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Ivern Build Guide by Pixel Pocket

Jungle [11.3] Pixel Pocket's Ivern Jungle Guide

Jungle [11.3] Pixel Pocket's Ivern Jungle Guide

Updated on February 18, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pixel Pocket Build Guide By Pixel Pocket 53 8 169,941 Views 6 Comments
53 8 169,941 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pixel Pocket Ivern Build Guide By Pixel Pocket Updated on February 18, 2021
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Runes: Aery (Objective Control)

1 2
Summon Aery
Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

Hextech Flashtraption
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


I am updating this guide, and all my others, as soon as Mobafire allows. Some icons and items are not yet available. I'm sorry if this makes it feel incomplete and I'll be working as quickly as I can to make sure it's up to scratch for you guys!

Hi guys! My name's Pocket and I'm a League of Legends guide creator. I make video guides on YouTube as well as doing VOD reviews with an assortment of high ELO co-hosts on Twitch, and sometimes I even get chance to play the game myself. If you want to check out my YouTube, Twitch or come hang out in Discord click the links below!

This guide comes with an In-Depth video!
In it we go over some of the more abstract concepts that are harder to convey over text to really help you master Ivern and I suggest giving it a watch!

So Why should you play Ivern in Season 10? Well, not surprisingly for a character based so heavily on playing a supportive role, Ivern is reliant on teammates and synergies to truly shine. With multiple Season 10 buffs to melee champs, we're not only seeing an increase in melee champ play rates, but in their effectiveness during all stages of the game. This is something riot has been quite determined to achieve with big buffs to things like blade of ruined king and ravenous hydra. Luckily for all us Ivern fans out there, melee champions synergise fantastically with his kit. Not only does the rootcaller dash allow for fantastic gap close on early ganks but the damage and Slow from his E works great when you shield a melee champion.


At the moment, my advice would be to go Summon Aery. The extra ally shields or offensive damage can really swing early ganks in your favour and your late game E Triggerseed shield and damage scales to 80% AP so really benefits from Gathering Storm and the AP from Transcendence passive. It also gives you access to Nimbus Cloak to synergise with Hextech Flashtraption and Smite, especially if you want to make those extra flashy plays.

Nimbus Cloak is great with Hextech Flashtraption and Smite and is an overall great rune. Ivern doesn't have mana issues in the jungle due to the mana regen from Hunter's Talisman and how regularly you receive Crest of Insight (Blue Buffs), so Manaflow Band is useless and he doesn't want to be taking enough damage on a regular basis to make Nullifying Orb worthwhile

On this row we will take Transcendence. Not only does this give you a consistent ability haste bonus at levels 5 and 8 but it also gives you basic ability cooldown refunds on takedown (at level 11 onwards) which means more shields, more CC and more vision control with W. A fantastic choice!

Now is a choice between Waterwalking and Gathering Storm.This generally will depend on 2 things. Does your team outscale the enemy? If yes then Gathering Storm is likely for you, if not then Waterwalking will give you more early game presence. Secondly, will you buy Mobility Boots? Waterwalking is a must have with mobi boots, they synergise fantastically together and you are a much bigger early game threat in terms of ganks, objective control and counter jungling.
I personally tend to go Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Gathering Storm at the moment as they allow me to solo objectives more easily if my team isn't doing so well


For our standard secondaries on Ivern we will take Hex Flash alongside Cosmic Insight.
Cosmic insight is a fantastic rune for Ivern jungle because it offers 15 summoner spell haste. This is key to jungling with Ivern as you have good teamfight skills and solo objective control post level 6 with Daisy!. Therefore having smite up as often as possible is really fantastic

These secondaries in the domination tree are situational, but go great with Waterwalking. They offer incredible map control alongside Mobility Boots and really help you farm up while missing as little gank opportunities as possible.
In general I still prefer cosmic insight as having smite more often gives me better buff and objective control, as well as invade potential, but into easy matchups or with significant early carries on your team, you will probably find more success with the domination tree!

Mobility Boots

Cooldown Boots
These are for the highly active jungler.
They offer better map control, more control over your clears and they make ganking smoother. The synergise well with Waterwalking and Relentless Hunter secondaries
These outscale Mobility Boots and work for a more late game or teamfight oriented playstyle with a whopping 20 ability haste. They also help with securing solo-objectives early on but they do mean you forgo map control.

Personally, I play a more scaling oriented Ivern and tend to choose cooldown boots, but Mobi boots are still incredibly popular and this really is up to you to decide based on your playstyle, hopefully this will help you make your decision!

I always take Hailblade over Emberknife because I find Chilling Smite to be much more useful. Especially combinded with the next item that we'll talk about!

Moonstone Renewer
My current core Item on Ivern since the buffs. While Mandate is fantastic and synergises great with your kit, moonstone is now just too strong later on in comparison and it's a must buy unless you need to get very ahead very early on!

Imperial Mandate
A fantastic item on Ivern. It gives haste, mana regen, health and AP as base stats so it's already very versatile but the real reason it's such a good buy on Ivern is the passive. Whenever you slow or immobilise and enemy champion, you deal bonus damage and mark them (6second cooldown per champion). If an ally damages the marked enemy they take even more bonus magic damage. This is extremely powerful in ganks as it works great with an ally. Ivern also has immobilisation on his Q and R, and a slow on his E. This makes the passive very easy to proc for maximum damage potential!

Ardent Censer
A must buy early on if you have a fed ADC or multiple auto-attack heavy champions on your team. Not only does this give 60 AP, manaregen and bonus heal and shield power, but the passive attackspeed buff and on-hit damage for you AND your allies is very powerful, especially when combined with your empower auto-attacks while in a W Brush.

A great item that synergises well with teamfight comps. This should be prioritised if you are engaging in teamfights early on such as fighting to secure Drakes and Rift Herald and should always be bought once the mid-late game comes around when teamfights are all too common!

Staff of Flowing Water
A great item that synergises well with teamfight comps. This should be prioritised if you are engaging in teamfights early on such as fighting to secure Drakes and Rift Herald and should always be bought once the mid-late game comes around when teamfights are all too common!

Dark Seal
Fantastic if you're ahead. It's cheap, gold efficient and gives you great snowball potential due to your brilliant AP scalings.

Mejai's Soulstealer
The next step up from Dark Seal. If you're snowballing and very ahead this pick can secure you the game, but it's much riskier and less gold efficient with 0 stacks, so only get it when confident!

Zhonya's Hourglass
A great item into full AD Comps and/or fed assassins. It gives a large amount of AP, a nice amount of armour and a passive that can be absolutely key to surviving certain enemies (such as Zed).

This is a necessary item into oppressive healing. It gives good AP stats and a little health, but the passive anti-heals is what makes it worth buying.
If the enemy has a lot of healing, at least get Oblivion Orb, and finish into Morellonomicon later on!

Rabandon's Deathcap
It's extremely expensive, it gives you no utility and no defensive stats but it turns you into an absolute monster if you have a fully stacked Mejai's Soulstealer. Only purchase this when you are very ahead and already have a Mejai's with significant (15+) stacks.
Use Q Rootcaller to jump walls and skip corners wall pathing in the jungle

Don't always use your Rootcaller dash, it can be dangerous, make sure you want to go in or stay back and buff allies from safety like an enchanter.

Use your W Brushmaker vision wisely, it's really underutilised

Use your Ult, Daisy! to solo objectives by shielding her and standing back in a brush (which will empower your autos for more damage)

If they don't invade early and you don't want to invade them early, and their jungler is melee, level E Triggerseed first. This is the best ability if you're caught out against a melee champ with a gap close. If you want to invade, if they are invading or if their jungler is ranged, take Q Rootcaller first.
Thanks for reading!
I really hope this has been helpful to you and if you've got any questions come hop into my twitch stream or my discord server and I'm sure I can help you out!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Pixel Pocket
Pixel Pocket Ivern Guide
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[11.3] Pixel Pocket's Ivern Jungle Guide

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