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Sett Build Guide by MetaSolaray

Top diamond

[10.3] Metasolaray's Toplane Sett Guide [UPDATED]

By MetaSolaray | Updated on February 9, 2020
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MetaSolaray's Featured Video

Runes: The Boss's Secret Runes (Conqueror)

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Summoner Spells (Standard)
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Ability Order Upgrade Your Abilities Like A Boss (Standard)

1 2

MetaSolaray here with another lesson about the champs who punch things really really hard. Sett THE BOSS, he remembers birthdays LIKE A BOSS, has his own theme song LIKE A BOSS, demands first blood LIKE A BOSS, secures the pentakill LIKE A BOSS. Today I’ll be teaching you how play top lane, LIKE A BOSS, and in the end secure some LP LIKE A BOSS. All jokes aside, let’s get started.

Sett is a superb juggernaut who is a threat to even the tankiest of frontlines with his AoE true damage, damage return and a surprising amount of bulkiness. While other champions have to build offensively, purely to get nice returns, Sett benefits from both ends of his build in damage and tankiness.

He provides insane potential in the middle of a team fight, requiring careful positioning and rewarding you with a potential AoE CC on a 10-second cooldown. Add in the fact that he can beat the enemy backline with their very own frontline, quickly suppressing the tankiest of targets into his own personal nuke. With his auto-attack resets, he’ll constantly be a threat even with smaller investments, LIKE A BOSS.

(Alright, I promise no more "Like a Boss" puns until the end)

PIT GRIT (Passive): Heavy Hands - Sett's basic attacks alternate between a left punch then a right punch. Sett begins attacking with a left punch, and will reset back to it after 2 seconds of not performing a right punch. Sett's right punch gains Range icon 50 bonus range, attacks at 8 times the left punch's attack speed, and deals 5 − 90 (based on level) (+ 15% AD) Attack damage bonus physical damage.

Heart Of The Half Beast - Sett gains Health regeneration icon 0.25 / 0.5 / 1 / 2 (based on level) health regeneration per second for every 5% of his missing health.

Heavy Hands: Here is the common misconception, this ability does not make your auto attacks go any faster but makes the one-two punch be dealt more effectively. This is an incentive for you to do AA > AA into other abilities and getting out more auto attacks in a shorter time. Buying more attack speed does not enhance the bonus damage from Knuckle Down as the 15% bonus AD only provides so much damage. (For every 10 AD you’ll only gain an extra 1.5 damage on every other auto-attack. For every Ruby Crystal you buy you’ll gain an extra 37.5 damage from Haymaker in grit potential, which is AOE.)

The best use of your heavy hands will be discussed more in-depth in the combo section.

Heart of the Half Beast: Provides you extra sustain, getting more health will put you at healthier amounts when the overall % is lower, allowing you to sustain in and out of a fight, effectively. In bad lanes, combined with Second Wind and a Doran's Shield, you have a lot of holding power to get you through.

KNUCKLE DOWN (Q): Sett gains 30% bonus movement speed within 1.5 seconds while moving towards enemy champions. Sett's next two basic attacks within 5 seconds each deal 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 (+1% per 100 attack damage) (+1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 percent of target's maximum health) in bonus physical damage. Consuming an attack will refresh the timer. Knuckle Down also resets Sett's basic attack timer.

This is your main combo, and a showing of your mastery. Knuckle Down resets your auto-attack timer but also resets the punch you’re currently on, so always make sure to get out a right hook before using Knuckle Down for maximum damage. When in trades try to use AA > AA > QAA > QAA as either a starter, or after your E to maximize the damage trade. With four auto attacks dealt, you’ll out damage plenty of champions. CDR will help you consistently throw this combo out and wear down singular targets, which is why Black Cleaver's armor penetration and movement speed is so vital, to taking on tankier targets.

HAYMAKER (W): Sett stores 100% of post-mitigation damage taken as Grit on his secondary resource bar, up to 50% of his maximum health. Each instance of accumulated Grit decays by 30% every second after 4 seconds. Sett blasts an area in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies hit. Enemies hit through the center take 90 / 125 / 160 / 195 / 230 (+10% per 100 bonus attack damage) (+25% of expended Grit) in true damage instead.
Sett also gains a rapidly decaying shield for 3 seconds equal to the Grit expended.

Using the ability costs 100% of Sett's current Grit.

Haymaker is the closest thing to actual wave clear in Sett’s kit, that gives you some ranged poke, but it generally serves as your mid-combo, throw-out. Haymaker is even more powerful than The Show Stopper, and serves as your general threat potential due to the use of Grit. As 100% of the damage you’ve taken in the last 4 seconds can be turned into a powerful shield, and this shield can be up to 50% of your max HP. From there, 25% of your grit spent is turned into extra true damage which is thrown out as AoE down the center, and physical damage throughout.

Set up your Haymaker as often as possible by starting the duel with your Facebreaker, from there you can throw out a quick Knuckle Down combo and as you’re eating the damage, you can then use Haymaker to finish them off. This gives you a massive shield which, in many champion kits like Darius or Garen can eat up their combo entirely. By turning their damage into true damage, you can shred lanes, their backline or even better - their lives. For those hit on the outside, a Black Cleaver can apply more AoE shred to the entire team.

Grit is your passive resource and something you’ll need to pay attention to. Every instance of damage is put on a 4-second timer, once this expires, it decays by 30% every second. So you need to find the sweet spot in your Grit resource and may sometimes need to Haymaker before a large burst of damage falls off, causing you to lose out on damage and shielding.

FACEBREAKER (E): Sett pulls in enemies at his front and back, dealing 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+0.6 bonus attack damage) in physical damage and slowing them by 50% for 0.5 seconds.

If Facebreaker affects at least one enemy on each side, all enemies are stunned for 1 second upon landing.

This ability is not wave clear, please repeat after me. This ability is not wave clear.

With either Haymaker or Facebreaker having a long cooldown, you are given one of two choices, either more engage chances or having more survivability for the mid-game team fights. If you’ve used Facebreaker properly, you won’t need a second - and possibly - laying down a second Haymaker during a team fight can give you the large shield you’ll need to survive. This ability serves as your engage tool as none of the other basic abilities provide the CC to hold a target down. In laning phase, you’ll want to position yourself between the melee minions and the enemy champion when looking for an engage. The stun will allow you to look more optimally for an AA > AA > Q AA > Q AA combo before laying down the Haymaker finisher. There are several potential combos that we’ll go over soon.

THE SHOW STOPPER (R): Sett suppresses the target enemy champion and then dashes unstoppably at a fixed distance toward it, carrying it along for 1.5 seconds before slamming it into the ground. Enemies within the impact area take 200 / 300 / 400 (+1.0 bonus attack damage) (+40 / 50 / 60 percent of primary target's bonus health) in physical damage, which is reduced by up to 40% on the edges, and are slowed by 99% for 1.5 seconds.

The dash will prematurely end upon reaching a wall that cannot be dashed through.

Alright so The Show Stopper, let’s talk about it as this one seems to give even players some difficulty to understand how it’s used. Often times people try to use this ability similar to a Rocket Grab, Death Sentence, Bone Skewer and that nature. While that is a possible use of The Show Stopper, the sheer immobility and range of this ability makes this highly impractical. The Show Stopper has two functions, both as an engage and disengage.

Engaging with this ability requires using your Knuckle Down to rush up the front line, and use said front line to whip the backline into submission with a large AoE burst. From there, Sett will be placed behind his ulted target which you can then use E to grab a nearby target to bring them into the CC train. This is your base use and why you want to be durable to survive this. A second case is if you can find a flank you can Flash behind the enemy lines to The Show Stopper them towards your own team, do note that if the enemy frontline doesn’t move up you’ll find it much more difficult to land the hard stun.

Disengage is even simpler and if you have a fed backline this may be the best-case scenario. The Show Stopper is a targeted suppression that also knockbacks, use this for disengage after enemy champions dash abilities are down such as Riven’s Valor & Broken Wings. This forces the enemy back and to have to push past you once more, and of course, you’ll bring them right back with their face into another champion like the boss you are.

Note that ulting a target near a wall that your ult cannot cross will instead shorten the animation (Think outer walls of the map) this is very useful for getting a very fast slam on a target.


Incredibly tanky
Has consistent % max health damage.
AoE CC is great in teamfights.
Easy to use auto attack resets.
Enemy has a front line? Beat their backline with their frontline.


Easily kited
Very low mobility
Lacks consistent damage
High cooldowns
Short ultimate range
This rune gives your combo an extra amount of grit conversion and insane potential healing in a teamfight. This also enhances your basic auto attack combo, giving your passive and Q auto attacks as much as 12 AD from the very beginning of the game. While in the early game you’ll want to avoid extended trades as your specialty is in 4 second trade windows as your CDR increases you’ll be able to sit in a fight for longer to draw our this rune’s potential.

The true potential of this rune is the full heal you can obtain from W in the late game. If you’re able to land a 500 true damage hit on 3 targets, that’s 225 healing not including any additional targets. Since you’re healing for more, you’ll have more gas in the tank to land a second true grit.

You’re a brawler in the middle of chaos and Triumph rewards you health and gold per enemy takedowns, allowing you to sustain throughout a fight. Imagine gaining back 12% of your HP every time someone dies with your massive health pool. Oh, and if you’re running Revitalize...

If you’re against CC but you want Ninja Tabi, take this rune to provide yourself some free tenacity. As you’re going to be in the middle of the chaos, this is a very good standard rune to run for yourself against most common place CC. As you’re a still target you’re going to need options to sustain yourself and punch through the CC like a bruiser.

This is the best of the runes as Sett’s shield does not count against you for the damage amplification. As you’re getting worn down by the enemies your Last Stand will increase you damage by 11%, allowing you to sustain more and hit harder with your Haymaker and Knuckle Down.

Sett’s engage is a bit wonky due to his lack of consistent CC or dashes, Bone Plating reduces the impact of damage you take up front so you can focus on setting up your CC properly to be followed by a proper engage. This is great for matchups like Darius or Fiora who want to dish out damage quickly in a single combo.

Sett’s ability to damage towers with his four punch combo is amazing, but his ability to proc Demolish is further taken advantage by the health you can abuse. Get a good kill on your foe and secure an advantage with the amount of damage you can dish out quickly and effectively. The perfect rune for pushing your advantage and the best to take in lanes where you can take advantage.


Sett’s strength is his unrelenting Tenacity and the advantages that Grit provides. You’re going to want to enhance this with the health advantages that Grasp of the Undying adds. For every 20 trades of Grasp of the Undying, you gain 100 HP which translates into 50 Grit which means an extra 50 shielding and then 25-50 extra potential TRUE DAMAGE. Grasp of the Undying gives you in lane sustain as well and more damage as you gain more max health throughout the laning phase and during the team fights. HP is your friend, and it will make you a boss throughout the game.

If you’re unable to trade with a laner then you’re going to want to trade Grasp of the Undying for Aftershock. This rune stacks beautifully on the damage half with Sett’s desire for high HP items, but most importantly using my example build you’ll be doing 322 AoE magic damage after your ult at lvl 18 (Which does about 700ish damage on it’s own + bonus health damage). That’s 1k AoE damage before you’ve even used E or W which can hit up to 1077 in AoE true max damage. This rune explodes with a huge force come teamfighting phase.

Sett’s engage is a bit wonky due to his lack of consistent CC or dashes, Bone Plating reduces the impact of damage you take up front so you can focus on setting up your CC properly to be followed by a proper engage. This is great for matchups like Darius or Fiora who want to dish out damage quickly in a single combo.

Sett’s ability to damage towers with his four punch combo is amazing, but his ability to proc Demolish is further taken advantage by the health you can abuse. Get a good kill on your foe and secure an advantage with the amount of damage you can dish out quickly and effectively. The perfect rune for pushing your advantage and the best to take in lanes where you can take advantage.

This rune gives you 5% bonus healing from Grasp of the Undying and shield, jumping up to a whopping 15% shielding. To put it in contrast if your HP is 2k, your Pit Grit shield can be at max 1k and if you’re dipped to below 40% when you use your Haymaker you’ll get an additional 150 shield, this will make you even more durable in the middle of brawls and if you have a support like Lulu, Yuumi or Janna their shields double down on you even further (And even MORE so if they’re also running Revitalize).

No CC? Punch that problem away or if you’re looking for a stronger early game trade potential. While Sett doesn’t need much Attack Speed due to his Pit Grit, a little bit will give you more trading potential in the early and mid-game. Don’t let it throw off your use of the attack resets.

You’re a brawler in the middle of chaos and Triumph rewards you health and gold per enemy takedowns, allowing you to sustain throughout a fight. Imagine gaining back 12% of your HP every time someone dies with your massive health pool. Oh, and if you’re running Revitalize...


If you’re against enemies with large slows and CC you can consider this over Overgrowth or Revitalize. This provides you with the rare slow resistance stat allowing you to close gaps easier with your Q to get into ult range come the mid game.

If you can’t get tower pressure then consider taking this rune for trades. Unlike Demolish, this rune gives your W an advantage of giving a single powerful auto attack after you’ve used Haymaker to land a decisive blow. It also increases your Armor and MR a tiny bit to get more value out of your shield. Due to the nature of how W is optionally used and the fact the shield doesn’t last long and isn’t spammable, your best bet will be to understand how your trades can be used.

Sett builds a lot of HP and so Overgrowth provides him another resource that he can happily dip into, especially when he gets the % max health bonus to top it all off. This rune is like Conditioning and should only be taken if you can safely scale into the mid-game. While this provides less overall shielding for your Grit compared to Revitalize at lower HP, the overall health will keep you safer and not rely on damage being absorbed by your shield. As Haymaker only lasts 3 seconds and rapidly decays you’ll need bulk under it.

This is the rune you’ll want to go against poke champions like Vladimir, Ryze, Teemo, Kennen and other champions whose goal in life is to whittle you down over time. Between your Pit Grit and Second Wind and a Doran's Shield, you simply won’t get pushed out of the lane and can sustain into your mid-game.

If you’re against a champion who doesn’t have a good early game you can easily take Conditioning to scale better into the mid game, especially if you intend to go into defensive items from second item and beyond which will make you an even bulkier nightmare. Even lighter builds that go AD will provide you resistances that you aren’t building just yet so you aren’t an entire HP sponge.

No CC? Punch that problem away or if you’re looking for a stronger early game trade potential. While Sett doesn’t need much Attack Speed due to his Pit Grit, a little bit will give you more trading potential in the early and mid-game. Don’t let it throw off your use of the attack resets.

This will give you a strong engage off your Teleport and Flash plays, giving you a strong Movement Speed boost to position yourself for your ultimate. If you take a different secondary summoner (or if you’re jungle) this can help make up for your lack of Movement Speed.

You’re taking this rune to help maximize your CDR as soon as possible. Sett’s Cooldowns are terribly high and oppressive, so you’ll want to bring them down as soon as possible. No other rune really works for your playstyle.
Black Cleaver > CORE ITEM
This is your bread and butter choice of item that you’ll want to take in most of your games. This item provides you high hp, cdr and a healthy amount of AD that you can use for your ratios to contain some additional bonuses. The Phage passive is just the icing on the gank that will allow you to shred armor on any target your haymaker misses and simply excel in wearing down targets for your low CD Knuckle Down to abuse.

A decent amount of AD, Free HP, even more scaling off your HP purchases? This is the goal that you’ll want to achieve in every game and a solid option to build up your offensive power. While Sett’s average base ad being around Camille’s at 18 you’ll see the same return. This item gives you more damage out of your True Grit in every way possible, and is great for destroying tankier targets who lack % damage.

Dead Man’s Plate > ARMOR/BURST
This is a standard item that you should take as your go to armor item, providing good hp and armor this item also provides you a method to position your engage with your ultimate and find the right angle. Sett’s further advantage si it gives you an even stronger burst game to play off of than before that adds a happy to go lucky slow that your kit sorely needs.

You’ve heard how much I love HP, Warmog's Armor is a nice option if you want even more HP and a way to quickly sustain between fights. If you need to take Aftershock into certain comps this is an item you can quickly tank up with after your core offensive item. Avoid getting this item into comps that have reliable forms of % damage as you’ll simply melt in that regard without raw resistances.

While Sett has low health healing resources, grasp does add up in time and the higher HP value of this item will serve you greatly over Adaptive Helm when it is not necessary. THis is a solid core item to depend on when you need MR in a pinch.

If you’re against more squishier targets and you want more fire power in your trading pattern then consider taking this rune to help you specialize in more burst trading and shooting down a singular target. THe reason this item isn’t core is the more expensive build path and the sheen doesn’t get more use with the rest of your kit stopping your AAing. The lower HP will make your W hit less hard then with Black Cleaver so be cautious. Sett’s base ad is lower then champions like Irelia who focus on.

Guardian Angel > REVIVE/STATS
While this item does not provide you any HP, it’s raw AD will benefit greatly with your kit and armor will still service with your other items. Especially if you have a bounty this will help you avoid feeding it out to the enemy a single time every five minutes.

If there are multiple forms of crit on the enemy team this may be a consideration that you can take as well. While it lacks Dead Man's Plate mobility it provides an AoE slow that can be useful to combo AFTER The Show Stopper slow has worn off. The main drive for buying this item is the crit reduction especially against champions like Yasuo and Tryndamere who easily reach the 100% crit chance. This item would serve to reduce their AA’s by 20% and an additional 12% post mitigation if you have Ninja Tabi’s.

Against sustain and your team forgot what executioners looks like? Get this item’s component Bramble Vest and hold onto it till you’ve purchased more core items before upgrading this beauty. The high armor is not as strong for your scaling kit as health but it is a great 4th or fifth to complete. Bramble Vest alone will serve you greatly for the finished item’s purpose.

Wave clear is something severely lacking from Sett’s kit, without a Tiamat you’ll be set hard to wave clear in the early to mid game. A great option to also add another auto attack reset to your overall combo and take advantage of your great hp and ad scaling with Haymaker. AoE threat away.

Frozen Mallet > STICK TO TARGET
Hear me out on this one, Sett’s biggest problem is the ability to stick to a target. This item provides you 700 HP (Read 350+ shield on W :)) and a perma Cc of slow on every auto attack. As you’re constantly punching a target this will force enemies to sit, stay and eat every one of your blows. Easier Haymaker and Facebreaker while your Knuckle Down and Trinity Force/ Black Cleaver will allow you to maintain on a singular target. Situational, but good in the right comps where you need to hold targets down. Do remember that your ultimate provides a strong 99% CC and may be all you need in many situations.

Adaptive Helm > MAGIC RESIST
Take this item when you’re against Teemo, Singed, Cassiopeia, any kind of champion whose main form of damage is dealt over many separate ticks. The CDR is always nice and this item fits the niche when needed. If against a team full of AP this is a great secondary to pick up regardless due to the base stats alone.

Auto Attack
Auto Attack
Knuckle Down
Auto Attack
Knuckle Down
Auto Attack
This is your basic trading pattern that you should aim for when possible, taking advantage of your heavy hand passive you use the auto attack reset of Knuckle Down to dish out 4 auto attacks in a short period of time. This is the combo you should practice in the practice tool before taking this champion into rank so you can have it mastered for optimal damage.

Auto Attack
Auto Attack
Knuckle Down
Auto Attack
Knuckle Down
Auto Attack
This combo is your standard combo from level 3 onwards that dishes out the most damage and leaves the enemies head spinning. Try to position behind enemy minions in early game to get off the stun to ensure you get off as many AA’s as possible. Remember that your key window to use Haymaker is between 3-4 seconds after they started doing damage as your Pit Grit will begin to fall off rapidly. During late game plays you may want to avoid the basic attacks if needed.

For champions who tend to stay away from Sett you’ll want to actually use your Knuckle Down for the movement speed to quickly rush them down to get into Facebreaker range. As your Facebreaker range is terribly slow make sure to avoid doing this combo if the enemy champion has a better disengage such as Kennen’s Lightning Rush. If the enemy is slightly overstepping this combo can get you in.

The Show Stopper
Auto Attack
Auto Attack
Knuckle Down
Auto Attack
Knuckle Down
Auto Attack
Auto Attack
Auto Attack
Knuckle Down
Auto Attack
Knuckle Down
Auto Attack
This is your hardest hitting possible combo possible, using your The Show Stopper engage on a singular target to knock them back then using the 1.5 second slow to dish out 4 quick AA’s. Once this is done attempt to go for a stun using Facebreaker if possible or a slow Facebreaker to dish out two more AA’s. As they attempt to fight or retreat you can throw in your Haymaker for a powerful shield counter.

Auto Attack Minion
Auto Attack Champion
This is a short poke combo you can do to hit a melee champion slightly out of range due to your 2nd AA having increased range.

Using your Q, you can try to reposition your R to try to control where it is set up. The last thing you want to do is accidentally ult yourself into the enemy tower. The movement speed only lasts 1.5 seconds out of the 5 second window you have to auto attack, so use your time wisely.

This combo is best used for followup by your team as this quickly displaces a frontliner into their backline then allows you to pull them on top of each other. If you have an AoE jungler like Amumu or Zac and a champion like Orianna this can quickly spell a WOMBO COMBO that can crush enemies spirits.

This combo can catch enemies who have gotten a lead on you and Sett them into a world of hurt. Use this combo when an enemy champion is slightly outside of tower range or as the last enemy minion is about to die under tower. Pull them closer to the tower range, Flash behind them then ult them towards your tower. As they’re being suppressed they’re tanking tower shots, and the 99% slow will ensure they’re not getting out anytime soon without being in a body bag.

Sett’s level 1, while having high potential, falls short in his ability to force active trades with champions like Darius or Riven. Many champions can simply choose to not fight you, but if they do make sure to gauge if you should go for a full four-hit AA combo or a simple one-two punch with just Knuckle Down will suffice. If running Grasp of the Undying try to pick your trades to start with a Grasp of the Undying proc encase the enemy attempts to force an extended trade. If the enemy has a more powerful level one that can choose their duels to remember that your war is one of attrition. Grasp of the Undying stacks will provide you the HP you’ll need for your mid-game and once you unlock your Haymaker. Conqueror users should instead look to pick fights between enemy cooldowns, as once your abilities are down, you’re very vulnerable to a counterattack.

Level 2 you can begin looking for real trades if you can land your Facebreaker. Remember the threat of your Facebreaker sometimes is more important than using it. As it is both a pull and a stun followed up you can hold your enemy down for your jungler to achieve a powerful gank. If looking for a trade as always Grasp of the Undying procs should be focused and then used to do a harder combo. Make sure to look at enemy champions and especially those who have dashes you can even pull them right back in if they get overconfident in their escape ability.

Level 3 is where you set the tempo of your laning if you’ve been able to achieve good trades continue trying to achieve grasp procs to prepare for mid-game while looking for plays to get plates. As your champion simply cannot roam effectively you’ll want to wait till level six to truly look for Teleport plays and any potential mid lane roams. However, brawls near your lane should be included as you have one of the few AoE stuns early game if properly set up. Focus targets with your allies as most of your DPS is single target and happily waddle into the middle for Grit.

Your job as Sett is to gather resources for your mid-game, getting to your Black Cleaver power spike is your priority which should be followed by getting consistent cs and using your runes to force pressure on the enemy tower. Once you’ve obtained your Black Cleaver look at the enemy team, if they are no singular target fed you can get a Dead Man's Plate to help your mobility, Spirit Visage if the enemy team AP is highly fed, and if you are fed then consider Sterak's Gage & a HP item to make Haymaker even more potent than before.

Make sure to avoid not warding deeper into the river and enemy jungle, if your wards are on the edge of your Sett’s lack of escapes will make you a free and very tempting camping lane for the enemy jungler. Sett is not strong in 2v1’s especially early as your only disengage is The Show Stopper which still brings the target with you. Your best wards are in tri bush if on blue team, and near Rift Herald pit on both teams. Control Ward can be in the river with stealth wards pushed deeper to get foresight.

Once you’ve got your The Show Stopper, look for roaming plays when possible and especially look to start joining in team brawls such as 2v2’s and 3v3’s around objectives. If you’re ahead call your jungler for an early Rift Herald for plates. Save your ultimate to possibly cancel enemy out of their combos as the dash distance may put them out of harm's way of your allies' threat range.
As the game begins falling into a more mid-game focused brawl start looking for what your The Show Stopper is best used for. If you’re ahead then you can serve as the engage for your team with a powerful front line ultimate to drag their tanky subjects into the backline. If the enemy tank is someone like Amumu, Nautilus, or Zac pulling them further away from your team is best. From there use Facebreaker to draw their backline if you can reach out to them or simply focus on beating down who is in front of you. Remember your Grit gained and Haymaker combo has an extended reach you can lash out from a respective distance.

If you are falling behind remember your The Show Stopper & Facebreaker serves as a great form of disengage and holding down a singular target. With your base damage and Grit even when behind as long as you’re bulking up you can still serve to deal a surprising amount of damage if not dealt with instantly. As you lack the ability to move in fights you fight whoever is in front of you and potentially use them as a beating stick if your The Show Stopper is still up if a squishy gets to close. Depending on the game flow will decide if you add more damage or focus on bulking up to increase your uptime in the front lines with Grit to absorb damage.

Remember Black Cleaver is your happy to go foundation for setting up shredding for your backline, and you need to play around Grit more than anything else. Grit has a fall-off period of four seconds after the SOURCE of damage, so new damage is on its own separate fall off and is independent of any other. Try to keep track of heavy burst damage abilities thrown your way and send it right back to them with a customer service smile like a champ.

One of the best things to consider while playing in the mid-game is the enemy team’s win condition, for champions like Darius and Riven you can counter their momentum plays by starting with a AA > AA > QAA > QAA when they attempt to pass you show them the door with The Show Stopper to push them back into their backline. Your Knuckle Down and Haymaker are your means of maintaining high threat so eventually, someone will have to deal with you.

Sometimes however the best need for Sett is to pressure the rest of the map with a tiamat and demolish to grab additional tower for map control and XP. As Sett lacks any form of escape do this only when absolutely necessary and with ample warding throughout the enemy jungle to catch potential flanks. While your dueling potential is powerful your main goal should be to grab XP using Tiamat and possibly enemy jungle camps to deny the enemy junglers. Call for assistance to set control wards in vital checkpoints, because if someone facechecks the bush they’ll need to fear more then a Garen waiting in ambush.
Closing out the game is similar to your mid gameplay if ahead be the engage and if behind focus on disengage if your team has another form of engage to rely on. By this point, you need to be protecting your carries more than anything and key objectives and a single catch is all that is needed to secure the game. One thing you can do is use your The Show Stopper as a “NOPE” for any jungler like Lee Sin looking for a steal.

As your The Show Stopper acts as a suppression, you can deny them the ability to land that game stealing Smite and secure it for your team. Sett’s potential to 1v5 is by maximizing on his CDR so he can get off as many Haymaker's as possible. As you start to level your Facebreaker more you’ll be even more potent in the enemy's frontline in CCing them back together once more for your allies. If you have allies like Orianna you can even set them up for a powerful wombo with a single well The Show Stopper > Facebreaker combo so consider pulling this off as needed.
Well, now that you’ve reached the end of the guide you’re now conducting business like a Boss and likely have your own little groupies who hang off your every word. As you settle into the refinement of being the best of the underworld make sure to remember the light in your life by supporting the Flowing Sun clan in our many ventures in bringing in education and positivity throughout the Rift. We promise an 80% return on your investment or your next groupie is on us. May the sun be with you. If there is something that you’d like more information feel free to leave a comment in the guide and I’ll be glad to work on it during my next update!

May the sun be with you!~

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