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Irelia Build Guide by RaduKun

Top [10.6] Irelia TOP BotRK build

Top [10.6] Irelia TOP BotRK build

Updated on March 26, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaduKun Build Guide By RaduKun 6,420 Views 0 Comments
6,420 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RaduKun Irelia Build Guide By RaduKun Updated on March 26, 2020
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Hello guys I'm RaduKunxD, I am a Irelia Top main and I'm playing LoL for only 1 season.I'm not a very good player but my scores with Irelia in my rank are ok.

When i started playing Irelia I was a mid Ahri player. After some time I started playing Irelia mid. It wasn't that grate because i didn't had this build and I had a hard time playing almost against everything. After i found this build from the Korean Irelia OTP Kotae my life on mid was a lot easier.

After I played some matches with this build I saw that this build is a lot better against tanks so I moved top and now I have 64% winrate with her.
Pros and Cons
+ Strong early game
+ Grate mobility with Q
+ Easy to farm
+ Strong 1 v 1 potential
+ Very good against tanks

- Useless without passive
- You need to have grate wave management
- Not easy to pick up
- You need to be very careful about keeping your passive up
- Very hard to 1 v 5
- Fall of late game
- Mana hungry early game (that is why you take biscuit delivery)
- Needs to play in minion waves to get stacks for passive
Tips and Trics
It's very easy to get First Blood if the enemy top laner leashes. Try to stack passive fast but you need to make sure the enemy top laner reaches top before your passive refreshes,than all in him LvL 1. There aren't many champs that can out trade you LvL 1 when your passive is fully stacked.

If the enemy doesn't leash and you are confident that you can out trade him try to play safe until first 3 minions are low than Q them. After that AA 1 caster minion until you can Q it, than Q enemy champ so you have 5 stacks. This way you maybe can force him to flash.

If the enemy can out trade you play under turret until you have BotRK because you have good wave clear with Q and you can farm under turret with ease. After you get BotRK than try to make little trades with them, after that you can easily get yourself your HP up by Q-ing last minions because you have the heal from your Q + the life steal from BotRK
Core itemes
Good Item after the new buff. You can easily melt tanks and it is very good with Irelia because of her attack speed from her passive and her q

Good synergy with BorRK and passive because it gives you Attack speed and bonus magic dmg on hit

You need this item for the HP it gives you. This item is grate because it also give you CDR and Armor PEN.
League of Legends Build Guide Author RaduKun
RaduKun Irelia Guide
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[10.6] Irelia TOP BotRK build

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