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Morgana Build Guide by Sailor MOwOn

Top [11.12] Morgana Top - LOW Elo, HIGH Poke, HIGHly Annoying!

Top [11.12] Morgana Top - LOW Elo, HIGH Poke, HIGHly Annoying!

Updated on June 26, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sailor MOwOn Build Guide By Sailor MOwOn 6,762 Views 0 Comments
6,762 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sailor MOwOn Morgana Build Guide By Sailor MOwOn Updated on June 26, 2021
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Runes: Poke

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Every Time
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[11.12] Morgana Top - LOW Elo, HIGH Poke, HIGHly Annoying!

By Sailor MOwOn

©️ The credit for this build and general strategy goes to foggedftw2. Obviously it's hard to re-create this High Elo strat every game in Low Elo, so I've taken it to Low Elo to play around and assess. Morgana is one of the first champs I've EVER played, and still play to this day. She is one of my favorite champs, so when I saw this video by fogged, I was ALL over it!
Intro & About

πŸ‘‹ Hi, I'm just someone who loves League and is trying to get better. I'm a Low Elo player currently and I'm assuming if you're using this guide, you probably are too. I mean, we are the ones that use Mobafire probably the most, yeah? #LowEloSquad (You may recognize me from other guides - LOW Elo, HIGH [Insert Thing Here.])

πŸ₯Ί Disclaimer upon disclaimer - again - I am in Bronze, I just really adore League and try to get better every day while trying new things. Obviously you'll probably want a Challenger/Master guide before this one... but I just wanted to share because it has been so successful. This is my first guide EVER even though I use Mobafire pretty much daily. This current build is probably the most success I've had in ranked so far, so I wanted to share.

πŸ“Œ This is a LOW ELO guide made by and for Low Elo, which I think can be more useful than High Elo guides because - let's face it - we are not even playing the same game as they are. Things are quite different in Iron/Bronze and many rules don't apply here. I recommend still watching, reading and learning from High Elo players, obviously, but... ya know. Something's gotta give, right?

πŸ† Bronze is the THIRD most populated rank in NA servers, with Silver being first and Gold being second. I don't think people realize just how many of the player-base is Low Elo. There is no shame to be in the most populated ranks at all. League is a very, very hard game, and I think even being in Silver is an achievement in of itself.

Remember! Be positive with yourself and others. Losses are learning experiences. If a teammate trolls you for being in Bronze - well, uh, that's awkward, because they're in the same lobby as you. You can always improve and get better! 🌟

✨ I main Ahri, Lux, Morgana, Seraphine and Lillia. While I've been sticking to "easier" champs in Low Elo, I excel in using champs in lanes they are Not Supposed To Be Inβ„’. So I love doing stuff like Morgana Top, Ahri Support, Lillia Mid, Shyvana Top... etc. I'm just weird, but it's what I'm good at. So at least I found my niche.

βœ”οΈ From my general experience, in Iron/Bronze, you want to stick to simple but OP when built correctly - or even when NOT built correctly. Morgana is a great fit here and provides not only consistent damage, but fantastic utility and crowd control with Dark Binding and Soul Shackles.
Pros, Cons & Strategy
+ High CC
+ Pretty bulky/high HP mid-late game
+ Good gank denial
+ Good poke with Arcane Comet
+ Unexpected cheese strategy at the start
+ Unexpected pick
+ High K/D/A not necessary to assist team and secure a win
Morgana in the Top Lane is obviously not a common pick, but it is a good one. Your denial of enemy ganks is wonderful, where you will almost always be able to escape with Dark Binding, Black Shield and Flash if necessary. Your ability to assist your Jungler with ganks top is also great, as you're able to lock down their target with ease - either with Q or with Soul Shackles.

With Teleport, you have high roam potential (Morgana is faster than most anyway) and can easily TP to Drake fight or if Bot is in trouble. Ionian Boots of Lucidity helps you Teleport more often, making your map presence exceptional. Morgana is exactly the kind of champ you want roaming around on your team, because of her CC and eventual decent damage from Tormented Shadow.

The last advantage I want to mention is the fact that as Morgana top, you do not need an insane KDA to help secure a win. A lot of top laners, such as Garen, Darius, etc. will be pulling impressive KDAs like 12/1/8 and carrying their team to victory. In my experience (only losing with this build/strategy once - 85% winrate) I rarely have an impressive KDA, but still just my existence helps the team a LOT, and your CC and roam is so helpful. (I literally won one game 0/0/4. Seriously, just you being around is enough to secure a win. Morgana's presence is SO oppressive, no matter what lane she is in.)

- A bit hard to farm until mid-game
- Relies on bot side to make use of your presence at the start
- Must use Teleport early
- Teammates will usually flame in lobby
- Teammates fail to listen/understand that you're starting bot
- Forces mid, jg or supp to pick a "true tank"
The biggest challenge you will have with this pick and strategy will be your teammates. I try to clarify exactly what I am doing in lobby chat. I'll say something like "Starting bot side to help with potential invades/first blood, then will TP top. Won't stay longer than 3 minutes. GLHF!" I try to say it with enough time for folks to see it. You may need to repeat it once the game loads. People will argue with you, mass ping you, etc but try your best to ignore it.

More technical problems are the fact that you struggle to clear waves/farm early on. I usually max Dark Binding first for the root duration, so Tormented Shadow is a bit weaker until later. However, with roaming, your CS will become (somewhat) obsolete since you should have plenty of kills and even more assists.

You take the spot of a potential tank, forcing your mid, supp or jg to pick a tank. (To be frank, however, I have seen plenty of games where the team without a tank wins. But it's always good to have one.) However, mid-late game with your high HP items such as Everfrost, Cosmic Drive and Demonic Embrace, you leave behind the squishy mage and are no longer made of paper. However, getting to that point will be tricky as you will understandably be more squishy than most typical top laners.


The general beginning strategy is to start bot side to help secure a First Blood, help with any potential invades or to get the enemy team to waste as many Summoner Spells as possible before you leave.

The ideal scenario is for you to start bot side, and, if there's no invade, hide in one of the bot lane bushes. Always let your team know what you are doing and planning, because I guarantee this will confuse/tilt them (for some reason.) You want to hide behind the enemy minion wave and target the support preferably, or whoever you have the best angle on. Wait for your ADC and support to return from leashing the jungler, and then land a Dark Binding on your target. Make sure your ADC and support are back from leashing and in range, and declare your target with the G button (default) so you're all on the same page. Ideally, your team will claim First Blood - but another acceptable situation is you making the enemy burn Heal. Flash, Exhaust and/or Barrier. This will help your bot lane as they should (hopefully) still have most of their summoner spells, and they can trade much more easily.

If your jungle IS invaded, that's good, because you're there to help. You have Dark Binding, so just land that and help your team secure either First Blood or Summoner Spell burns. All of the above is why we start with Dark Seal, because you'd like to get stacks on that before returning to top lane.

I aim to stay bot side no longer than 3 minutes. You do not want to dwell too long and siphon EXP from bot lane. Basically, at 3 minutes, if nothing is currently happening, it's your time to leave and return to your lane.

Once you get back to top, it is pretty standard. Farm safely, help your jungler get any ganks and roam as much as possible.
◼️ Everfrost
I consider Everfrost a staple because it gives you even MORE CC and allows you to chain root by yourself. It also gives you a good chunk of health and Ability Haste, pairing well with Ionian Boots of Lucidity. It gives all subsequent Legendary Items +15 Ability Power, which is a nice bump to your damage.

◼️ Ionian Boots of Lucidity
The nerf did not stop these boots, still making them my must-pick boots for almost any game. Ability Haste is too valuable on Morgana, and these boots also help you Teleport more often. Sorcerer's Shoes are an okay alternative, but the Ability Haste from Ionian Boots can rarely be beat.

◼️ Demonic Embrace
While I don't quite consider Demonic Embrace core, it is worth mentioning as a highly valuable item. Since you will be taking Everfrost over Liandry's Anguish in most cases, Demonic Embrace helps fill that void. It applies a DOT burn, and does % health damage, which is great if you are laning against someone like Dr. Mundo.

πŸ‘ Morgana is easy to play and extremely oppressive, so she's a great pick for climbing - especially in Iron and Bronze. Since this is an exotic pick, you will absolutely get flack for it. But try to keep your chin up and be communicative with your team, and you will yield fantastic results.

πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ Again, I am a mega amateur, but have had so much success with this and just wanted to share. I am sure my guide and build is not perfect by any means, but I think by sharing this and opening discussion, it can help everyone (especially me!) learn and grow - which I think is why we are all here. I hope this helps someone out! Thanks for reading.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sailor MOwOn
Sailor MOwOn Morgana Guide
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[11.12] Morgana Top - LOW Elo, HIGH Poke, HIGHly Annoying!

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