and Nautilus takes Perfect Timing because it builds into Gargoyle Stoneplate; it would be situational for Thresh to build Gargoyle Stoneplate like when the team is lacking front line.

Hextech Flashtraption
Hex-Flash allows users to cast Flash even during cool down by channelling 2.5 seconds while out of combat. This creates opportunities for flash engagement even when Flash is on cool down. When using Hex-Flash, it is important to deny bush vision from the enemy. Element of surprise is what you need for Hex-Flash. You can use this to reposition by lantern over small walls like in the dragon pit.

Attack speed runes allows more auto attacks during trades or small skirmishes, in return; more auto attacks means you will utilize more Flay's passive damage with the amount of souls collected. This increases the output of your overall damage. Due to the lack of armour Thresh possess early armour runes compensates that issue and armour into physical damage is always a nice pick up, reduces enemy damage output and make Thresh more durable during lane. Usually double armour rune pick up if the lane is heavy AD based which most of the time is; however, there has been mages taken to botlane in the past or mage supports like Vel'Koz or Xerath where is useful.
Items Explained Back to Top
In this section, I will be covering the item listed above in the build. Explaining why each item is built and in what situation you should build specific items to compensate for what your team is lacking. Cool down reduction is Thresh's main focus while getting health, armour and magic resistant.

Zeke's Convergence
Zeke's Convergence gives Thresh the ability to slow down nearby enemies after casting his ultimate, making it easier to kite the enemy for your team. While you slow nearby enemies, your binded ally gets on hit 30% magic damage over time. The slowing field becomes a fire storm, dealing 40 damage and slows around you when the enemy is slowed by you and damaged by your ally's fire. While the item gives Thresh the needed defensive stats and cool down reduction.

Knight's Vow
Knight's Vow provides armour and health which is nice against AD teams, especially AD Assassins like Talon and Zed. Passively, if you are near your binded ally you get additional 20 armour and movement speed towards them. However, this item gets half of its value because Thresh is a ranged champion. Upon binding your ally, they will take less damage but redirect 12% (6% in this case cause ranged champion) to you as true damage and you will heal when binded ally does damage. This allows Thresh to sustain in fights as he CC and locking down enemies while getting healed from the damage dealt by your binded ally.

locket of the iron solari
Good item when against mixed damage source as it provides both armour and magic resistant but the main reason for this item is the shield. The shield scales with level and bonus health so it is better to build as a mid game item when there's level and health to increase the size of the shield. Against a champion like Karthus who can ult your whole team. It is a great item to counter that and negate some of its damage. Shielding for each champion might seem very little but it can shield the whole team during team fights and the damage it can negate becomes very high value.

Thresh does not have healing abilities and redemption compensates that. The area healer can turn a fight around while dealing damage to enemies who stay inside the area. Redemption's health works on minions too, you can use Redemption to heal your minions up as you siege the enemy. It is especially strong when near objective fights and thanks for the cast range, you can cut off fleeing enemies by zoning with Redemption. Side note: This can be casted when you are dead.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
Situational item when your team lacks front line and you need to take up the tank role for the team. Gargoyle Stoneplate allows Thresh sustain more damage while providing CC and slows in the front line. You can take Perfect Timing during the lobby too if you know your team needs a front line and make it easier to build Gargoyle Stoneplate.

Mikael's Crucible
Mikael's Crucible is useful when up against heavy CC match likes of Leona, Nautilus or Nami. This functions like Quicksilver Sash but it provides bonus speed if it cleanses CC on your ally, it is an excellent way to let your CC-ed ally reposition with the movement speed granted from Mikael's Crucible. This is usually a must get if you are against champions who can engage with CC like Leona's Solar Flare or Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow. This item does give magic resistance and cool down reduction too which makes it decent against mages who have CC ability too likes of Cassiopeia's Petrifying Gaze.

Shurelya's Reverie
A cheap movement speed item that will work like Righteous Glory but movement speed is granted for all allies near you. This can be built early due to the low cost and will allow you to quickly walk up to the enemy by yourself or with your jungler. This is also effective when roaming, out speed your enemy with 2050 gold. One downside to Shurelya's Reverie is that the item only provides 300 health as defensive stat and other regeneration stats which does not really work well with Thresh's squishy nature. But this only when you are ahead and do not need the armour or magic resistance early.

Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart is a nice pick up against heavy AD team compositions and it provides 20% cool down reduction which works well in what Thresh needs. The unique passive from Frozen Heart slows nearby enemies attack speed, this is really effective who relies on auto attacking like Tryndamere. Side note is that Frozen Heart offers the highest armour out of all armour items in League.

Randuin's Omen
Another good item against AD composition but this reduces crit damage taken. This will help you survive longer against champions like Yasuo or Jhin. Provides a decent amount of armour while also offers health to make you more durable. The active from the item slows nearby enemies hindering the enemy's movement and provides a better kite for your team.

Boots of Mobility
Boots of Mobility enables faster back to lane time and combining with Dark Passage you can help your lane partner get back into lane faster too. This is also an excellent choice of boots if you want to roam around to another lane or gain vision in an enemy jungle or river. In lane, you will outrun anyone who doesn't have boots of mobility while out of combat. This makes it easier to walk up to the enemy for trades or help the jungler gap close with your movement speed and Dark Passage. Side note is that you will be slower than other tier 2 boots during combat which is the downside of Boots of Mobility.

Boots of Swiftness
Boots of Swiftness provides overall highest movement speed during combat and it reduces the effect of slowing spells. This is another great boot for roaming, not as fast as Boots of Mobility but the bonus movement speed does not get reduced during combat which makes Boots of Swiftness easier to chase down an enemy by out running them. Since patch 10.5, Boots of Mobility's price has increased by 100 gold making it cheaper to get Boots of Swiftness. Consider getting Boots of Swiftness if you do not have enough gold for Boots of Mobility or if you are against champions which slow effects like Ashe and Cassiopeia.

Mercury's Treads
Perfect boot when against a heavy CC or AP team. Unique passive provides 30% tenacity which greatly reduces the duration of crowd control spells. While extra magic resistant if you are against mages in lane or overall enemy is AP heavy.

Ninja Tabi
Contrast from Mercury's Treads, this boot will help you survive against heavy AD compositions while reducing 12% damage from auto attacks. It is a great boot to go for if the enemy is running a full AD team or the main threat is AD. Consider changing your boots from movement priorities to defensive.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
This boot will speed up the progress of reaching maximum cooldown reduction cap. This also reduces the cooldown on your summoner spells like Flash which means more flashy plays for your highlight reels. By reducing the down time of your summoner spells, this allows you to be more aggressive and the advantage of having summoners back before the enemy does.
Early Game Back to Top
In this section, I will be going over how the early game laning phase should go. What to do in trades, all ins and set up for ganks.

Typical start for Thresh is Steel Shoulderguards and Health Potion. The extra AD from Steel Shoulderguards works well with how Thresh trades during laning and the extra AD also scales with Flay's passive.

Depending on the match up, if you are against melee supports like Leona. You should look to auto her as much as you can when she is going up for minions and wear her down. Auto attack -> Flay -> Auto attack is your basic trade pattern. You should keep in mind that Flay can cancel most of engagement spells like Leona's Zenith Blade (Refer back to skill section of this guide]] so it would be wise to keep Flay to negate any chances of engagement while you attempt to poke them. When against less aggressive champions like Soraka then you can be more aggressive with your Flay usage.

Upon arriving into lane, make sure you make the full use of your early aggression by help your carry push for an early level 2 all in, catch enemy off guard with an early level 2 all in usually would result in summoners burnt for the enemy or early first blood. Level 2 for botlane is 6 melee minions and 3 caster minions. Make sure you keep an eyes on the amount of minions taken during lane, start walking up as the 6th melee minion die and engage with Flay follow up with Death Sentence. The amount of CC this combo provides enough time to kill or burn Flash and Heal easily. Make sure to Ignite early before enemy use Heal since this reduces the amount of heal they receive with grievous wounds. Ignite's cool down is short! Don't be scared to use it!

Always get your boots first, movement speed for support is essential and most valuable, this allows you to get back to lane quicker and roam potential unexpected ganks and vision for your team. Items to rush after boots are cool down reduction, health and early armour. Kindlegem and Glacial Shroud is my main focus since they are both component of the main item I need on Thresh Knight's Vow and Zeke's Convergence.

Always buy control wards. Make sure your Tri-bush(blue side)/river bush(red side) is warded to prevent ganks.
Change Log Back to Top
[27/05/2020] [10.10] - Guide completed.
[28/05/2020] [10.10] - Guide content lost, rewriting guide.
[05/06/2020] [10.11] - Rune section finished.
[09/06/2020] [10.11] - Items section finished.
[25/06/2020] [10.13] - Early game section added.
[03/07/2020] [10.13] - Guardian Rune movement speed removed.
League of Legends Build Guide Author lin00
lin00 Thresh Guide
[10.16] Fresh Guide for Thresh
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