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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kled Build Guide by aiSky

Top [10.25] NEVER TRUST YOUR TEAM! Kled Guide

Top [10.25] NEVER TRUST YOUR TEAM! Kled Guide

Updated on December 25, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author aiSky Build Guide By aiSky 5,619 Views 0 Comments
5,619 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author aiSky Kled Build Guide By aiSky Updated on December 25, 2020
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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[10.25] NEVER TRUST YOUR TEAM! Kled Guide

By aiSky
aiSky on the duty!
Hi guys! Nice to meet you.
I'm a Top main, and since I started playing Kled, I have gone from Silver to Platinum I. I think Kled is one of the best champions in SoloQ, and you can for sure climb to Diamond if you try hard enough.
Pros and Cons
Kled is a very good champion since he combines perfectly damage, movility, and a lot of HP. His kit also offers a lot of possibilities to the team: great dueling potential, easiest dives of the game, destroyer of carrys, great initiation of fights and picks thanks to his R, and amazing splitpusher when teamfights are impossible to win.

-High burst damage, perfect for destroying enemy carrys.
-High HP, making you able to tank enemy team while yours wins the fight.
-A lot of movility, great for chasing and survivavility.
-Incredible damage to turrets, being one of the best splitpushers.
-Thanks to your passive, diving will be easy and safe.
-Grants True Sight of enemies.

-Not much CC, being hard to peel for your carrys.
-Can't do much against tanks in the mid-late game.
-Your dismounted form can be hard to play agains enemies like Darius, Garen, -Cho'gath, Pyke...
-Kled's W procs automatically, being vulnerable after using it on minions or even wards.
Summoner Spells
Flash is definitely a must on Kled. It improves his sticky potential and also gives him the possibility of avoiding dangerous fights. Since his E doesn't pass through terrain at all, flash will be needed at somepoint to kill that helpless and flashy carrys.

Teleport is a great spell for two main reasons: Firstly, since Kled is a great splitpusher, you will want to have TP for destroying towers and then going to help your team in drakes or baron. Secondly, your ultimate is perfect for roaming mid or bot and getting a lead in those lanes, but after that roams it might be needed a TP top if your jungler is not there to clean the wave and the enemy team is pushing.
Kled is a champion that has great synergy with a lot of runes. Press The Attack, Phase Rush, or Electrocute could be interesting options. However, in the end Conqueror is still the most consistent rune that will help you win every mathup.

Conqueror is a great rune on Kled because it will help you maximizing the damage of your burst combo, but also giving you more damage and heal in prolonged battles. Starting a fight with a E+Q combo will give you 2-4 stacks of Conqueror. This way, the autoattack of your W will have such an increased damage, making the 4th AA such a powerfull weapon to destroy your enemies.

Triumph is a nice rune for Kled. Since it heals life based on your missing HP, and Kled has the highest base HP in the game, you will be able to heal tons of life on takedowns. Also Kled doesn't have any sustain ability, so this rune will help to make him feel fresh in the middle of the war.

Tenacity is a great stat on Kled. Your objetive in each teamfight is to make your way in the middle of the enemy team until you kill their ADC and their Mid. This task can be pretty hard if you don't have tenacity to clean all the CC that will stop you. Some people prefer to play with Legend: Alacrity, but in my opinion you wont really need that attack speed since with your basic combo will kill any carry.

Last Stand has a nice synergy with Kled, giving great offensive stats when low life or dismounted. Since Sterak's Gage will be our 3rd purchase, we will increase our damage for such a long time thanks to the shield.

Demolish is a must on Kled, at least for the play-style explained in this guide. Demolish scales with the max HP of the champion, and Kled has the highest HP stat on the game, so the synergy is crystal clear. This rune combined with Kled's W Violent Tendencies makes Kled able to disintegrate towers very very fast. This means earning a lot of gold, and also denying enemy vision and defenses, which usually ends in a game victory.

The last rune can be the one you prefer. Overgrowth has a nice synergy with Demolish and Titanic Hydra, so thats why I usually go with this rune.
The kit of Kled has a lot of damage and movility, being similar to the kit of champions like Irelia or Camille. The high HP of Kled suits perfectly for a bruiser style. Many people play Kled Top with an assasin build. In my opinion that playstyle can lead to loosing the game because in SoloQ the Toplaner is expected to be the tank of the team. Playing full ad champions will leave your team without a solid frontlane, making difficult to achieve the victory.

This item is pretty underrated, but in my opinion it works perfectly with Kled. It gives you damage, attack speed, HP, a faster way for clearing waves, and a beautiful slow that will help you hit your skill shots and will drastically improve Kled chasing potential. Against low-movility enemies it might be not necessary, but since this season even the inmoviles ADC have Flash, Heal and Galeforce, the Stridebreaker is very usefull for making sure they are not running away.

It is true that the Goredrinker it is such a good item, and it can work nicely on Kled too. But he doesn't really need that extra heal, and even if the damage fron the passive is quite good, the slow from the Stridebreaker provides the utility Kled needs.

Titanic Hydra
This item is the perfect way of playing a bruiser style with Kled. The high HP of Skaarl will be related to a more output damage. This also means that runes like Overgrowth not only give us HP, but also damage. For sure it is not a massive amount of damage, but you will be pretty tanky and also be able to deal with any carry. I don't usually play it, but Ravenous Hydra is for sure a pretty nice item that give Kled the damage and sustain he needs. It can be a better option than the Titanic if the enemy team have too much poke and you need that sustain.

Mercuty's Treads
Depending the amount of gold you have in each back, you want to buy this boots as 2nd or 3rd item. Tenacity is such a great stat, and even against some AD matchups this boots might be worth (Shen, Jax or even Renekton). Against enemies with a lot of AD, or if you are loosing the fights against AD toplaners like Darius or Sett, Plated Steelcaps are for sure the item you wanna go for.

Sterak's Gage
Damage, Health, and a shield for keeping Skaarl with you. This item is a great purchase for turning the tide of the battle to your favour. At this point of the game there will be frequent fights for the objetives (drakes and baron), so its nice to buy it as third item.

Death's Dance
Sadly this item won't give us Health, so it won't synergyce with Demolish and Titanic Hydra, that is why we don't buy it faster. However, since we usually start with the Mercury's Treads, we have 0 armor at this point, and this item is the best option for bruisers who want to survive a little bit more from AD damage.

Black Cleaver
This item is such a nice option to destroy even the most armored tanks. However, Kled task is not to kill the enemy tank (that is what our ADC is supossed to do), so we don't really need to buy it. If the enemy team has too many tanks with a lot of armor you might wanna buy it as 2nd or 3rd item. However, in the actual meta, it is not that common to see tanks everywhere, and that is why we will buy the Black Cleaver as 6th item if there is nothing more suitable for us.

Silvermere Dawn
If you need more Magic Resist, this is the item you are looking for. Its active will make you survive some difficut situations, and the Damage and Health are great stats for a bruiser like Kled. I don't recommend going for Maw of Malmortius because it doesn't give you HP and you can't buy it if you have Sterak's Gage.

Guandian Angel
As a second option for an armor item, GA is always a great option. Having two lifes will give you the power to delete the enemy team. GA doesn't give you health, but it is what it is, guys.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
This item is a little bit tricky. It won't give us damage, neither health we can convert in damage. However, the shield it provides actually scales with HP! and is also perfect por getting back Skaarl when dismounted. I don't think is a must, but can be a very good 5th or 6th item.
Skaarl The Cowardly Lizard
Kled has two HP bars, related to Kled and Skaarl characters. Thanks to this, the base HP of this champion is the highest in the game. The Health you buy will only affect to the HP bar of Skaarl, making you able to stay more time mounted. While mounted you will have access to your E and your R. When dismounted, you won't be able to use that abilities, and your Q will be a different ability.
Apart from the boost to the HP, the most important thing of Kled passive is that he becomes intargeteable while dismounting. This means you can easily dive any tower, and you will always drop the aggro to other ally before dieing.
To get Skaarl again to love you, you will have to kill minions, hit champions, hit towers, hit epic monsters, or kill champions.
Beartrap on a Rope
Kled's Q (mounted) will proc damage 2 times, one when you hit the enemy, and a second one if you stay near that enemy. It will also pull back the enemy to you, making easy to hit the 4 autoattacks of your W.
For the whole duration of the ability, it will grant True Sight of the enemy, being such a good ability when fighting near bushesh or against champions like Kha'Zix, Wukong, Akali, Vayne...
Pocket Pistol
When dismounted you will start with tho charges of this ability. It will fire some bullets in front on you, while also moving you back a small distance. And you can go through walls with it! That will save your life so many times.
Your main goal when dismounted is to get Skaarl to come back with you. A great way to do it is by hitting abilities, which basically means hitting your Q, so don't waste it. Some times the displacement of your Q might be a problem, since you want to hit your Q but also keep autoattacking your enemies. If you have the Stridebreaker you can use it in the middle of the displacement to cancel it + dashing to a new direction.
Violent Tendencies
Everytime the ability is active, your next attack will proc it, giving you extra attack speed and damage for the next 4 autoattacks. The 4th will be extremely powerful. Sadly it also procs with minions and wards.
It is your main damage output, but also it is a great way to recover Skaarls if you are dismounted. This means that if your enemy is gonna kill Skaarl and you still have your W, you may want to don't autoattack until you are dismounted. This way you will recover Skaarl pretty fast, and you will get your revenge.
It is also a great tip to don't level up your W imediately, so you don't waste it against minions. Wait to a trade, even if you have to wait to level 5. Having it ready for the fight will give you more chances of success!
A perfect skill for chasing, specially when combined with Kled's Q. If it hits a champion, you can recast it to dash to the enemy position again. The first dash can't go through walls, but the second can! So you can always wait a bit in case they decide to flash a wall. However the range of the recast is not very very large, so you won't be able to follow high movility abilities like Death Mark or Chronobreak. (Tip: even if the enemy dies, you will still be able to recast it over its corpse).
This ability also grants True Sight of the enemy you hit for some seconds. In combination with your Q, Kled can be one of the most powerful champions against invisible targets.
A great tip of this ability is that you can Flash into an enemy at the end of the dash, and you will still mark him for the recast. Pretty useful, since the enemies will probably dash or flash away, but you will be able to follow them with your second E.
You choose a destination, and Kled will charge to that point going through the fastest way. You will jump to the first enemy you find in your way, stunning him for a bit. The more distance, the more damage and shield thu will get. Once you are jumping towards an enemy, you will follow them even if they flash or dash. Usually when the enemies hear your ulti, they will start going to strange ways so you can't charge into them. That is why you should try to use your ultimate wisely, predicting your enemies movements.
A nice Tip of this ability is that you will charge against close enemies even if they are in the other side of a wall. So, since your first E can't go though walls, you can always put a ward and use your ultimate. They usually won't expect it!
Hope you have enjoyed this guide! I really think Kled is such a cool and nice champion to master. I will still work in a better visual style and adding more info about the playstyle.

Good luck and Have fun!
League of Legends Build Guide Author aiSky
aiSky Kled Guide
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[10.25] NEVER TRUST YOUR TEAM! Kled Guide

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