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Tryndamere Build Guide by Raen

Top grandmaster

[11.4] Raen's Tryndamere Tips & Build (⋋_◢)

By Raen | Updated on February 24, 2021
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Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Champion Build Guide

[11.4] Raen's Tryndamere Tips & Build (⋋_◢)

By Raen
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About Tryndamere Back to Top

Fueled by unbridled fury and rage, Tryndamere once carved his way through the Freljord, openly challenging the greatest warriors of the north to prepare himself for even darker days ahead. The wrathful barbarian has long sought revenge for the annihilation of his clan, though more recently he has found companionship with Ashe, the Avarosan warmother, and a home with her people. His almost inhuman strength and fortitude is legendary, and has delivered him and his new allies countless victories against the greatest of odds.

Tryndamere is a character that basically is melee range ad carry, does decent physical damage with a lot of critcs. Trynda is a strong pick vs melee and immobile champions, however Trynda relies only on auto attacks so stacking armor and Ninja Tabi counters him really hard. Trynda is a really good splitpusher thanks to his high ad and his ultimate that makes him immortal for 5 sec, allows him to dive enemy under turret. He's a snowbally laner, if played well he can get some early kills and become pretty much unstoppable, but if played from behind he can really struggle to have an impact. So it's very important to get your early game right when playing Tryndamere.

Good and weak points Back to Top

+ Decent sustain thanks to his Q
+ Immortality for 5 seconds
+ Carry potential
+ Build-in dash, crit system, slow, ad debuff, healing in kit
+ Getting more AD from Q depending on Trynda missing health
+ Manaless - Fury system

- Lack of hard cc
- Can get kaited easily
- Squishy
- Kinda expensive items
- Doesn't do well on lane vs hard bully lane champions like Jayce etc.
- Item dependent
Tips & Important informations Back to Top

Tryndamere passive gives him % crit chance depending on his level and how much fury he has.

★ Attacks against turrets will not grant bonus Fury, but will still reset the timer on Fury decay.

Tryndamere permanently gains bonus attack damage and gains additional bonus attack damage per 1% of his missing health from his Q .

W can be cast even if Tryndamere does not have vision on targets. The ability will lighten up once an enemy champion gets in range, even if invisible for example when someone is recalling in bush or when Teemo is hiding on the bush.

E cooldown reduction is reduced by 1 second whenever Trynda basic attacks critically strike on-hit, increased to 2 seconds against champions.

★ Basic trick on Trynda Spinning Slash + Flash. Classic Flash trick where you E in the direction you want and then Flash right after the ability cast time.

Undying Rage can be used when affected by crowd control.

If you want to see some games feel free to leave follow ^_

Thanks for reading!

Also if you have any Jax question or other join to my discord and ask :>


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My other guides Back to Top
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[11.4] Raen's Tryndamere Tips & Build (⋋_◢)

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