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Darius Build Guide by Justkb



Updated on March 18, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Justkb Build Guide By Justkb 118 13 424,178 Views 8 Comments
118 13 424,178 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Justkb Darius Build Guide By Justkb Updated on March 18, 2023
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Runes: Easiest.

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Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak

Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
First time Safe.
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Ability Order Ability order in jungle

Threats & Synergies

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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Hi, My name is Just1kb. I've been a league player since the end of Season 2 and have experienced a lot during my time. I've peaked at 80lp Diamond 1 in season 9 and am now currently sat at 14LP in Diamond 1

I never started out a gamer, i was unlucky as to how gaming was viewed around me growing up, i didn't have the luxury of Call Of Duty MW2 lobbies when i was younger or even growing up with any games console for that matter.i built my first PC when i turned 15 and started playing league ever since! I have never been naturally gifted when it comes to video games! it has taken me over 6 years of grinding and 6 years of learning to get where i am now! i hope this guide shows you some simple tips and ideas on how to improve your Darius gameplay! and i hope you tune in to my stream to say hi!!

I have huge amounts of Darius experience in every ELO starting in Silver when I picked up Darius in S5. This guide provides the basics of playing Darius in EUW and how u can play him effectively and climb easily. This year i am currently aiming to get masters and hopefully higher!!!

In all honesty Darius is not a strong jungle pick. Don't come here and expect to hit Plat or Diamond from playing Darius Jungle. I would say that this is a situational pick if you are auto-filled, you wanna have some fun with fiends or you just want to try something new. I would avoid picking into high mobility comps. As-long as you can guarantee a snowball you always have a chance at doing well!!
Hope you have fun!
Jungle pathing
ROUTE 1. Take Hunter's Talisman and a Refillable Potion. Start Red then go to Raptors,Wolves, Blue, Gromp and then look to contest Scuttle or enemy redside as soon as you hit level 3. If the opponent has taken Scuttle top or bot look for ganks through to mid to finish the rest of your clear e.g Krugs. Make sure you have enough to back on a Stalker's Blade and Boots! It's really important here that you look to counter gank as Darius thrives in 2v2 scenarios. If you have Predator this can be you chance to force ganks. If not you can still provide a decent engage with a good enough flanking chance. third back should include a Cinderhulk if you are ahead as this provides you with so much sustain and duelling potential as Darius in the jungle. It also allows for your E to be useful when clearing camps as it can proc immolate.

ROUTE 2. Take Hunter's Talisman and a Refillable Potion. If you are forced to start Blue you can go from Blue to Wolves, Raptors then Krugs into Red,Crab and Gank. Try to look for a lane that is pressured under as you can flank easily earlier.
Clear Combo's
Clear Combo 1. -
Q,AA,W,E,Q. This allows you to gain a small heal at the start of combat and a larger one at the end if the large camp is still alive.

Clear Combo 2. -
AA,W,E,Q. This is if you want to purely focus the large monster in the camp. e.g Large Raptor. The combo allows you to get a large heal once the monster is almost dead.

Main gank combo. -
W if you are close or E if they are out of range. Weaved in autos depended on scenario. E.g W,AA,E. OR E,AA,W. Into Basic Darius combo. Post 6 secure with Ult or you can use R as a small gap closer if they are out of range of E in order to W and secure a kill for your laner. His R counts as a small dash/leap which can be used as a Gap close, not the most efficient scenario but can help out if necessary.
If u are behind however look to rush Warrior and Black Cleaver, this way you can sustain through to the mid game while not having to spend too much on a Trinity or a Steraks. From Black Cleaver make sure you get a PD, Youmuu's and also Boots Of Mobility. this should make going into late game a lot easier.
If you are ahead however transition your build into a Trinity, Steraks and Deaths Dance combo as you will have insane burst and sustain potential alongside Cinderhulk. lastly look to pick up a Righteous Glory and Boots Of Mobility to enable you to gap close with ease and get around the map more efficiently. You need to understand that Darius's power lies in his jungle dueling as his passive can proc on large monsters. When invading try to force fights around large monsters in order to proc your Q more efficient and heal more from it. This surprises a lot of people as you can end up healing TONS of missing health and winning many early dues in the enemy jungle due to this!.
Many Thanks.
This was short jungle Darius guide. I hope you learned something new in this. It's worth mentioning that I would not recommend Darius jungle in high Elo as a lot more players can abuse your slower early clear and dominate your rotations leaving you behind in the early game. In Low Elo however i feel like this would work really nice, if you manage to take an early lead or even out-path the opponent which can be done easily u can carry the entire game into the mid game and dominate late!!
many thanks KB.
Patch 10.5
hemorrage damage to monsters - 120% > 175%

This is really nice and adds to your early clear! much needed for Darius jungle. I still don't recommend it for anything above Plat, as the clear and mobility is still lacking, considering they increased the cost of mobility boots.
Patch 10.6
make sure that you use your mana wisely due to the upcoming changes!!
Deaths dance is looking like an essential item for Darius in the jungle now!! Highly recommend it second or third.
Item Changes
Hunter’s Talisman

New! “This item’s healing will be amplified by 50% when under 30% Health.”
Hunter’s Machete

New! “This item’s healing will be amplified by 50% when under 30% Health.”
Stalker’s Blade

New! “This item’s healing will be amplified by 50% when under 30% Health.”
Skirmisher’s Sabre

New! “This item’s healing will be amplified by 50% when under 30% Health.”

This is really nice for Darius and helps his sustain in the Jungle! You will come out of jungle healthier and it is more important now more than ever to counter invade and force trades with your opponent!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Justkb
Justkb Darius Guide
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