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Sett Build Guide by BoilTheOil

Top [11.23] NA Challenger / Grandmaster Sett Top Lane Guide

Top [11.23] NA Challenger / Grandmaster Sett Top Lane Guide

Updated on November 30, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BoilTheOil Build Guide By BoilTheOil 1123 52 1,140,430 Views 29 Comments
1123 52 1,140,430 Views 29 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BoilTheOil Sett Build Guide By BoilTheOil Updated on November 30, 2021
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Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Generally Good
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked #36 in
Top Lane
Win 50%
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Top Lane Ranked #36 in
Top Lane
Win 50%
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Champion Build Guide

[11.23] NA Challenger / Grandmaster Sett Top Lane Guide

By BoilTheOil
11.23 patch update
Lethal Tempo is sooooooooooooo broken this patch on melee top laners and Sett is not excluded. You just gain way too much attack speed and cannot afford to go any other keystone until it gets nerfed.

In terms of gold value Lethal Tempo is insane, if you have Lethal Tempo fully stacked it gives you 2250 gold worth of attack speed at ALL LEVELS, yes you can gain 2250 gold worth of attack speed at level 1! Conqueror only gives you 504-1008 (based on level) gold worth of attack damage, so you have way more value from taking Lethal Tempo .
Sup, I'm BoilTheOil and I'm here to teach you how to play Sett (or at least teach you some new things.) I've been playing Sett since his release and have over 500k mastery points on him. I have an account that is Grandmaster / Challenger (1081 Lp peak) and an account that is Grandmaster / Master tier I have also have been ranked the #1 Sett in the world by league of graphs at one point.

Sometimes I stream on twitch at so if you want to see some Sett gameplay or ask questions feel free to come by!
Why play Sett?
"Why should I play Sett?" Well, there are many reasons as to why you should play him, he's satisfying to play, has massive playmaking potential, can turn the tide of a fight, bombing tanks into their team, knocks people out, and he is flexible. If you like any of these I would recommend picking up Sett. Also if you are a Jojo fan he is made for you.

When would be the greatest time to pick Sett? The best time to play Sett is if the enemy team has a big beefy frontline that you can ult into their backline for a massive combo.
Pros & Cons
Before you play Sett you need to know what his Strengths and Weaknesses are.


+ Flexible
+ Great sustain with passive
+ Good teamfighter
+ Tanky
+ Tank bombing
+ Good counter-engage
+ Resourceless
+ Solid crowd control
+ Massive AOE damage
+ Easy to play
+ Doesn't need a lot of gold to be useful
+ Good early game
+ Good peel


- Short Ranged
- Easily Kited
- Armor guts his damage
- Predictable
- Easy to gank / no escapes
- Long cooldowns
- Damage isn't consistent (W requires high grit, Q and R scale off HP)
- No farm safety
- E forces you to play up in lane to maximize the spell's use
- No Poke
- Mediocre side laning / slow rotations
- Falls off in 1v1
- Pro play champ, which means random nerfs :(
Here I will explain the runes that I take. I have basic pages at the top of the guide.


This tree is always good on Sett and many other bruisers due to the consistency of it.


This is the rune Sett and many other bruisers take the most. It's generally good and gives you what bruisers want which is more AD and Healing for extended fights.


Another rune that is generally good, Sett is a great teamfighter and this can give you just enough health to survive a teamfight or a 1v2 gank. Also, the other two options are useless so you don't have a choice either way.

Legend: Tenacity

I take this rune in most games just because crowd control is super spammable nowadays so you can get a lot of value out of it.

Legend: Alacrity

This is good when you need to win lane super hard or if the enemy team has hardly any crowd control.

Last Stand

This rune synergizes with Sett because his W shield and passive health regeneration will keep him alive at low health which means he gets better use of this rune, and if you build Sterak's Gage it's even better.


Every Resolve rune is great on Sett for a secondary tree other than Font of Life and Shield Bash, you have to be flexible with this tree.

Grasp of the Undying

Take this rune against tanks such as Malphite or Ornn. The Max health you get from the rune is very underrated and is extra good on Sett because it makes your W better.


Good in matchups where you are able to walk up and hit the tower for free. You can do this in matchups, such as Nasus, and Malphite.


Take this into scaling lanes or lanes where Second Wind and Bone Plating aren't useful. You can take this into lanes, such as Kled and Kayle.

Second Wind

Take this into poke lanes or lanes where they can easily get rid of Bone Plating, such as Volibear or Teemo.

Bone Plating

Good into melee champions that do a quick burst of attacks, such as Renekton and Jax.


Good against champions where you farm out the lane, such as Singed, Cho'Gath, and Ornn. It's also a good scaling combo with Conditioning


Really good when you build items that heal or shield you, and it's also good in lanes where you fight a lot early game, such as Darius, Fiora, Wukong, and Irelia


Good into teams with high crowd control / slows, such as Leona, Gnar, and Zilean. Pair this with Legend: Tenacity for a lot of crowd control reduction.

Domination I only take this tree when I go Hail of Blades , they nerfed Ravenous Hunter which makes this page undesirable secondary. It's fun to use for sure, but if you fall behind it feels really bad, and I would rather just have Conqueror in most situations.

Hail of Blades

Honestly, I don't like this keystone very much, but other Sett players have had success using this rune to get kills in matchups, such as Yasuo, Talon, and Illaoi.


This keystone is very good in lanes where you can't kill your lane opponent such as Teemo and Kennen because you're able to close the gap easier. It's also good when you play midlane Sett because you can run around the map super fast and gank people.

Taste of Blood

Makes trades a little bit healthier.

Eyeball Collection

Good damage when stacked.

Relentless Hunter

The passive movement speed allows you to run around the map super fast and make plays.

Ingenious Hunter

Great with Predator and active items such as Stridebreaker. It also reduces the cooldown on your trinkets allowing for more vision control.


I take this tree when I'm going support Sett, it lacks the damage / sustain that Sett needs in top lane, but gives you a lot of options when you're support.

Phase Rush

The only keystone that will ever be worth using on sett in this tree, the speed you gain from it is insane, and will let you disengage or keep chasing.

Nimbus Cloak

Good synergy with Hextech Flashtraption and your normal flash. Combined with phase rush you go insanely fast and can get better angles for your E and R. It's also good mid lane as a secondary page with Transcendence if you need the movement speed.


You only take this secondary when you need Nimbus Cloak mid lane. The 20% cooldown reduction when you get kills can give you another W in a fight that you would not normally get.


Good for getting around the map faster as a support.


Same as Celerity


Take this tree secondary with Phase Rush

Hextech Flashtraption

Good synergy with Nimbus Cloak, and let's you surprise the enemy with Hexflash + E.

Cosmic Insight

Makes your flash come up 40 seconds quicker which can give you a massive advantage during that timespan, and also reduces the cooldown of Turbo Chemtank by a little bit.

For stat shards go attack speed, adaptive force, then armor/magic resist depending on lane opponent.
Here is where I will explain the items that I buy. I have a list of all the items I buy at the top of the guide. I don't have set-in-stone builds because I build different **** basically every game, but I have a general set of builds I go at the top of the guide. A tip I have for building is don't just build for lane, keep in mind what type of champions the rest of the enemy team is playing. For example, if they have Ryze top lane but Talon, Graves, Jinx, and Pyke don't buy a **** ton of magic resist for lane, because later it will be almost useless against the rest of their team.

Mythic Items

Turbo Chemtank

Good when support

Frostfire Gauntlet

Good when you have a low amount of gold and need to be tanky.


Good when you need to stick onto people easier.


Generally good. Good when the enemy team has 3+ melee champions and you need to be a tanky frontliner. Offers great sustain once completed

Prowler's Claw

This item is for fun, take this with Hail of Blades and you can kill people in 4 auto attacks.

Legendary Items

Blade of the Ruined King

This item isn't very good on Sett nowadays, it makes you too squishy in teamfights which is where you're supposed to shine and the damage you gain from it just isn't worth it. A general consensus I see about this item is that it's good against tanks, this is wrong, they end up building Bramble Vest and Plated Steelcaps and then make the item useless. It's better in lower ranks because people don't know how to play around it. I Only build it if I need dueling strength against certain champions, such as Irelia and Fiora. Never buy this item past your first item, it's an item purely for early game.

Dead Man's Plate

This item is way too undertuned, which is sad because it's an item Sett wants to build. Don't build this item until it's buffed. One of Sett's best items. Build if you need movement speed (which you usually do) for chasing or running away. Also great for quicker rotations when pushing a side lane, which could get you to an important fight quicker. If they have more Ap than Ad champions buy Force of Nature before this.

Force of Nature

Build if you need movement speed and a lot of magic resist.

Sterak's Gage

Good item to build second. Generally a good item on bruisers. Build when you need to survive burst and need more damage. Try not to use W at the same time as this item pops, you get too big of a shield and end up wasting your W. Good paired with Spirit Visage, it makes the shield 25% bigger. If the enemy has or is going to have serpents fang don't buy this item because the shield will be irrelevant.

Spirit Visage

Good when you build healing or shielding items, the enemy team has some ap, you have ocean dragons, or you have an enchanter on your team.

Randuin's omen

Good when they have a lot of Ad or lots of crit champions. The active is super good and underrated, make sure you use it on the biggest Ad threat to reduce their attack damage.


Good when they have a lot of healing. Sit on Bramble Vest until 4th or 5th because the stats on Thornmail are pretty bad. Only complete early if you absolutely need the increased 60% healing debuff.

Gargoyle Stoneplate

Good when you need a lot of both armor and magic resist, and when you need to survive burst. Good combined with Spirit Visage because it makes the shield 25% bigger. Never build this before 3rd item because it scales better when you have more stats.

Abyssal Mask

Good when you have a very strong teammate who deals magic damage.

Chempunk Chainsword

Good when they have a lot of healing and you need to do more damage. You can complete this item earlier than you would complete Thornmail because it's more cost efficient.

Titanic Hydra

Good when you're ahead and need more damage.

Silvermere Dawn

Only build this if they have suppressions, something like Mordekaiser or Malzahar. Sit on Quicksilver Sash until 4th or 5th item because the stats on this item are mediocre when completed.

Death's Dance

Good when you are far ahead and the enemy team is heavy Ad.

Anathema's chains

Really good when they have a strong carry or a splitpusher you need to match in a sidelane. Can build this anytime after first item if you need to.

Black Cleaver

Good Alternative to Sterak's Gage, especially when the enemy has Serpent's Fang.

Serpent's Fang



Plated Steelcaps

Build when the enemy team has strong auto attackers or a lot of Ad

Mercury's Treads

Build when the enemy team has tons of CC or a lot of Ap

Boots of Swiftness

Build if you're support or the enemy team has lots of big slows.
Tips & Tricks
Some small mechanics that every Sett player should know, Sett is a very straight-forward champion so don't expect anything too crazy. If you don't know what his spells do hover over the icons.

Passive - Pit Grit

- Your second punch has more range than your first punch
- Your second punch's attack speed is 8 times higher than your first punch's attack speed
- Don't use potions unless you're about to fight because your passive heals you more the lower health you are, so you basically get more healing for not using potions

Q - Knuckle Down

- This spell resets Sett's auto attack timer

W - Haymaker

- You can flash in the middle of your W
- Your W is great for tanking tower when tower diving
- When shoving a wave after killing somebody you can tank 1-2 tower shots so you can build up grit to do more damage to the wave
- Use W to block hard hitting spells
- Crowd control doesn't interrupt your W's cast

E - Facebreaker

- Use with an enemy behind you so it stuns
- Flash E to catch people by surprise
- You can use your stun to guarantee your W's true damage
- Flash or use Stridebreaker so you can reposition to get a better angle for your E
- Your E has slightly more range when aiming it diagonally

R - The Show Stopper

- If people get too close to your tower you can flash behind them and ult them into the tower
- When your jungler ganks your lane Use E on the opponent, then run behind them and ult them towards your jungler
- Ult tanks in teamfights because the damage scales off the enemy's bonus health
- Flash or use Stridebreaker so you can reposition to get a better angle for your R
- When chasing somebody, use ult on them if you need a slow, it slows them for 99% for 1 second and gives you a slight dash
- you can ignore crowd control if you time this spell correctly
- If you get ganked you can ult the enemy towards your tower to escape
Early Game
General idea on how you should be playing Sett early game

Before you start the match, look at your team and the enemy team and make a game plan on how you're going to play the match.

For the first 6 levels of the match, Sett is one of the strongest champions in a fight, so look to gain an early lead. You can do this in many ways, such as by gaining lane priority to help your jungler take scuttle crab, getting an early recall, getting a kill / cheesing bush, denying CS, etc. Sett is immobile, which makes him easily gankable so make sure you put a ward down around 2:45 so you can avoid ganks. You can easily set up your jungler with your E stun on ganks, so ping your jungler to gank if the enemy is playing too far up.

After you and your laner are both level 6 you don't gain very much dueling strength whereas other champions gain a massive powerspike, so you have to play more reserved in some matchups.
Mid / Late game
General idea on how you should be playing Sett mid / late game

If you're ahead you should look to extend your lead, whether it be by taking the enemy jungle camps, grouping for dragons or barons, roaming to another lane, split pushing, flanking, etc.

If you're behind look to get as much CS as you can and try to get picks with your team. Play around who is the strongest member of your team. Sett has really good CC so you can set up plays around the strongest member on your team even if you aren't fed.

Sett is one of the best teamfighters in the game, he's super tanky and can get a massive engage off with his ultimate. In teamfights you can either look to get a massive ultimate onto their team or peel for your carries. If you want to get a massive combo off look to ult the person with the most health into their team. If you want to peel your carries ult the enemy threats away from your carries and do whatever you can to keep them alive.
Thanks for reading my Sett guide! If you learned anything new make sure to upvote the post and if you want to learn more watch me on twitch at or ask a question in the comments.

Any feedback is welcomed.
League of Legends Build Guide Author BoilTheOil
BoilTheOil Sett Guide
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[11.23] NA Challenger / Grandmaster Sett Top Lane Guide

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