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Gwen Build Guide by Irmike78

Jungle [12.21] A Hard Stuck's Guide to Gwen Jungle (REVIVE GWEN JUNGLE)

Jungle [12.21] A Hard Stuck's Guide to Gwen Jungle (REVIVE GWEN JUNGLE)

Updated on November 3, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Irmike78 Build Guide By Irmike78 177 14 296,099 Views 14 Comments
177 14 296,099 Views 14 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Irmike78 Gwen Build Guide By Irmike78 Updated on November 3, 2022
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Runes: Duel Crazy!

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
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Champion Build Guide

[12.21] A Hard Stuck's Guide to Gwen Jungle (REVIVE GWEN JUNGLE)

By Irmike78
as of 11/3, Im gonna make it a goal to look over this guide and update it for a more accurate and better description of Gwen jungle. I plan on looking through all the current builds on this guide and add some new ones that would open additional playstyles for Gwen (which is cool as ****).
Some Info About me
Hi I'm a jungle main on the NA servers who spams a bunch of Lillia, Gwen, and Fiddlesticks :)
What to Run?
Here's What I suggest to run in most games:

Runes: Yellow Tree Primary, Red Tree Secondary
Lethal Tempo
Last Stand

Bone platting

Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
(Pick MR or Armor depending on enemy jg)

See "Duel Crazy"
Why Gwen Jungle ?
To be simple with it, I believe that Gwen has a very good kit with regards to jungle clear. AOE clear and attack speed in her kit allows for early clears to be decent and her late game clears to be nothing but satisfying. Not only are her clears good but the ability to afk farm to 6, gank, get a kill, and snowball off of a lead is one of the best feelings in this game. The best part about Gwen is that she is very mechanical (to a degree) so your performance will be based off of how good you are at managing your Q stacks, E cooldown, etc.
The Early Game / 1st Drag
With Gwen jungle its best that you start with a:
- leash on your blue side
- Gromp
- Wolves
- Raptors
- Red
- Scuttle
If done correctly you should be done with red around the 3:20 marker where you can either E over dragon pit and start taking scuttle or look for a lane gank (be aware that at this point Gwen still isnt the best to gank with so If you have to pass on ganking then do so, really you should only gank if you KNOW that you or your team will be able to secure a kill)

During scuttle fights dont be afraid to blow your exhaust to either secure / drive the jungler away from scuttle. Scuttle allows for you to back and get a bow and boots so its worth it!

For 1st drag Gwen can sneak it at full health and leave with enough to safely run into her jungle and back. DRAG WILL GET YOU LOW IF YOU SOLO IT so make sure you know were the enemy jungler is. (tip: If you are on the edges of the inner drag pit you can pop your W and tank a few dragon shots and negate some damage)
The Mid Game
At this point you should have bought Nashors and should be able to confidently fight most lanners if they aren't to fed. Ganking bot lane should be a priority as Gwen R can pierce and slow both enemy lanners in the bot lane if timed correctly. Depending on the match up I may camp lanners with low mobility so that I don't need to blow R (although it helps to secure kills) or lanes that Gwen can easily win. Despite having an item you will have yet to have Leeching Leer and should be building it ASAP as the omnivap is a necessitie.
The Late Game
At this point you should have 2-3 items and can fight most champions. Once full build, Gwen can fight mostly all tanks and squishes. Beware champs with high mobility / kite as with no R Gwen has no gap closer. 1v3s are possible as your healing (even with grievous applied to you) is very unbalanced.
Pros and Cons
- Insane Late game Carry potential (Better then Susan)
- very skill based
- Lots of fun
- Rarely Banned
- Good into many match ups and can come out on top in even the hardest of match ups

- Getting behind can put you out of the game
- Early game is weak compared to other meta junglers (Patch 11.23)
- Very Item reliant
- Takes time to learn how to play Gwen well
- Scaling
Tips and Tricks
- Gwen W gives a bunch of MR and ARMOR so in a 1v1 its not always best to use it at the beginning of a fight. Time it to gain more resistances at more important moments (like when lee Sin is jumping onto you with his 2nd Q). Gwen W is useful for clearing buffs in the early game BUT should not always be done as its on a really long cooldown.
- Gwen E can be used to wall jump MANY walls in the jungle. Ill make a map showing what walls can be jumped

- In the early game time Gwen's max Q between camps, a more important use of this is the walk between wolves and raptors. For this kill all but one wolf and start kitting it out towards your raptors. By the time your in the middle of mid lane you should be able to kill the final wolf and make it on time to raptors to get a 4 stack Q on them.
General Information
Gwen Jungle is fun and rewarding when done right. The thing is that her weak early can lead to many deaths in beginning of the game. It takes time but its all about know what fights to take and what fights to avoid. Gwen can come out on top in many fights but her potential can be limited by hyper aggressive teams who push her out of her jungle. The Best way to play Gwen jungle (from what I've learned) is ping your team what your going to do. Ex: Going top lane? Ping your R and Exhaust and that your coming top lane so that your lanner knows what you have available and that your going to gank. At the end of the day this is a team game and no matter how fed you get if your team decides to int then it can be an easy loss for you. I recommend to just have fun playing the champ and play her how ever you want. She has a high skill ceiling that when mastered can really make the difference in a team fight. Hopefully you enjoyed the guide! if this does blow up some then I may consider add some videos detailing how to clear with Gwen and etc.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Irmike78
Irmike78 Gwen Guide
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[12.21] A Hard Stuck's Guide to Gwen Jungle (REVIVE GWEN JUNGLE)

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