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Diana Build Guide by MannerlessNG

Jungle 10.6: Diana Jungle - Can't Run, Can't Hide.

Jungle 10.6: Diana Jungle - Can't Run, Can't Hide.

Updated on March 24, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MannerlessNG Build Guide By MannerlessNG 19,711 Views 0 Comments
19,711 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MannerlessNG Diana Build Guide By MannerlessNG Updated on March 24, 2020
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Runes: Main Setup

1 2 3
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Her Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

10.6: Diana Jungle - Can't Run, Can't Hide.

By MannerlessNG
Hello and welcome to the guide, thank you for taking the time to be here. You have not made a mistake as I am a well versed high elo Diana main with years of experience playing her in every role from top to bottom (literally). This guide will focus exclusively on her jungle as it is very meta right now, and there are enough Mid Laner guides for her right now with the right stuff.

For the purposes of privacy I have decided to omit my name or rank as I'm mostly making this guide for fun and passion. There isn't enough detailed information for Diana junglers out there right now, and some of what's available is comedic material or the random scribblings of an insane man.

The account I am positing under is an abandoned smurf account. Having said that, let me begin by telling you that if you recently bought Diana, you have done very well. She has recently been changed and is now one of the strongest champions in the League, able to be played in every elo, yet taking some time to master (as expected) so your in a great spot to learn.

Here I will go out of my way to be extremely detailed in every facet of the guide, so that you have all the information you will ever need and any questions you may have can be more specific.

Lets begin with a few tidbits below.
How To Diana (Tips)
Alright, time for a few quick tips to start us off. Let me begin by just adding the Synergies section right here, because it's pretty basic: Diana works best with literally any champion(s) who crowd control or buff her, that's pretty much it and other than that, she kills people with or without their help.

Her passive and positioning targets:

Diana has a two part passive which works like this: First, her basic attacks builds up to a highly damaging third strike which comes out as a crescent moon symbol beneath her feet and arching out from her. This his everything inside for the increased damage. That's why the try to position camps and enemies in a line, so that when your attacking the middle target, the third attack strikes everyone on it's left and right as well. An example would be lining up the raptor camp where striking the big one hits all the smaller ones too.

Second, whenever you use one of her spells she gains an attack speed increase for 3 seconds, which is why we are always using her spells. An example of this would be W, wait 3 seconds > Q, 3 seconds, E 3 seconds, and so on, which means she has her attack speed up all the time, since Q resets by then and refreshes her E. So don't just smash W, Q and E in a single go, she will do much less damage. Please look at her passive in the ability section to understand all the math and scaling it has to offer.

How Diana best works throughout the jungle:

First of all, she is a great champion to invade with due to her passive and the shield we get with W, if you have a CC based champion with you such as Blitzcrank or Senna, who opt to take their CC ability first, you are going to blow an enemy flash or get a kill, maybe even both. Same thing however applies to you, so don't invade against these kinds of teams unless you are confident you have the upper hand.

With standard deployment, the first thing we do is the Korean Ward Trick, where you buy your Ward trinket and dash over the the enemy raptor camp (if you are the blue team) and place is just above to see where the enemy Jungler paths. Do not enter risky bushes and back off if you spot enemies in the area. Once that is done, back to base and buy the Oracle lens (formerly the Sweeper lens) for the early ganks.

Please take a look at the map provided to see where the warding spots are (red & blue X's)

Once the game starts, you'll be standing at your blue buff with a teammate who will leash, go Blue > Gromp > Raptors > Red > Gank Lane. Obviously this only goes if you have an opportunity to do so, otherwise go to the scuttle crab and take it instead.

You are rather powerful at level 3 with a red buff, you deal lots of damage and survive with your W. If you see the enemy Jungler at half or less HP, you can kill them most of the time. use W > Q > E > E > AA for a massive burst. When Diana blinks with her E, all the damage charges of her W and instantly popped on your target, as she is technically inside the target for a split second. If you miss your Q, just bully them anyway, but don't go all in unless you are obviously going to win.

Q resets the use of your E, so we always want to land a Q before using E, and only want to use E twice in a row to secure a kill, as the early cooldown is rather long at 20 seconds. Note this is Diana's only escape tool too, she can Q over walls to hit a camp and E directly over to them, as they have the same range. We also use this method to speed farm.

Diana can take the dragon at level 5 once she has her saber, it will be slower than most burst based junglers, but she can survive with her W, healing potions and smite. She can do the same to the Herald when she completes her jungle item, as she naturally blinks behind it, avoiding claw swings and popping it's eye every time. You can solo a herald in under 40 seconds with just your jungle item if you pop every eye and smite.

Diana is capable of surviving against Baron Nashor thanks to the above mentioned abilities, often taking it stealthily with just one other team mate, usually the mid laner or a fed ADC. With Nashor's tooth (Irony) her attack speed and cooldown on her W make short and safe work of him.

Diana's Ultimate does more damage based on how many people she pulls inward with it. Thanks to this she only ever gets stronger, and in several cases can literally one shot multiple champions on just her W > Q > E > R > Zhonya's combo alone.

Finally, before moving on, do not be greedy with Diana. Many players who choose to use her become quickly infatuated with her damage and play style, leading them to make seriously dumb and greedy plays, where she dies constantly and become useless. Diana is a hypercarry, it's true, but a 2/10 Diana at 15 mins is helping no one, so play confident, not stupid.
Main Jungle Path
Here is a detailed pic of the main Jungle route - https://ibb.co/1MNwQr0

Diana excels at 1v1's very early in the game and is a very proficient ganker. Because of this, we wish to begin our path by starting on the Blue buff, then fighting the Gromp to hit level 2, before skipping the wolves and taking raptors and the Red buff for level 3, or just the Red buff for speed. This is done fast and allows Diana to have her full combo + the all important Red buff for her immediate gank or scuttle contest.

Note, when opting to clear the raptors, use your Q where shown on the map, to hit every target and pull them toward you, then line them up so the big one is in the middle and the smaller ones are on either sides.

When we go for a gank, because our victim-to-be has overextended and is down on HP, we take a long walk behind them with our lens active, to ensure we are not spotted by wards. Activate it as soon as you pass into the river from the slopes, then once in the lane, walk up to the target and look to initiate with auto attacks first, do not just Q > E dash if you can help it.

If they are very extended, they will almost always be forced to blow flash or use an escape tool to evade us, but that's why we still have our Q and E. If you do land the Q (please do) then you can't E them twice, and you may be forced to back off or blow your own flash to secure the kill.

A trick to using Diana's Q, especially on quick cast, once you know the range, is to lead your target with your mouse pointer, as the spell takes half a second to make it from you to it's maximum distance. The area where you click is a large circle compared to the rest of the spell, and has a greater chance to hit the target, rather than the thin arc of the ability. It is very hard to escape Diana at level 3 when you have no items, low hp and a long jog back to tower.

The same applies for the enemy Jungler trying to take the scuttle crab. Most Junglers are below 50% HP on their first clear, and you're no different, however you are stronger than most, with a shield, a damage stacking passive, gap closing tool and high damage skillshot. 95% of every first blood I get against the enemy Jungler is right here, so remember to just be calm, patient and focus, they're not going anywhere.

After you attempted a gank, take the scuttle crab, if instead you fought the Jungler and were successful, move over to take one or two of their camps, then path toward mid and try to transition gank over to the other scuttle. If there isn't a gank opportunity, avoid showing yourself on the map, so move behind your laner near your tower. Take the second scuttle and then base if there isn't anything going on in the adjacent lane.

Upgrade your jungle item as best as you can, or finish it if you've been very successful with kills and grab a control ward. Reset at blue camp and clear it completely this time, Blue > Gromp > Wolves, while always keeping an eye on the map for gank opportunities and more importantly, the enemy Jungler's location.

If you spot them on the opposite side of the map (e.g - You're bottom and they're top, cross the river and take their camps, and use this chance to Place your control ward in the bushes shown in the pics provided below. Do not just walk into the enemy jungle to plant these, you must wait and see where they are first.

Control Ward Locations - https://ibb.co/3WzBn0M - https://ibb.co/B6n67qq - https://ibb.co/NCK8JwN - https://ibb.co/Rg6Zcyf

Further information for Map Picture:

Place a ward in one of these three spots marked with an X, red team is red, blue team is blue. The best ward placement is inside the enemy red buff, followed by the raptors, then the pixel brush where the scuttle spawns. Note that when fighting Kayn and similar junglers, the best place to ward is their raptor camp, where they start most of the time.

We do this to know where the enemy Jungler is so we can plan our own movements around theirs. Alternatively you can place a ward in your own Red buff if you are unable to reach the enemy red or raptors, or just as a preference.

Being Invaded & Counter Jungling:

If the enemy invades our camp after having done theirs, we simply return the favor, this is referred to as vertical jungling, where the map is divided down the mid lane rather than the river. Do not try and defend your own invaded buff early, there is no point, you likely wont make it in time and waste the opportunity to level by taking theirs.

Whenever possible, take the enemy jungle camps to set them further and further behind. Your job is not just to rack up some insane kill tally, but to make your enemy Jungler mentally forfeit. Many Junglers over gank and miss the chance to level and grow strong, so unless you see real opportunities, try and grow a lead in other ways. Here are some examples:

1) Enemy Jungler is on one side and you are on another, your lane has priority or is even, there is no gank opportunity. Cross the river and roll every camp you can, starting with the buff, then the gromp/kruggs, then the wolves/raptors. Place a Control Ward for added measure and reset.

2) You are half way through a camp, it may even be a buff, when suddenly the enemy Jungler goes in for a gank on the lane right next to you. Stop what your doing and get over there, pinging your laner(s) as you come, this will lead to a counter gank at best and stop an enemy gank at worst, so it's a no brainer. Once they reset, return to what you were doing and keep your eyes peeled, if you get a chance, finish the gank on the enemy laner. Most enemy Junglers just simply reset and go to the other side of the map after a failed attempt.

3) You see an objective is coming up, such as the dragon, yet the enemy Jungler is nowhere to be seen, lane dominance is even and you know it would be risky to try and solo it. Head down to the lane and try to pressure, you might not get any kills, but injured enemies can't bother you and have to reset. Take your lane over to dragon and scout the area for wards, then secure the objective.

These are just a few examples that happen in games, the main role of a Jungler is to be proactive, never sitting idle and just farming. You are the unbound one, not chained to some lane but instead free to roam whenever and wherever you wish.

Be the eyes and the fangs for your team, punish everyone, everywhere and snowball out of control. Use your brain and play tactically not forcefully, be the guy with all the wards in the world, make your laners ungakable, they will revere you as a god!

Stats show that over 80% of won and lost games come down to the Jungler. You chose the hardest, yet most rewarding role, now grow into it!

Try to gank players who are overextended and low, or contest the scuttle crab where you finished doing your Red buff. Diana is a hungry girl, if she does not exploit early pressure she can fall off, so get kills, take camps and be aggressive, just don't be stupid about it.
Finishing Points
Her Pro's
Early threat with level 3 & Red Buff.
Excellent split pusher thanks to passive and build.
Capable of taking objectives early and effectively.
One of the best gankers with gap closing, lock down and high damage.
Her Q can illuminate the fog of war and bushes.
Excellent initiator and team fighter.
Durable, even at end game.
Fairly easy to learn at a basic level.
Speed jungler with Q > E over walls and passive.

Her Con's
Difficult to master.
Easy to shutdown if caught out of position.
Requires camps or enemy minions to escape.
Missing her skillshot leaves her severely weakened and kiteable.

Being a Jungler, you may be under a lot of pressure, however, do not strickly listen to the inane pinging of your teammates or their whining about a lack of ganks, most people who act this way have never Jungled and thank heavens for that.

Mute people if you need to, but an important thing to do as a Jungler is to play toward your winning lanes, even if this may be cruel. There's no point trying to gank a 3/0 Mordekaiser smashing the **** out of your 0/3 Renekton now is there? Chances are good that if you try, you'll make him a 5/0 Mordekaiser instead, so don't.

If you have a mid lane or bot lane doing well, they have some kills, damaged the tower, basically winning the lane, the focus on them and only them. Whenever you can, gank. Then you know what you do next? You gank again, and again and don't stop. Remember, making enemies mentally forfeit is your job, that and promoting lane dominance. Your like a murderous gardener, trying to grow your plants and pluck out the weeds.

Well, this brings us to the end of the guide, I sincerely hope you enjoyed it and leave me a rating, this took some time and effort, that's for sure! Please be sure to ask me some questions if you need to, I'll reply to them regularly.

Thanks again, and remember, follow no false light!
League of Legends Build Guide Author MannerlessNG
MannerlessNG Diana Guide
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10.6: Diana Jungle - Can't Run, Can't Hide.

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