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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Miss Fortune Build Guide by DatKawaiiBunny

ADC [10.9] ♥ DatKawaiiBunny's Miss Fortune ADC Guide

ADC [10.9] ♥ DatKawaiiBunny's Miss Fortune ADC Guide

Updated on May 7, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DatKawaiiBunny Build Guide By DatKawaiiBunny 6 3 41,615 Views 0 Comments
6 3 41,615 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DatKawaiiBunny Miss Fortune Build Guide By DatKawaiiBunny Updated on May 7, 2020
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Runes: Dark Harvest

1 2 3
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Coup de Grace
Legend: Bloodline

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

[10.9] ♥ DatKawaiiBunny's Miss Fortune ADC Guide

By DatKawaiiBunny

♥ Please note I will not be going over the Laning Phase. My goal is to explain the champion's pros, cons, runes, summoner spell options, items, abilities, and combos. Sorry in advance, please enjoy the guide! ♥

Welcome to my Miss Fortune guide! My name is DatKawaiiBunny, and I'm a Silver IV ADC & support main. I've been playing since season 7. I've been playing Miss Fortune for quite a bit, and she's one of my favorite champions. When I started to main support, I stopped playing her for a bit. I am currently working on videos that show Miss Fortune's abilities!

I started playing her again when they had Kleptomancy and I found a great item build that works. Since I don't like Press the Attack, I started to try out other runes, and I found the ones that work for me. I really wanted to make a guide on her, so here we are! I think she has a lot of damage potential, and she's great in teamfights.


♥ High Damage

♥ Good Poke

♥ Powerful Ultimate

♥ Good in Teamfights

Miss Fortune is one of the highest damage dealing ADC's. She has a good laning phase because of her poke potential with Double Up and Make it Rain. She also has a powerful AoE ultimate called Bullet Time that she can use in teamfights. She deals out a lot of damage with it, and it shoots out in a cone shape. Her ultimate can easily be combined with a root or stun.

♥ Squishy

♥ Can't Move When Using Bullet Time

♥ High Cooldowns Early

♥ High Mana Costs Early

Like most ADC's Miss Fortune is squishy. She doesn't have much of an escape, except Strut. When she uses her ultimate Bullet Time, she can't move, and it can be canceled if you don't hold down R. She has some high cooldowns and mana costs with Make it Rain and Double Up.

Dark Harvest
Instead of Press the Attack, I take Dark Harvest for the poke potential. When you damage an enemy that's below 50%, it deals an extra 20 - 60 (based on level) (+ 5 per Soul)(+ 25% bonus AD)(+ 15% AP) adaptive damage, and you get one soul. The soul stacks, and gives you bonus damage.

Press the Attack
Press the Attack is another good rune for Miss Fortune. After damaging an enemy with 3 consistant auto attack, you deal 40 - 180 bonus damaage. The enemy is then vulnerable to all attacks by 8 - 12% for 6-seconds. Dark Harvest is more of a late game rune becuase you need souls, so taking Press the Attack will be good too.

Cheap Shot
Damaging an enemy with impaired movement speed or actions, it deals 10 - 45 extra damage. This goes well with Make it Rain since it slows enemies down if they're in the area.

Eyeball Collection
Out of all of the options, Eyeball Collection is the one you want to take. For every takedown, you collect one eyeball. You can get up to 10. You gain an adaptive bonus of 0.6 Attack Damage or 1 ability power per eyeball collected. You can collect up to 12 attack damage and 20 ability power. After completing the collection, you are awarded a bonus of 6 attack damage or 10 ability power.

Ultimate Hunter
Your ultimate gains a 5% reductions on its cooldown, and you gain an additional 4% cooldown reduction per stack. You gain stacks from killing an enemy once. I take this because Bullet Time has a long cooldown. You can also take Ravenous Hunter since it heals you for 1.5% and 2.5% per stack of the damage you deal with your abilities.

Coup De Grace
When an enemy is below 40% health, you deal 8% more damage to them. This rune goes really well with Dark Harvest since you deal more damage to them if they're below 50% of their health.

Legend: Bloodline
When you get a stack, you gain 0.6% life steal. You get a max of 20 stacks. You obtain stacks from points. You need 20 points for 1 stack. 20 points for champion takedowns, 20 points for epic monster takedowns, 5 points for monster takedowns, and 1 for minion kills. You can also take Legend: Alacrity for attack speed. You gain 3% attack speed and an additional 1.5% for every stack you have. The points are the same for both.

Presence of Mind
After getting a kill, you gain 20% of your maximum mana and your mana gets increased by 100 (up to 500). Miss Fortune uses up a lot of mana, so I take this rune instead of Triumph. You can also take Overheal if you have healing support. Excess healing grants you a shield for up to 10% of your total health. The shield is determined by 20 - 100% of the excess healing and decays after 6-seconds.

♥ Passive: Love Tap

When Miss Fortune attacks a new target with a basic attack, she deals 0.5 - 1.0 times her attack damage. It also deals 50% damage to minions.

♥ Double Up

Miss Fortune fires a shot at an enemy target dealing 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 (+1.0 total attack damage) (+35% of ability power) physical damage. It then bounces off and hits the target behind. The bounces can critically strike, and they always critically strike when the first target hit is killed.

♥ Strut

Passive: After 5 seconds of not taking direct damage, Miss Fortune gains 25 movement speed. It increases to 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 after an additional 5 seconds.

Active: Miss Fortune gains a movement speed boost, and gains an attack speed increase of 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100% for 4 seconds. When Strut is on cooldown, applying Love Tap will decrease the cooldown.

♥ Make It Rain

Miss Fortune fires bullets into the air which rain down at a location after 0.5 seconds. This deals 80 / 115 / 150 / 185 / 220 (+80% of ability power) magic damage for 2 seconds, and all enemies within the area are slowed by 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60% for 0.25 seconds.

♥ Bullet Time

Miss Fortune shoots out a barrage of bullets in a cone shape for .25 seconds, which can become a 3-second duration. She deals (+0.75 per attack damage) (+20% of ability power) physical damage per wave. She fires 12 / 14 / 16 waves in total and each wave deals physical damage to all enemies caught in the area. Each wave critically strikes and deals 120% damage.

  • Doran's Blade is the standard item you take for most marksmen. It gives you 8 AD, 80 health, and 3% life steal. In some situations, you should take Doran's Shield. You get 80 health, along with 40 health regeneration for 8 seconds after you take damage from an enemy, it restores 6 of your missing health ever 5 seconds, and auto-attacks deal 5+ damage to minions.
  • Essence Reaver is the first item you want to buy on Miss Fortune. It helps restore her mana and gives her a 20% cooldown reduction. You get 70 AD and 25% critical strike chance. When you use basic attacks, it restores 1.5% of your missing mana.
  • Infinity Edge is the second item you want to buy. This gives you more damage and increases your critical strikes. You get 80 AD and 25% critical strike chance. Also, the damage you deal with critical strikes are increased by 25%.
  • Rapid Firecannon is the last core item you need, besides Berserker's Greaves. It goes really well with Infinity Edge because you get 30% attack speed, 25% critical strike chance, and 5% movement speed. When you move and attack at the same time, you will gain an energized attack, and your energized attacks gain 120 bonus magic damage. Also, you gain a 35% bonus range. 150 range is the maximum.
  • Bloodthirster will really increase your damage and will provide you with some sustain. You gain 80 AD and 20% life steal. You also gain a shield because of the passive. It can absorb up to 50 - 350 damage.
  • Guardian Angel is a situational item. You get 40 armor and 40 attack damage. When you die, you can respawn after 4 seconds. When you respawn, you restore 50% of your base health and 30% of your mana after 4 seconds.

Flash teleports your champion wherever your cursor is. Plus, it's a key summoner spell for every champion, except Yuumi. Even though it's important for every marksmen to take this spell, it's really useful for Miss Fortune because she's squishy. You can also get kills when you Flash.

Heal heals the caster and a nearby ally that's the lowest in health, or near the cursor. it heals 90-345 health and gives affected champions +30% movement speed for 1 second.

Exhaust slows down a targeted enemy champion for 30% of their movement speed, and reduces their damage by 40% for 3 seconds. More ADC's have been taking Exhaust while their supports take Heal. It's a viable option and it helps when you're up against a Draven or if you have a support with crowd control.

If you want more sustain against counters, then take I suggest you take Barrier while your support takes Heal, Ignite, or Exhaust. Barrier shields your character for 95 + (20 per level) for 2 seconds.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DatKawaiiBunny
DatKawaiiBunny Miss Fortune Guide
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[10.9] ♥ DatKawaiiBunny's Miss Fortune ADC Guide

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