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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sivir Build Guide by StriveHD79

ADC [10.18] Ultimate Hyper Carry|Diamond Guide With All Matchups

ADC [10.18] Ultimate Hyper Carry|Diamond Guide With All Matchups

Updated on September 16, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author StriveHD79 Build Guide By StriveHD79 8 2 28,391 Views 1 Comments
8 2 28,391 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author StriveHD79 Sivir Build Guide By StriveHD79 Updated on September 16, 2020
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Runes: Standard

Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[10.18] Ultimate Hyper Carry|Diamond Guide With All Matchups

By StriveHD79
How Good is Sivir ?

Pros & Cons


• Strong Wave Clear
• Great Utility
• Strong Scaling/Late Game
• Can Block CC With
• Great Teamfighter
• Simple To Play

I think one of the strongest point of Sivir lies within her ability to wave clear. She can pretty much one shot any wave after completing her first item Essence Reaver, which makes up for the fact that she is not a great duelist or at 1v1s, often times having to sit under tower. Allowing her to sit under tower to one shot the wave which nullify the pressure enemies put on you. Not only this, she is always great against opponents who has a single target CC, which if you play correctly, can be blocked by your Spell Shield, at certain times, you can even step forward to block it for your teammates, saving your teammate from a difficult situation. Her Q and W both scales extremely and is super strong for teamfighting. Her W in particular is able to go through to most enemies especially if they group up closely together, you are able to spread it and do massive amount of damage especially when you have 100% crit.


• Low Range
• Has Unwinnable Matchups
• Weak Vs Duelists
• Requires Good Positioning
• No Escape

As much as I would like to get you to play Sivir, she does have many undeniable weaknesses. One of them being, having many unwinnable matchups, like when up against Draven, Tristana, Lucian. All these matchups have a common theme, that is they love to all-in you, with high extremely high burst damage that there is no way Sivir can retaliate at all, since there really is not way to escape once these high mobility marksman gets on top of you. This is especially relevant in the early game. Obviously, in the later stages of the game, Sivir will come online and may do much better than these unwinnable matchups during teamfights, however, you still would not be able to 1v1 against any of these marksmans though.

Why and when should you pick Sivir ?

Why Sivir ?

I think Sivir is one of the easier marksman to play compared to many of her counterparts, especially as someone new to the ADC role, due to the simplistic nature of her kit, so I highly recommend you to try her out if you are new to ADC, she is also very accessible to new players, only costing 450 blue essence. I personally find her very enjoyable to play and actually somewhat relaxing as she is less demanding compare to other marksman.

When to pick Sivir ?

It is actually okay to pick Sivir into some of the tough matchups like Tristana, Draven etc. Usually, you are able to play safe and farm up without losing too terrible, as long as you do not give them opportunity to all-in you. Sivir is particularly good into supports that have catch potential CC, like a Morgana bind or a Thresh hook, mainly due to her Spell Shield ability, able to nullify any CC and gain free mana in return if it hits you. Sivir is fairly decent with most supports, so I would not be too worried about pairing it with any specific supports. Usually, whether you win or lose the lane will heavily depend on the support match-up. It is okay to lose lane, just make sure to lose it gracefully, i.e. not feed, give up some farm and it will be okay.


Lethal Tempo

Damaging an enemy champion begins a 1.5 second timer. Upon completion, you gain 40-110% (based on level) attack speed for 3 seconds. Attacking a champion while the effect is active will extend the duration to 6 seconds.
Lethal Tempo helps increase Sivir's dps by increasing her attack speed for a short duration and this rune scales the best out of all the other ones. This is by far the best rune choice. This has a very good synergy with our ricochet ability. Allowing us to autoreset as our lethal tempo charges up maximising our DPS.

Presence of Mind

Takedowns restore 20% of your maximum mana or energy and increase your maximum mana by 100 (up to 500) or your maximum energy by 10 (up to 50). Even completing essence reaver ( a core item that will provide you with mana ) you may still encounter some mana issues where you run out of it. This rune changes that and helps prevent you from ever running out of mana. Allowing you to constantly use your abilities without the need to rest.

Legend: Bloodline

Gain 0.6% life steal for every Legend stack (max 20 stacks) for a maximum of 12% life steal. This is by far the best out of the other 2 options, because it scales the best, providing the most value. We can have attack speed in our build but very rarely do we get to build life steal as an ADC(Unless you are really ahead). So it is very important to have some form of life steal to sustain during mid to late game.

Coup De Grace

Deal 8% increased damage to champions below 40% maximum health. This rune goes well with ADCs in general pick this over cut down when there are no tanks on the enemy team.

Cut Down

Deal 5%-15% bonus damage vs champions with 10%-100% more max health than you. I usually run this over coup de grace when there are any high HP opponents.

Nimbus Cloak

Casting a summoner spell grants the ability to pass through units and provides a bonus of 15 - 35% movement speed (based on summoner spell cooldown) for 2.5 seconds.
The extra movement speed whenever you use a summoners spell is massive, for example when you try to escape by flashing, sometimes the enemies can still catch up to you, but with nimbus cloak the extra movespeed you gain will ensure they do not catch up. Or when you are trying to flash forward to chase dow enemies, it will sure you secure the kill.

Gathering Storm

Every 10 minutes, gain 1 (+1 per 10 Minutes) stacks of Gathering Storm. Each stack grants an Adaptive bonus of 8 ability power or 4.6 attack damage.

10 min: + 8 AP or 5 AD
20 min: + 24 AP or 14 AD
30 min: + 48 AP or 29 AD
40 min: + 80 AP or 48 AD
50 min: + 120 AP or 72 AD
60 min: + 168 AP or 101 AD

Guaranteed free AD and scaling when the game goes on for too logn which is particularly useful for ADCarry, late game is where ADCs shines the most. This will ensure you are always relevant once the game hit late.

Sivir's Passive

Sivir gains Movement speed icon 30 − 50 (based on level) bonus movement speed for 2 seconds when she damages an enemy champion with an ability or a basic attack.

Sivir's Q

Cooldown: 7 Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110

Sivir hurls her crossblade in the target direction. Enemies in its path take Attack damage physical damage, reduced to 100% − 40% (based on non-champions hit). Upon reaching maximum range the crossblade returns to her, dealing the same damage.

Side Note:

You want to be patient with this ability, as this is your main damaging ability. Save it until it is clear you can land this, if you waste this at the start of a fight it will prove detrimental.

Sivir's W

Cooldown: 12 / 10.5 / 9 / 7.5 / 6 Cost: 75

Sivir's next 3 basic attacks within 4 seconds bounce to nearby unaffected enemies, dealing them physical damage, until none remain in range. If Sivir critically strikes her target, the bounces do so as well. Ricochet resets Sivir's basic attack timer. Ricochet will bounce to targets regardless of having Sight icon sight of them or not.

Ricochet will allow for an autoattack reset, meaning if you activate this ability after an autoattack it will instantly do another autoattack.

Side Note:

This is a very powerful ability for teamfights as it will spread to anyone and everything.

Sivir's E

Cooldown: 22 / 19 / 16 / 13 / 10 Cost: None

Sivir gains a spell shield for 1.5 seconds.

Successfully blocking an ability restores Mana.

Side Note:

This ability allows you to block any damage/crowd control spells, using this properly will distinguish you from bad Sivir players. And potential make some crazy outplays.

Sivir's Ultimate

Cooldown: 120 / 100 / 80 Cost: 100 MANA

Sivir gains bonus movement speed for 8 seconds that decays to half of that amount after a few seconds. Sivir also surrounds herself with an aura rallying all nearby allies, granting them On the Hunt's bonus movement speed buff correspondingly to its remaining duration.

Side Note:

This ability is a great ability to signal an engage or disengage, it will grant everybody around you movement speed buff, it is a great way to start a team fight if you see an opening. Or a way to disengage if you see your teammates or yourself in trouble.
In-depth Mechanics

In-depth Mechanics

W Auto Attack Reset

This is one of the easiest, must know mechanics when playing Sivir, her W auto attack reset. You can AA + W to immediately dash out an auto attack, without any delay. This will help you, when you are looking to trade with an enemy, or to retaliate. Even in teamfights this will be useful, as being able to dash out an extra auto attack could mean the difference of winning and losing. You should also know that, this ability will spread to close by enemies, making it a super useful teamfighting/wave clearing ability, it will allow you to even come back from hard losing games because of the ability to one shot waves.

Q Usage

Never ever, start off any fight or skirmish with using your Q, especially in the early game, this is your main damaging abilities that will hurt the enemies the most. In general, you want to be patient with this ability, it will become very apparent when you should use this, if you hold onto this key ability and be a little more patient. Obviously if the target is CC and is stationary, feel free to use it for the guaranteed hit. Otherwise I would recommend you to always hold onto to this ability and wait until it becomes clear, then use it, because if you use it at the start of a fight, 90% of the time it is very easy for the enemies to dodge it, making you lose out on a lot of damage, but if you wait until the enemies are heavily focused on you or your allies, they will lose track of it, then you can land a guarantee hit on the enemies, maximising your damage output.

Blocking CC

This is one of the main selling point of Sivir, an ability to block any abilities from your enemy. Similar to the summoner spell Cleanse, but on a much lower cooldown and you are able to block out damage abilities as well. With this ability you are able to completely nullify CC and damage spells from your opponents, so when you are against something like Morgana, you can practically make her useless, since her entire kit is around her Q bind, as long as you block it with your E. Other things you can block are Thresh/ Nautilus/ Blitzcrank hooks, and these are only some of the examples. So while you lack any hard escape, it is made up for the fact that you have this ability.

Ultimate Usage

Sivir's ultimate, is an excellent engage tool, as it provides high movement speed to you and your surrounding allies. Allowing you to initial a fight which many other marksman cannot do, or if need be, saving your entire team against the enemies engage, as it will allow you and your teammates to run away fast af. Not only this, you can actually use heal to outplay your opponents, not from the fact that it heals you, but from its movement speed that you will gain, for example, dodging abilities from a Brand, preventing him from getting his stack off that may kill you, and you can heal for movement speed to dodge his abilities, as a way to outplay, so similar concept can be applied with how you use your ultimate. You can actually use it as a way to gain movement speed temporary to dodge skill shots, even something like Thresh's hook as you are running at him, you can pop your ultimate to gain the movement speed and side step. While it may not be as consistent as using Flash it is definitely something you should look to implement in your games.
Laning Phase

Laning With Sivir

When playing Sivir, my main focus each games are to focus on farming and avoid dying unnecessarily. However, do not be afraid to trade and retaliate back when under attack, as Sivir does pack a punch if you are able to hit your Q. Sivir is one of the weaker laners compared to its counterparts. So it is important that you are not constantly fighting, instead, focus on farming to scale up, and once you have Essence Reaver, you can start one shot(ing) minion waves. This will be extremely useful especially if your team is behind, because the enemy team will constantly shove waves into you and Sivir can collect them beautifully to alleviate the pressure. Against certain matchups such as Tristana and Lucian, you may even want to consider just hugging your tower, as their all-in power is very strong, meaning that they will simply kill you and out damage you if you dare to walk up to lane, and usually against these matchups you will actually scale and do better later on in teamfights, as Sivir is a great wave clearer and will be able to farm much easier than these champions and with its great inherent scaling abilities making her great for teamfights. So sit down and wait for the wave to crush to your tower, it is okay if you miss a few minions every now and then, but the main problem may come from the enemy freezing the lane which then you will need to ask for help from your jungler or midlaner.
Out of Lane

Outside of Laning

Outside of laning, your main focus has not changed, you still want to be constantly farming, whether it would be collecting waves or farming jungle camps. You are scaling non-stop until you reach 100% crit. Especially with your Q & W abilities, giving you probably the best waveclear any champion has to offer. Once you have reach this stage, you will beat and destroy majority of marksman in this game and will shred everybody in teamfights. You are also able to engage or disengage with your Ultimate, granting yourself and all your near by allies movement speed, to either escape or engage. If you see a good fight to take, it is usually a great signal to use this ability as an engage tool. Or if you or your teammates are in a difficult situation you can bail out by using this as well.
Map Awareness Guide

In the video above I talk about the following concepts:

- Respecting Fog of War

- Hitting/Starting Objectives without a Reason

- Dealing with Assassins

- Knowing what good fights to take and what bad fights to avoid

It is recommended that, you take one of those tips and attempt to apply it in your next game to reap its benefits. Make sure you only do one at a time if it is too overwhelming, otherwise you will not learn from it. Even playing in a normal game will help, it need not be ranked.

Solo Engage as ADCarry at Level 2 Spike

In the video above I talk about the following concepts:

- Level 2 Power Spike

- How to punish your enemies with this power spike, or respect it and back off of it

- Knowing how many minions it takes to reach level 2 first in a duo lane

- 3 Clips of 3 Different ADCarry; Tristana, Caitlyn and Ezreal show casing what we have mentioned above.

Make sure you test this out in a normal game first before attempting it in ranked. It is okay to make mistakes, go all out and learn from your mistakes. Best to record with some sort of software so you can go back and watch your own replay to analyse what has happened.


This video is not owned by me but I think it is very well detailed on how to teamfight in general as a carry.

- Direct Initiate

• Create fight or flight response.
• Go in 1v5 if you have to.
• Carries DO NOT go in.

- Follow Up Initiate/Hit Tanks

• Tank pressure backline, or tankline.
• Forces everyone to use cooldowns/abilities
• Carries stay OUT until tank cooldowns/abilities are used.

- Hit Tanks

• Hit tanks after tank cooldowns/abilities are used.
• Forces out backline cooldowns/abilities
• Carries in range of 1 person.

- Kill Backline

• APC flash on backline or finish off tanks.
• ADC can dive if no enemy burst cooldowns/abilities are up.
• Tanks can make a flash play.

- Clean Up

• Flashes to kill fleeing enemies, this will ensure objectives are much easier to take without anyone contesting or the potential of throwing the game away.

I highly recommend you watch the video, not only just read the text on this guide. The video will include examples and instances where it very much make sense and will sink into you how it actually works. If you have to, make sure to rewatch the video a few times and in your next few games, to only focus working on these things for every teamfight. This may come across as overwhelming if you are a new player, but be patient it will become second nature.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author StriveHD79
StriveHD79 Sivir Guide
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[10.18] Ultimate Hyper Carry|Diamond Guide With All Matchups

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