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Kayn Build Guide by keepfarming

Jungle platinum


By keepfarming | Updated on April 5, 2020
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Champion Build Guide


By keepfarming
+ High Mobility with E
+ Good amount of sustainability
+ Good pathing for ganks
+ A lot of options for build
+ High Damage
+ Fast and easy jungle clear/invade
CONS Back to Top
- Pretty small range with abilities
- Can be kited easily if you go in incorrectly
- Either really strong or really weak in some situations (hard to comeback but easy to carry)
- Can be hard to learn because of his unique abilities.
- Average base kit
INTRO Back to Top
So, Kanye... sorry i mean Kayn, is a weird champion to play for the first time. You will notice that at the bottom right you have on your UI, you have a small circle that slowly fills up when you attack champions, in addition to a bigger circle that contains Kayns' two forms: Darkin, and Shadow. Darkin is more of a tanky bruiser type champion with lots of heals and a knockup for W, if you choose to be him. Shadow is the assassin type with heavy amounts of damage that can be strong in some situations. Most of the time (about 96% of the time) I choose darkin because he is stronger in most situations now, as he has immense healing and sustain, along with his knockup he gets on his W.
IN DEPTH Back to Top
Now, that is an introductory explanation for Kayn, this is where I get a little more in depth with what you can do, and how you can abuse the Demons power. First off, as mentioned above you want to take Darkin pretty much every single game. I've noticed that it is far superior from blue because you are given just so much more utility I almost never consider going shadow form. So, for in game, once you start jungling make sure to go q, then e at level 2. The Raptor camp is very easy to kill on Kayn because he has a lot of aoe and short cooldowns. Scuttle crabs are not too hard to take down because of your ad damage and if you get caught and lose a fight, simply just e and go through a wall (while also tilting your :) enemy). This is an important thing to keep in my, being able to just e through walls if you're taking lethal damage or get caught in a bad situation because you need to fight as much as possible so you can get your darkin form as soon as possible. You can get it sometimes at level 6 if you do really good, or maybe level 10 (Which isn't too bad). With taking Darkin, your ult heals you for a ton of health when you exit so in teamfights its good to soak up some damage, while dealing damage with q autos and knocking some people up with your W, then just pressing r to be untargetable while your team fights them down and you get out with over 50% health.
MISC TIPS Back to Top
You can use your r ability to steal a baron quite easily. If you see the enemy taking baron and your team is not available to invade it, you can e over the wall, hit them with a w knockup, and use your R ability to go inside one of your enemies and use smite while you're untargetable in your ultimate state.
You can use your q to hop over a lot of walls in the game. For example, you can hop over the small wall going into raptors, dragon and baron walls, the small walls in mid lane bushes, and many more. This comes in handy a lot when you dont have your E or you have already used E and need to gain more distance from your enemy.
Using your Q, and W, abilities do not cancel your E. With this you can go into a wall W someone, Q, and get out through the wall. The only thing that cancels your E is auto attacks, or being in combat with an enemy (which cancels it in 1.5 seconds.
At around level 6 you should have enough movement speed to use your E and get from blue buff side to red buff side by crossing over mid lane with your E. You can accomplish this by using e at raptors for example then running through your turret because it counts as a wall, which will keep you in your E form.
OUTRO Back to Top
Thank you for reading my guide i hope that it helps you in your journey on the summoners rift. Make sure you read carefully to know what you are doing. If you read everything so far you should be on track to becoming a god tier Kayn jungler, have fun and Keepfarming. You can follow my stream @ if you have any questions about the guide im currently plat II in preseason 9 and once again thanks for reading.
League of Legends Build Guide Author keepfarming
keepfarming Kayn Guide
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