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Zeri Build Guide by NotAragami

ADC [12.20] All-In-One Off-Meta Zeri Guide

ADC [12.20] All-In-One Off-Meta Zeri Guide

Updated on October 30, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NotAragami Build Guide By NotAragami 3,057 Views 0 Comments
3,057 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NotAragami Zeri Build Guide By NotAragami Updated on October 30, 2022
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Runes: Gold Rush

1 2 3 4 5
First Strike
Magical Footwear
Minion Dematerializer
Cosmic Insight

Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[12.20] All-In-One Off-Meta Zeri Guide

By NotAragami
Patch Notes (Will be updated whenever Rito touches Zeri)
[Patch 12.16]

This is a sad day for Zeri mains.
Her Q AD ratio cut down 5% from all ranks and W AD ratio from 130% down to only 100%. Damage build would be significantly weaker as this has been relying on the sheer AD ratio of her W. Bruiser build will also get significantly weaker as you would just lack damage in overall.

Her W AP ratio goes down from 60% to 40%. Zeri as a blue number Talon is no more. In return, Rito gives her Q a 60% AP ratio. They're trying to make Zeri viable by building Nashor's Tooth on her. Thing is, I highly doubt it would be any good since she relies so much in Attack Speed to do well, Everything. I have never seen ranged champs build Nashor's Tooth and Berserker Greaves because as you could imagine it would be very suck. Also, despite building AP, your Q is still dealing... physical damage. What.

Edit: There is no AP scaling on her Q. Rito lied in the patch notes.

[Patch 12.17]

Zeri's win rate is now 42.1%.

[Patch 12.20]

Zeri's win rate is now 42.5%. No updates...
Who am I, why Zeri and why offmeta
I am NotAragami, a peaked Gold V player and currently hard stuck at Silver IV. I spent most of my time during Season 7 to Season 9, playing Top and Support. I returned to the game in July 2022 and looking at a completely different game. As much I hate following the traditions of left-clicking critical-hit ADCs and loves FPS shooters, Zeri fits the bill.
Pros and Cons
  • Zeri's kit allows for variations in build and playstyle
  • You are a bit more harder to kill depends on build
  • CDR helps with your E long cooldown and press more W
  • Maintain the same agility compared to regular crit build
  • Fast clearing minion waves and jungle after getting Tiamat
  • Mainly for fun
  • Well, you are 200 years
  • You aren't dealing as much single target DPS as a regular crit ADC
  • Your early game is very, very ****, probably the weakest out of all ADCs right now
  • Require a semi-carry in your team to compensate the lack of high DPS
  • If you have someone to peel for you in teamfights, tank build is invalid
  • The person writing this guide is a Silver hard stuck at Bronze
The Playstyle (Damage & CDR)
Remember you are still a regular ADC in early game and you have zero sustain in your kit. Just like any other ADCs, you want your items as fast as possible to actually do damage. Farm casually, occasionally poke people if you can and dump all your damage if your support lands their CC.

Once you get your Trinity Force, some obnoxious people will ping your items and asking if you’re trolling. Do not retaliate, mute them if they’re getting on your nerves. Continue farming or murder people if your team has a strong start. If you're playing in SEA, people will always murder each other the moment they get one item. That's why I told you to get Trinity Force to murder people. Zeri low base AD doesn't do well with Sheen items, that doesn't matter as much because Zeri can proc Sheen very fast and far more consistent than most champions out there. If you get Ingenious Hunter rune, your Sheen will go down from 1.5s to 1.1s at max stacks. In other words, you activate a Sheen every 2 Qs. Even better, you can combine this with Lethal Tempo to turn yourself into a mass killing machine and Trinity will compensate the fact you don’t have any defensive runes.

After finishing Trinity, get Tiamat. Don’t swap your wards yet. Now you can clear minions a lot faster than normal, do slow push. Kill all the ranged minions in that wave, be careful not to touch the melee minions and walk away. This will eventually stack up into a large wave and the enemy has to send someone out to deal with them. While waiting for the large wave to stack up, jump into enemy jungle and farm their jungle. Don’t touch your own jungle because your jungler will flame you. If you notice their supports are warding their own jungle, bring a Pink Ward to check if the camps are warded. If it’s warded, neutralize the ward and get the hell out. Place your stealth wards as you’re farming, prime spots are the bush next to raptors and this intersection. When you’re taking their buffs, pull the monster inside the bushes nearby and hopefully their jungler is too stupid to realize their buff are being stolen. Your W got gutted so you aren't clearing Raptors of Wolves as fast as before anymore.

Now it's mid game. You have your Trinity and Ravenous or BotRK. Always remember to press your W. It has a 100% AD ratio, yes it's a lot weaker now, it is no longer a Lux ult on wall. In team fights people run around a lot and not all of them will be able to dodge your W. The moment the fights break out, you have two options. Behave like a regular ADC and shoot them behind your tanky guys, or go nuts and start murdering people.

Eventually you get a bad game. Teammates start feeding, enemy murder you in half a second or you just aren't allowed to play the game. Watch the minimap and you must know where your enemies are before you go split push. Because you’re too weak to be able to deal any damage to them, might as well be a diversion rather than an actual threat. This applies to all ADCs, but you are better because you have one of the best tools to run away from anyone.

Your team made it past 30 minutes, congratulations. It’s now late game and by this time everyone will have 4-5 items and want to murder. Because you aren’t dealing too much damage in late game because you don’t build crits, you should have a Black Cleaver or BotRK by now or you will suffer immensely because by this time everyone already have a **** ton of Health + Armor and/or Magic Resist. Either of this will kill your DPS because your damage is hybrid so you have to compensate. I don’t recommend Serylda because Zeri can’t fully ultilize Armor Penetration, you might consider getting that if your team in desperate need of crowd control.
The Playstyle (Bruiser)
Bruiser Zeri. Exciting I know. First, check on your team. Does your team have a frontline? If no, it’s your best bet to become a bruiser. Become the frontline. If your team already has someone to be the frontline, you will get flamed for griefing the game. Always hit anyone that currently has a HP shield as this will help you survive for even longer. You aren't the best teamfight initatier as you have near zero crowd control, you have to rely a lot on the element of surprise. Bruiser ADC. Exciting I know, maybe some of you tried this build before and it goes like Trinity, Titanic and then Runaan to procs Titanic on as many targets as possible. Here we have no Runaans.

Your early game is relatively the same. If you picked Grasp, seeking every poke window as you need a lot of Grasps procs to actually get tanky. After getting Titanic, you are now relatively tanky. In team fights, dump your Qs on the closest guy and save W to drop it on enemy ADC to slow them down. Since you have Titanic, the cone blast will eventually hit the other guy behind him. Don’t worry about hitting squishy targets as you don’t have enough damage to burst them down and you risk mispositioning and people will murder you.

Your team gets very suck and you aren’t fed enough to carry. What do now? Swap your Wards into Oracle. I hope you bring Demolish, all that bonus Health will turn you into a mini Yorick whenever you want to split push and your enemy will have to send people to deal with you. If you are a psychopath, drop a ward on your feet before you run away. Hide in a bush and wait until the guy that was sent down to fend you off eventually leave. After that, return to shove that lane. Remember that destroying towers give your entire team gold so your team can somehow turn the game.

Late game now. You likely have two Armor or MR items and likely some CDR. You are now tanky and very agile while dealing enough damage to be annoying. In team fights, stay away from your team and preferably enemy vision as well. This is why I told you to swap for Oracle, to deward enemies. Your Q and autos will destroy wards so fast that your enemy will have very little time to react and if you’re fast enough, you can clear an entire jungle and river of wards. During this, do not let them catch you or you get flamed for being stupid. When a fight eventually breaks out, hit the enemy squishies. You might not be able to murder them in half a second but your damage is enough to make them run for their lives and break the formation. Your job is to divert people’s attention into you. Because you’re fast and tanky and can jump onto walls, nobody in the world will be able to catch up and murder you. Zeri turns into an annoying green Pikachu that dives in and out of combat whenever you want and murder people when they are low with your R. If you die, the enemy formation is now broken and your team has the formation advantage now and they likely already murdered the enemy frontline with minimal casualties.
The Playstyle (Full AP)
AP Zeri. Riot clearly doesn’t want people to build AP on Zeri after multiple W nerfs, she’s now at a weird state. Building AP no longer requires a whole new playstyle because your Q now scales up with AP, the weirdest **** is it still deals physical damage. Your job is now press as many Ws as possible with your mana + CDR and jump in whenever you feel like you can secure a kill. You are less of artillery mage and more of a carry.

Do not pick up Doran’s Ring as this will actually hurts your early game rather than helping. You are still an ADC in their eyes so always buy a Doran’s Blade or Shield if the enemy guy wants to murder. Farming is now a bit harder and easier at the same time as your Q now tickles people while your charged autos hurt way, way more and uncharged autos can execute at higher threshold. If you have the power of Riot August and main character syndrome on your side, Dark Seal is your call.

You are now a hybrid carry and artillery mage. Switch to mid lane now and now you will see different matchups. Most of the time they’re skill matchups. Mid lane has 4 walls that you can abuse your Ws at. If you get a mage guy, poke them and shove the lane by pressing W. If it’s an assassin guy, trade with charged autos and stand near your wall. If they jump on you, jump behind those walls and press W on where you think they are going. When Lv6 hits, keep a close eye on them because now you make one mistake, anyone can dump a combo on you and you die without being able to retaliate.

An option you might come to is ganking. You have a very strong ganking kit and might as well abuse it to help your laners. On your first recall, get a Sorc Boot and you can walk straight for a lane that is being pushed and gank from there. Because you vault over wall, nobody gonna expect Zeri to jump out from their own jungle and slap people. Do note that your teammate might not know when you’re going in, one thing you could do is spam ping the guy you want to murder before jumping in and if you die, you have full rights to flame the other guy for not joining in.

After laning phase, you can’t split push because you don’t have the attack speed to do so, seek for skirmishes and use the element of surprise to murder people. Players are getting a lot better at dodging skillshots and missing your W is not advisable. You can wait until the target is CC’d or being distracted to drop your combo. If you are alone, try to press your W as unpredictable as possible. In team fights your job is to press W and shave off everyone’s HP. Once a fight starts, dive in with E, ult then retreat before anyone notice there is a squishy green Pikachu standing in their kill zone. Use your charged auto on the most tanky guy as your auto scales up with max HP. If you already pressed your R on the entire enemy team before you eventually die to a Zed or Akali, you did your job.
The Playstyle (Support)
Your support picks Lucian. Okay. Calm down, I know you are very pissed but hey, let's give him a try. Maybe he got autofilled support all day but he's actually good at ADC.

Swap your rune page into that and buy an Imperial Mandate. I know Rito nerfed the living hell out of Zeri's AP scaling because they have problem with a 47% win rate champion, the slow however, isn't touched at all.

Your job is very simple. Trade pattern? What is a trade pattern, walk up and slap a charged auto at their face. Your charged auto scales up with maximum HP and your enemy will scream in horror. If your enemy is dangerous, harass them with W and Q. I told you to grab Waterwalking and Relentless Hunter. You have the option to roam around and gank whichever lane you want to gank. Your E is stupidly strong for ganking purpose and once you're sliding toward the enemy, make sure you hit your W. You miss it and you are dead. Eventually you get your Mandate and your team might thank you for all the Mandate procs. After that, I suggest building tank. Don't worry, Imperial Mandate gives so much AP that you can still burst people really hard and wait for someone to jump in and take the kill. After that, the world is your oyster, do whatever the hell you want, build AD, build AP, whatever your team need to compensate.

The best thing about this build is if your team loses, you can flame the living **** out of the guy stole your role until he decides to uninstall League. I know being toxic is bad but, people sometimes just too stupid to understand common English. And he steals your role.
This strat is only viable to bruiser or AD Zeri.

You are 0/6, falling way too behind and you have zero damage to fight other people. Make sure you get your Trinity, a Tiamat and then Hullbreaker. This combo gives you a massive spike in wave clearing and splitpushing power that now you now can casually walk toward enemy towers and start blasting. You will eat towers so fast that you can rival Yorick while having one of the best escape ability. Best thing is, you are farming minions.

Normally when you are feeding, it takes one kill to reset your gold kill reward. One kill is 300 gold, maybe 450 if they have bounties here and there. But thing is, you only get 300 gold. While killing minions, you have to kill at least 1000 gold worth of minions to increase your kill reward tier by 1, not even a reset. Farming minions worth more than any killings in League and people mainly kill for the thrill of it. The result is sometimes the enemy doesn't even care about you because they look at your KDA and goes "oh I guess this guy doesn't worth much" while he already yeeted 4 of your side towers on all his own.

Bonus points if you bring along a Farsight Alteration. I bet your support doesn't ward so you can just ward for yourself. When you know where people are on the minimap, splitpushing becomes a cat and mouse game. Cats away from lane, push. Cats missing or near lane, hide and/or recall.

If you have more time, this video is a great guide on how to splitpush.
I wonder if this guide is any help tbh. Riot is planning to rework Zeri after Worlds and I fear they will repeat what they did to Aatrox and Mordekaiser. Hope for the best.

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