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Sona Build Guide by Takyre



Updated on March 10, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Takyre Build Guide By Takyre 9 1 8,534 Views 0 Comments
9 1 8,534 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Takyre Sona Build Guide By Takyre Updated on March 10, 2023
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Runes: (tanky utilitary) better run moonstone with this

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Champion Build Guide


By Takyre

ABOUT ME_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hello, I'm Takyre, a Master Sona main from France.

I've been playing League since 2013, around the time when Yasuo was released.
Three years ago, I reached Master for the first time on the EUW server with Sona, and my peak rank is Master 550LP.

I've decided to create this Sona guide to help everyone better understand how the champion works.
If you have any questions, feel free to add me on Discord at Takyre#1505 or ask when I'm streaming. I'm always happy to help.

Pro cons


-Best late game support

-Powerful in team fights

-Doesn't have umplayble matchup (ban amumu)

-One of the strongest ult in the game

-Really great against casters

-Efficient against pokes

-Thrives on prolonged fights

-Adaptable with her build


-Weak laning phase

-People will run you down because they hate to play with sona (mostly draven)

-Weak Roming rarely prio bot

-Mana hungry

ACCELERANDO: Sona generates a stack of Accelerando each time she hits an enemy champion with and each time she mitigates sufficient damage or heals damaged allies with stacking up to 120 times. At maximum stacks, she instead reduces the Cooldown of Crescendo by 1.5 seconds each time. For each stack, Sona gains Cooldown reduction 0.5 basic ability haste, up to 60 at maximum stacks.

MELODY: Whenever Sona casts a basic ability, her other basic abilities incur a Cooldown 0.5-second global cooldown and she generates a unique aura for 3 seconds that empowers herself and nearby allied champions.

POWER CHORD: Sona's basic abilities generate a stack of Power Chord, stacking up to 3 times. At 3 stacks, her next basic attack is empowered to consume them all to have an Relentless Force uncancellable windup, deal 20 − 240 (based on level) (+ 20% AP) bonus magic damage, and apply an additional effect based on the last basic ability she casted:
STACCATO: Deals 28 − 336 (based on level) (+ 28% AP) modified magic damage.

DIMINUENDO: Reduces the target's size by 8% and damage dealt by 25% (+ 4% per 100 AP) for 3 seconds.

TEMPO: Slows the target by 50% (+ 4% per 100 AP) for 2 seconds, capped at a maximum of 99%.

Gaining Power Chord's empowered attack resets Sona's basic attack timer.

Sona has a stack counter under her health-bar that is not visible to other champions.
When Power Chord is ready, Sona gains a ring around her. This ring will have a different color depending on the last ability used (blue,green or purple).
The effect does not change if abilities are used while the projectile is in motion.


ACTIVE: Sona sends out bolts of sound to the two nearest visible enemies, prioritizing champions. Each bolt deals magic damage and grants sight of the area around the target for 1 second.

MELODY BONUS: Sona and tagged allied champions deal bonus magic damage on their next basic attack within 5 seconds.

Sona gains a stack of for each bolt that hits an ennemy champion.


ACTIVE: Sona Heal herself and sends out a tone to heal the most wounded allied champion nearby.

MELODY BONUS: Sona and tagged allied champions are granted a shield for 1.5 seconds.

Sona gains a stack of whenever she heals a wounded ally or shields a minimum amount of damage for an ally with aria of preseverance


ACTIVE: Sona gains Movement speed icon.png 20% (+ 2% per 100 AP) bonus movement speed for 7 seconds. If she takes damage during this time, the duration ends prematurely once or if 3 seconds have elapsed.

MELODY BONUS: Tagged allied champions gain bonus movement speed for 3 seconds.


ACTIVE: Sona strikes an irresistible chord in the target direction that deals magic damage to enemies hit and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.
Rune Setup 1:

This setup is best used with Moonstone because these runes allows you to have stronger shields compared to other rune setups.

These runes are the most used on Sona.
The Sorcery part of this setup gives you Mana Regen , Ability Haste and AP Scaling. Very classic stats to have on Sona.
The Resolve part will give you Conditioning and Revitalize. This will grant you some form of tankyness starting mid game with Conditioning and stronger heals and shields with Revitalize, which both will help you survive Assassins.


Rune Setup 2:

This setup is best used with Shurelya, capitalizing on the Movement Speed Bonus from Celerity instead of Ability Haste Bonus from Transcendence.
You won't need Transcendence because Shurelya's Mythic passive gives your Legendary items Ability Haste.

We also run Inspiration with Biscuit Delivery for early game health and mana sustain along with Cosmic Insight for shorter Summoner Spells and Items Cooldown.


I don't like this rune but its can be play if you play agro or have free early matchup and you can bully the ennemis in lane like Senna Janna Yuumi


Rune Setup 4:

This is my personal rune setup.
I have a strange way of playing Sona, so only take these if you're going to play super safe and that will not roam often.
These runes are not ideal if you have to roam or face a lane like Caitlyn Lux. But if you survive the lane, Magical Footware will grant you free boots with extra Movement Speed which will make you save money and spend it instead on your Mythic Item.

Shurelya is the best Mythic Item for these runes.
"In this guide, your Boots and Spellthief are not considered as an "Item" in the build path.
Your first item will be your Mythic Item ( Shurelya or Moonstone)
Your 2nd / 3rd / 4th / Last will be the Legendary Items like Staff of the Flowing Water, Ardent Censer, Vigilant Wardstone etc..."


Always take Spellthief's edge in every matchup even the hardest. Why spellthief? It's because it give mana and Sona need a lot of mana to spam her spell and its easy to prok it with Sona in lane will being safe most of the time.


Tear is a must have for Sona it give her a lot of mana and that what she need you should always start tear as faster you can to stack it fast and so have mana on Sona. After the tear you should take Boots (if you didnt take ). Boots are realy good if you have spell to dodge like a hook from Nautilus or other spell like the cage of Lux.Boots are great too if you have to match roming champ like Pykeor Rakan


Faeries is the best one on sona because of the mana regenaration next it depant of the matchup if you face burst ennemis or hook or might get dive go for ruby crystal if not go for amplifying tome. If you have the money and space you want to take kindlegeme first because it give 50hp where as bandle miror.


Moonstone is a really strong item on Sona as it boost both your Healing and Shielding capabilities.
It thrives on long fights as the Healing and Shielding Bonus will only get stronger each second capping at 4 second for a maximum of 20% increase.
Naturally, the properties of this item will also excel vs Poke champions as it will easily offset the damage that your team receives.
You can take Moonstone in every game but there will be games where Shurelya is way better.


Shurelya is good because it can be procced on every Sona's basic Abilities.
It's generally a strong item for both engage and disengage.

You should pick this mythic when you know that you will have short fights, like when you don't have Tanks in your team or when an ally can use the burst of movement speed to wreak havoc on your opponents such as Swain or Olaf.

You can also pick this item to match the enemy team's movement speed or if the enemy support also buys it. It will always be stronger on Sona compared to other supports because you can proc it on your entire team with any of your basic abilities.


Most of the time you will want to build Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the Ability Haste Bonus.
However, if you're facing a heavy AP or AD teamcomp, you should buy Mercury's Treads or Plated Steelcaps respectively.


REALY STRONGE ITEMS ON SONA. IT give ap and cooldown reduction to everyone you shield or heal its realy stronge on sona because you are one of th rare support who can prock it to your whole team and ap/cooldown reduction are good on sona. You should build this item when your carry have ap ratio in your team or thing who like to have cooldown reduction (2ap=you should build it instantly orif you have 2 thing like Zed Vi or other champ who love CDR take it or 1 ap + love CDR anyway in most of your game this items should be your second item)


Archangel's Staff costs a lot of gold which in it's own a big reason why you don't want to build it 2nd. In any case you must have it in your build.

However, if you're facing a 1 shot 1 kill champion, such as Rengar , Zed or akali and purposely targets you every time, you can build it 2nd. The shield that this item provides when it has transformed into Seraph's Embrace should be more than enough to prevent death


Ardent Censer is pretty much the same as SoFW but instead of AP and AH bonuses, it gives Attack Speed and On-Hit Bonus.

Only buy this when your team is composed of at least 2/3 Champions that uses their Auto Attacks or on hit as their main source of damage like Jinx, Kindred, Vayne, Bel'Veth, Master Yi, katarina etc.....

An exception if your team only has 1 Auto Attack Champion , but is snowballing very hard, build this.

Build this as your 2nd item


DONT THINK, JUST TAKE IT WHEN YOU CAN ( 3rd Item most of the time).
Watchful Wardstone will upgrade into this BROKEN item when you reach level 13 and when you tranform your Support item into it's final form.

When upgraded, this item will let you stack 3 Control Wards and will enable you to place 4 Stealth Wards and 2 Control Wards in total on the map instead of 3 and 1 respectively.

It will also give you a 12% Increase of AP, AH, bonus AD and HP which is good.

A lot of people don't buy this broken item, please do buy it.


Mikael's Blessing is also a very situational item.
On activation, it removes every Crowd Control on the target with the exception of Surpression, Knockback, Knockup, Blind, Disarm, Grounded and Nearsight while also healing the target by a small amount.

Only take this when your the your team's main Carry was dumb enough to not take Cleanse while the enemy team has a big deadly CC.

You can build this Second or Last Item.


I dont like this items but in some rare suepr rare case you can build it if you are getting harase bye rengar zed or other dangerous champ but still in my opinion archange is just better.


Mejai's Soulstealer only works if you're Shubbart or if you're smurfing.
The only purpose of this item is to give you a massive amount of AP.
The problem is, being a support , you don't have a lot of Inventory Space with your Support Item, Wards and tear also Sona's AP Ratios aren't great.


Redemption is kind of meh as an item compared to the other ones, it needs a buff to be really playable.
It's active will heal a zone after a short delay, it's good for a short teamfight.
The +16% Healing and Shielding Power can make a difference on longer fights but only by a slight margin.




BEST potion take it only if you know it will be the last fight or that you are full build or need to win fight like soul, elder drake


SONA MATCHUP IN GOLD AND BELOW (gold/silver/bronze/iron).Yuumi is the best matchup and amumu the worst(thresh is easyer matchup than xerath/janna is easyer than seraphine)


SONA MATCHUP IN PLATINUM AND HIGHER (planitum/diamond/master/grandmaster/challenger)
Best Sona Synergie with adc in gold and below (gold/silver/bronze/iron)


Best Sona Synergie with adc in platinum and higher (platinum/diamond/master/grandmaster/challenger)
Laning phase
In laning phase with Sona your goal is to survive, its rare that you can actualy 'win' the lane. If nothing happen bot or if the ennemis don't roam its always good for you cause there isn't any support who outscale sona (maybe Senna after a 40min Game but its rare) In some matchup you can actualy play the lane realy agressive with a Draven or Lucian(du to this pasive synergiese very well with sona and because lucian early is realy stronge).

So as sona you gameplay in lane is to try to pock with your to get money from and prok Manaflow Band and cover your adc with your by staying next to him and try to predict when ennemis gona trade him, to be able to shield him before ennemis hit him (dont forget that sona shield is bigger than sona heal so you want to use your shield and its also give stack for ) DONT FORCE FIGHT AND DIE for stack of , or Manaflow Band you will stack them later it's a probleme you will be less use full but still dying for it will just feed ennemis wich is way worth and when you get behind as sona its a nightmare cause ennemis can easly dive you pre 6 and even with your .

Try to keep your for ganks to ingage or disangage and also for ganks try to use your slow (the purple pasive) on ennemis to chasse them or if you can to save you or your adc from the jungle (dont die just to slow the ennemis).

When you pock with sona you will try to use at max range so most of the ennemis wont be able to trad back but still be carfull about some like Nautilus or Pyke and other that have better range and dont trade half of your hp for just one . If you know that ennemis cant trade back add aa or pasive aa (blue pasive are the best to trade for damage) to get more gold from and to deal some damage even if it isn't much.

In some lane you wont be or will only have rare opportunity to pock and have to focus on shielding and healing your ally (vs pock lane or all in). When you trade with you can follow the trade with a W to shield yourself and so lose less hp with . Try to use only when you know that ennemis have to dash or other counter. Also try to wait for the ennemis to group. Sometime keep it for the ennemis jungle as said befor sona dont nee to win the lane so in some case dont force fight and keep it for if the ennemis come bot cause giving 2 kill to some jungle is ff15 (NEVER FORGET THAT JUNGLE ROLE ARE BROKEN DONT GIVE THEM KILLS IT'S DANGEROUS).

Vs burst lane like Lucian Nami try to keep your to shield the burst and heal your adc and try to have your pasive up so you can use your green pasive auto (the one who make a ennemis do less damge) so the burst is less dangerous (work vs Tristana a lot if you time your auto on the explosion of the bombe of tristana.

ABOUT ROMING : you have to roam even if you dont want and Sona roming is super weak but you should not iniciate roam (you can only with stronge jungle or mid who hard win 2vs2 or 3vs3 with a early sona) keep in mind that your goal is that nothing happen in the game so if you see the ennemis supp roam try to roam too to stop him from impacting other lane (if you see him go top don't go top lmao its so bad if there isn't a herald to play even if most of the time as sona you will leave herald cause you are kinda ussless early and if you ennemis jungle move for herald you can take plate bot with your adc but still most of the time you will have to move cause your team dont know how to play with sona and will force herald even if they see the ennemis supp and that you spam ping to not do it EVEN IN GRANDMASTER so always think that your team will fight like idiot so move to help them by roming even if its not the best move its solo q ppl dont listen sadly

ABOUT WARDING with sona you will try to ward defensly to have info like is the jungle going to dive us ? so you can leave the turret or ward in lane to know if the jungle is lane ganking or have info on the ennemis supp or just to pock the support if possible try to ward area where you will see if the ennemis supp is roming mid so you know if you need to go and roam btw i made a video how to ward as a support on my youtube channel if you want to know how to ward.
Team fight
After the laning phase you will most likely end up mid with your adc. You will try to play with both your adc and jungle most of the time you push lane with the adc and them tryt to go ward around mid with your jungle if you can (dotn face check if you have no info stay mid wait jungle or adc to ward) try to always cover adc and jungle you cant realy play with your mid top if they are playing sidelane cause if you do they can force mid on your adc (if your jungle play on side and you knwo that ennemsi supp is going to play on sidelane go and try to match it ) ALWAYS try to match the ennemsi support or push lane to get turret if you can't.

Always try to play team fight with sona the champ is realy broken in team fight cause you can peel your whole team with your aoe spells. In team fight you will try to peel your carry cause most of the time you cant peel the frontlane (you are going to die realy fast) stay behind and next to the most ally possible and spam heal shield and speed boost and sometime q burst if needed but most of the time you will use your green pasive or your plurple pasive depanding of the ennemis in range (green for champ who have a burst like Tristana Zedand other purple for champ who dotn like to be slow and like move speed like Singed Tryndamere Hecarim). For your ulti wait the good timing dont rush (wait that they use there dash or counter spells like ) and try to touch the most ppl you can and have ally next to you that can dps when the ennemis are dancing.
I'm posting everyday on my Youtube channel, Gameplay video of my Solo q in Maser where i try to explain everything even if i do mistake (happen a lot). I do post other thing on my channel like sona guide or how to play support and more


Thanks you for reading everything if you have question you can add me anywhere you want you have all my link (consider subscribing to my youtube please it will help me a lot)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Takyre
Takyre Sona Guide
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