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Corki Build Guide by King Turtle

Middle [12.9] Menace To LoL Corki

Middle [12.9] Menace To LoL Corki

Updated on May 23, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Build Guide By King Turtle 30,435 Views 0 Comments
30,435 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Corki Build Guide By King Turtle Updated on May 23, 2022
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Runes: Coin Collector Corki

1 2
First Strike
Perfect Timing
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Standard Runes
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[12.9] Menace To LoL Corki

By King Turtle
Build Introduction
This build is great for teamfights and disrupting objectives. You get great damage late and can use that to catch enemies off guard. Most of your damage in the mid to late game will be poke and keeping the enemies at a distance. The better you are at landing rockets, the better this build is because Horizon procs will make all your abilities especially dangerous.
Pros And Cons
Insane Late Game Potential- Corki's late game damage with this build is so gross, and makes it extremely difficult to beat if he has even a slight lead. Any squishy or mage just gets blown up immediately with your quick combos and you can kite tanks to death in a few combos as long as they aren't a 4 move speed item Garen flashing on top of you.

Amazing Objective Control- Corki's W along with this build make for an extremely deadly fire trail that you can use to block off baron and dragon pits, zone enemies so they can't run away, or just delay them so you can take an inhib, or finish baron and get out.

MONEY- With Cull and First Strike you get that MONEY. We want our items as soon as possible to try and push through early game so it's great to have cull and First Strike.

Weak Early Game- Corki has a really bad early game, and there's a decent amount of matchups where he can struggle to find a lead or stay even. His mana costs are pretty high and he lacks proper damage until mid game.

Coin Collector Corki

  • First Strike is the newest rune on the rift, and so far has been a pretty solid keystone for champions who know how to abuse it. Corki can make solid use of it, and since we're already getting a cull, I figure we might as well double down on the money train. You're not going to get a ton of use out of it early, but once you get past lane phase you can get 200-300 gold per fight easily, maybe even more if you're ahead.

  • It's essentially a free stopwatch, which will be great to avoid inting in the early game, and can even win some trades if used well.

  • Biscuit Delivery is a good source of sustain in the early game and pairs with Perfect Timing to help us avoid inting the lane away.

  • Cosmic Insight lowers your summoner spell cooldowns and gives some item haste so we can get sheen cooldown lowered a bit and have the ability to abuse it more.

  • Manaflow Band will give some permanent mana in the early game and make your resources more sustainable throughout the match.

  • Gathering Storm is a solid scaling rune that will fit in with Corki's kit perfectly as he can use the AD or the AP and regardless of which damage type he receives it'll bring a lot of impact to this kit and increase his damage as the game progresses.

Zoom Zoom Corki

  • Predator will be great for roaming or just making your package W more effective whether you're trying to win a teamfight, contest objectives, or get a quick kill.

  • Sudden Impact is going to pair with package W to give you some added penetration after the initial W.

  • Eyeball Collection will give some added adaptive power because why not.

  • Even though it got nerfed a bit late into the season, I still like having Ravenous Hunter as a sustain option to avoid being completely lacking healing.

  • Manaflow Band will give some permanent mana in the early game and make your resources more sustainable throughout the match.

  • Gathering Storm is a solid scaling rune that will fit in with Corki's kit perfectly as he can use the AD or the AP and regardless of which damage type he receives it'll bring a lot of impact to this kit and increase his damage as the game progresses.
Starting Items
If you prefer playing safer early and trying to get ahead of your laner by outfarming them, Cull is probably the better choice as you get about 400 gold from its passive and then selling cull itself later on. It's also the choice I usually prefer as Corki isn't a very good early game champion. If you want to be a little more aggressive though, Doran's Ring is always an option as it gives you AP and some help with your mana pool until you can build up your Tear.
Divine Sunderer
Divine Sunderer is a great mythic on Corki as it gives him a sheen passive to abuse, gives him a little sustain to help him transition to to mid game, and gives him both physical and magic penetration to perfectly work into his kit. One of the best mythics on him without going all in on the AP half of his ability scalings. I've been thinking about putting Ludens here but I like having the AD/AP mix rather than going mostly AP or mostly AD because at that point you might as well go all in on one or the other.
Sorc Shoes
Sorcerer's Shoes are the best boots for Corki because even though a lot of your scalings are more AD focused you're still dealing magic damage. These boots plus Void Staff(which we'll get to soon) will give good Magic Pen while still letting you build AD for the best combination of damage elements.
Manamune is one of the best items on Corki as a whole because he has massive mana issues up to late game and manamune is going to be a lot more useful for general stat gain and mana retention than Seraphs Embrace. You also get an added 15 ability haste that stacks nicely into late game. This item is a must buy if you plan on playing Corki.
Void Staff
Void Staff is the 2nd Magic Pen item and the best item for late game damage. Since you'll be building a lot of AD early on, people will be more obliged to get armor, but when you get to late game none of it matters as your entire kit deals magic damage and by the time they start getting MR you will have Void Staff and it'll be hard to catch up. The added AP damage also builds into your kit since you still have AP scalings. Finally, it's a great gold efficient item as it costs less than most late game AP items and will open up a lot of damage for you.
Horizon Focus
Horizon Focus is amazing for Corki's AP item lineup because it gives some of the highest base AP from an item and the Horizon passive activates on Ultimate and on Package W. With a well placed Package W you will have added damage on the W burn and everyone hit by it takes bonus damage for 5 seconds. Meaning you have 5 seconds in that fight to blow people up or run them out of the area. When it comes to objectives being able to disrupt or even take control of dragons and barons is incredibly useful for late game.
Seryldas Grudge
Figure if we're loading up on magic pen we might as well go with the other side of the coin. Serylda's Grudge is an incredible item on corki as his rockets can slow from distance and make it a lot easier to kite with him. Being able to kite easier is great as corki because your W costs 100 mana per cast and with how much you're gonna be spamming R and Q you can't really take that cost unless absolutely necessary. It also helps make your E more than just a light shower against most bruisers and tanks.
Alternate Items
Wit's End is going to be an amazing item against AP comps because the attack speed. on-hit damage, and AD still give value to corkis kit and the build itself. It's also an efficient item for getting full build and can be abused early by itself because of it's on-hit uses. It hits well late game and is great for making mages and AP supports more manageable into the phase of the match where they begin to fall off. If you dont like running Void Staff, you can always go Shadowflame and go for more AP but still have a little Magic Penetration added on.
Early Game
Early game will mostly be spent farming and stacking your tear item. When it comes to stacking tear I suggest just some light poke inbetween farming so you can stack your tear and complete Cull at the same time, if you choose to run Cull. While you're in this phase don't try to be super aggressive or overstep your boundries as you're more than likely going to get punished for it. If you're in a matchup like Akshan or Yone ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TRADE! just play as safe as possible, farm under tower if you have to, and see if you can team up with your jungler to get a kill. Run barrier and hope they suck. If you decide to run the Zoom Zoom Corki runes though, you might be able to get a few ganks off with package if the enemy bot or top aren't paying attention and you think you can get a sneaky gank in. The laning part doesn't change though.
Mid Game
Mid game will be a great time to start disrupting objectives and to start getting kills on the squishier champions if they try to over extend or force bad fights. At this point you should have fully stacked manamune or gotten close, and have Divine Sunderer. These items will keep you relevant for most of mid game but it's still important to keep your gold up so you can get to Void Staff before the enemy catches on to your game plan. Depending on what summoner spell you got you can change how you farm. If you have TP you can just farm a side lane and go in when a fight starts. I wouldn't suggest brining package to the side lane unless you're 100% confident a fight will happen or an objective is getting taken because it only lasts a minute. For barrier or Ignite just try to farm near the team and branch off if a fight starts or an objective starts.
Late Game
Late game will be spent farming in between fights, and then being an annoying ******* every dragon, baron, and teamfight. No matter if you're behind, ahead, or even, you'll be able to keep the enemies on their toes as long as you can place your Ws well. It's best to target the squishies and force them away from the beefier people that'll be easier for your team to beat down. Even if you dont directly hit anyone, the W trail left behind burns hard enough to keep them from walking through it blindly. It's essentially a mini rumble R, so a well placed W will make it easier to cut off and zone parts of the team.
Build Conclusion
In Conclusion, this build can work as an aggressive roaming Corki or a scaling late game menace Corki. You'll always be good for disrupting objectives and setting up your teamates to clean up any champions that you hit with package. As long as you're good at hitting skillshots and placing your package well you will have success in fights and control.
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