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Sona Build Guide by Navn

Support [13.24] Sona SUPPORT (14.3 WIP) + 14.3 TIER LIST + S14 WARDING GUIDE Part 1+2

Support [13.24] Sona SUPPORT (14.3 WIP) + 14.3 TIER LIST + S14 WARDING GUIDE Part 1+2

Updated on February 12, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Navn Build Guide By Navn 70 9 167,493 Views 9 Comments
70 9 167,493 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Navn Sona Build Guide By Navn Updated on February 12, 2024
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Navn's Featured Video

Runes: Scaling and safe

1 2 3
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm



1 2 3
They all-in
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Champion Build Guide

[13.24] Sona SUPPORT (14.3 WIP) + 14.3 TIER LIST + S14 WARDING GUIDE Part 1+2

By Navn
About Me and other Guides

Main account Profile: Navcan
Smurf: Navn
Twitch Stream:
Tiktok: @navcan
Youtube: navcans

Hi there! I've been playing Sona pretty frequently, and this is how I've found success with her! If you'd like to ask more questions, drop a comment or drop by my stream! I stream almost everyday, and still play Sona occasionally. Thank you for reading!

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Why Sona? Pros/Cons

- Best scaling enchanter in the game.
- Easy to play.


- Really Squishy
- Relatively weak laning phase
The whole point of playing Sona is to become a walking stat stick for your team. What this means is: items like Staff of Flowing Water and Ardent Censer where you give bonus stats to your team mates by healing, shielding, or speeding them up. Since Sona has two rather large auras in basic abilities where she does one of these things, means your team becomes extremely strong, and you start walking as a 4 or 5 man death ball and run over team fights.


There's one main mythic to buy. Its...

Shurelya's Battlesong

- All 3 of your abilities will constantly proc the movement speed bonuses, and all you're looking to do is become a walking ball of death with your team and give them a bunch of stats.


Staff of Flowing Water
- This is usually your second item more often than not, because almost every champion wants more Ability Haste, and even if a champion you buff isn't a Mage, a lot of champions have AP ratios in their abilities.
- It's very cheap and gives you every stat you want.
- You will either buy this 2nd or 3rd item, but even default buying it 2nd isn't bad.

Ardent Censer
- This is very much like Staff of Flowing Water except all the stats you would provide yourself is mostly meaningless. You'll want multiple champions who can benefit from this buff. The more you have on your team, the better.
- If you have a jungler such as Bel'Veth Kindred Diana or top laners like Irelia Tryndamere then Ardent Censer becomes more and more valuable.
- Only buy this if at least 2 of your team mates would benefit from it.

Mikael's Blessing
- There has to be an extremely troublesome single target CC ability on the enemy team for this to be meaningful, otherwise it will not be worth it.
- If you can self cast this by buffering it just before CC hits you, this also becomes a Cleanse for yourself, which increases the value tremendously. Here is a youtube short demonstrating that. Mikaels as Cleanse

Chemtech Putrifier
- Oblivion Orb by itself is fine.
- If you you have nothing else to finish building, then you can complete this.

- If Ardent Censer and Mikael's Blessing doesn't look appealing, then this is your buy OR...

Archangel's Staff / Seraph's Embrace
- You can finish off your tear (if you bought one)

Vigilant Wardstone
- This should be your very last item you buy, and even then, it may be better to get any one of the items above.
How to use your abilities
TLDR; Use your Power Chord wisely, gain stacks of Accelerando asap.

Two parts to her passive:

Part 1 - Power Chord
- More often than not, how you use your powerchord will be the difference between a good Sona player and great Sona player.
- Hymn of Valor power chord is mostly something used in laning phase, and shouldn't really be used outside of that.
- Aria of Perseverance power chord basically becomes an Exhaust, which is extremely powerful, and even more the later you get into the game.
- Song of Celerity power chord is either usually to chase, or get someone off of you. If an enemy is on your team mate, and you can Aria of Perseverance power chord them instead, more often than not, it's better to do that.
- When you gain full stacks of Power Chord AND use it, they both count as an auto attack reset. So if you are at 2 stacks, you can auto attack, use any basic ability, and Auto Attack with any Power Chord, and auto attack immediately again afterwards. This is a very good way to get 3 stacks of your Spellthief's Edge immediately AND does good damage during laning phase. Ideally with this combo, you'll want to use Hymn of Valor or if the damage isn't relevant then Aria of Perseverance is also a good choice so they can't trade damage back efficiently.

Part 2 - Accelerando

- This is covered in each individual ability and Crescendo
- Having 120 stacks by 25 minutes is considered pretty average. Anything faster is good, and anything slower is bad.

Hymn of Valor
- This has quite a bit of range, and ideally, you'd like to hit both lane opponents for 2 stacks of Accelerando.
- If you have Manaflow Band try to wait until it's ready before using Hymn of Valor as it's your only damaging ability until your ultimate.
- Outside of laning phase, this will be mostly to gain Power Chord stacks and Accelerando stacks.
- With Shurelya's Battlesong you can put more points into Hymn of Valor until laning phase ends, so that you have more potent poke in lane.
- The aura on-hit damage you give others does apply Heal Cut from Oblivion Orb when your team mates do damage.

Aria of Perseverance
- This ability heals AND shields, so try to not use it exclusively to heal as it doesn't heal for much during laning phase. Once you have Tear of the Goddess and/or an item completed, spam heal away.
- During objectives that deal AoE damage, like Baron or Dragon, you can very quickly gain stacks of Accelerando for EACH PERSON you shield.
- The Heal range is quite far, however, the Shield range is quite short, and any ally you walk into will be granted a shield in the next 1.5 seconds, so be sure to tag as many allies as possible, but only if you don't put yourself in danger. You should be the last to die in almost every fight.

Song of Celerity
- Much like Aria of Perseverance's shield, this has a short range, so try to tag your team mates with the buff.
- This, combined with Shurelya's Battlesong gives your team a ridiculous amount of chasing potential, as everyone will be running 450+ movement speed, at all times, combined with Aria of Perseverance constantly granting movement speed from Shurelya's Battlesong's passive.
- This is always maxed last.

- This can be a huge play making tool, and even more so when you have Flash. You can call down your jungler for a gank, as you'll have a ranged stun, on top of Song of Celerity Power Chord to get easy kills.
- Once you do have 120 stacks of Accelerando, you can pretty much use it on the first priority target you can reach, and often, you'll be able to use Crescendo in the very same fight on another target due to how fast you'll get this back to use again.
TLDR: Precision Tree for offense, Resolve tree for Defense, Sorcery Tree for damage/utility. If you have a bad lane, scaling runes


Summon Aery

- It's just good in most cases.


- This is to scale as safely as you can, and very likely you have a hard lane match-up.


Manaflow Band
- This will give you a nice healthy mana pool to work with once it's fully stacked.
- Try to wait until this is ready before poking with Hymn of Valor so you can stack Manaflow Band as efficiently as possible.

- Ability haste is good. Nothing else in this row to take either.

- If you have a decent lane match-up (usually facing other enchanters) then you can get some more potent poke here.
- Likely to be paired with Ignite and Cut Down.

Gathering Storm
- Also an excellent choice for your already amazing scaling kit.


Shield Bash
- There's not much else in this row to take, but having that little bit of armor/magic resist is nice.
- This lane gets much more appealing if you have a lane partner that can also shield you.

- This will help with survivability later into the game, and will help out tremendously.

- Because of how potent and uptime on Aria of Perseverance, this is an amazing rune.


Presence of Mind
- You're looking to trade very frequently in lane, and will help out a lot in team fights when you're constantly spamming abilities and getting take downs.

Cut Down
- This is where being squishy will be helpful to make your poke even stronger.
- You should have Ignite and Scorch to increase the likelihood of being able to get kills.
Early/Mid/Late game
TLDR; Don't die and scale, buy the right items and start ARAM-ing

Laning Phase/Early Game

- The entire laning phase, you're looking to stack Spellthief's Edge as fast as possible so that you can buy your Mythic as soon as possible. Sona scales extremely well with items, so the sooner you get them, the better.
- If you have a good amount of mana, stack Accelerendo as much as you can, as, after laning phase ends, it'll be hard to find opportunities to gain stacks especially if you are behind.
- Look for your Power Chord combo, (auto, ability, Power Chord, auto) whenever you can, and especially if you have 3 stacks of Spellthief's Edge.
- Most of the time, if you can go even in laning phase, you won the lane, as you will out scale the opposing support (usually).
- Try not to roam too often, unless you know it will gain you an advantage.
- Most of the time, you'll want to give any Turret Plate gold to your lane partner solo, however, gold on Sona is so efficient, that taking gold for yourself is very good. This also includes taking kills from others.

Mid/Late game

- This is where Sona becomes an absolutely insane Enchanter. Most of the time if you have a Mythic item and Staff of Flowing Water, you can just group and run over team fights.
- Identify threats (usually assassins and burst mages) and either stay away from them, or get ready to Power Chord them with Aria of Perseverance in team fights. As long as you don't die, you can always heal up.
- Almost always prioritize living over everything else, as you can always heal up your team and keep the fights going.
- With Shurelya's Battlesong look to just group and run around killing whoever you can catch (usually someone farming top/bot, and they're far away from their turret).




Grading Explanation below the lists! Check the RANK too!

- Sona is the best scaling enchanter in the game, easier to pilot than most champions, and with huge payout. In higher level play, she's not as strong as she will be punished much more often, but in plat and below, games just go longer and longer, and turns into ARAM very often. And Sona is the QUEEN of aram.

14.3 Emerald and Below

14.3 Diamond+

Tier List Grading Points

- Winrates
- Champion Difficulty (more relevant in Emerald and below)
- Counter-play (more relevant in Emerald and below)
- Flex pick for draft (more relevant in diamond+)
- Early game (more relevant in diamond+)
- Late game/scaling (more relevant in Emerald and below)
- Anything in the (_Letter_+) row, means it's better the higher in elo you go. Anything in (_Letter_-) row, means it's better the lower in elo you go.

Overall Points:

- Games last longer the lower in elo you go. Therefore, mage supports tend to do much better since you can buy your items, and you basically become another carry threat. This leads to enchanters/engage being weaker in lower level play since you would rely on your teammtes more often.

- Champions that are fundamentally easier to execute on will have higher win rates. Since it is more unlikely players are pilot-ing their champion runes/builds/kit efficiently, the easier the champion, the more likely to maximize their kits. This is especially apparent in Platinum and below.

- I would recommend playing any of the champs in S+, S, or A. However you can climb on almost anything, provided you always look to maximize your champion kit, mechanics, and impact on the game. Winning is the result of improving.
Want to know more?
If you have any questions, leave a comment below! I'll be editing this as I go and be sure to let you know once I have more updates. Or if you'd like to ask me a question directly, you can go to my twitch stream!

There's also my tiktok
And my youtube!

Cheers and thank you for reading! Good luck on the rift
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Navn
Navn Sona Guide
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[13.24] Sona SUPPORT (14.3 WIP) + 14.3 TIER LIST + S14 WARDING GUIDE Part 1+2

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