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Senna Build Guide by Terroronyou

Support [13.9] New Build! Bizzleberry's Season 13 Senna Guide

Support [13.9] New Build! Bizzleberry's Season 13 Senna Guide

Updated on May 4, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Terroronyou Build Guide By Terroronyou 49 24 176,006 Views 0 Comments
49 24 176,006 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Terroronyou Senna Build Guide By Terroronyou Updated on May 4, 2023
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Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Cut Down

Ghost Poro
Ultimate Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

[13.9] New Build! Bizzleberry's Season 13 Senna Guide

By Terroronyou
Hi, my name is Bizzleberry and I am a longtime League of Legends player, playing since before Season 1. Over the years I have achieved high ranking in solo queue, from Platinum in Season 1 (the highest at the time) to Challenger multiple times throughout the years. I used to stream in season 4-5 and stopped playing League for a year during season 6. I have now returned and am currently in Master as a support main. You can catch me on my stream or my Youtube channel. I try to explain what I am doing in most situations; feel free to ask any questions on stream or leave a comment on the guide!
Why Senna?
Senna is one of the most unique Supports added to League. She plays like a Marksmen but has support abilities. Similar to Pyke, she has a carry potential while playing something completely different to a traditional support. For ADC's coming over to support this is an ideal champion to start on as there are a lot of similar mechanics at play with Senna.

Senna's Advantages has shields, heals, roots and respectable damage in her kit. She improves a lot as the game goes on due to her passive and soul stacking, which increases her range and damage output throughout the game.

She is also FANTASTIC with an Ability Power Laner, such as Ziggs or Veigar. As it ensures that the enemy will be taking two different types of damage and will have to choose which one to mitigate.

Senna's Weaknesses is her lack of mobility and being able to land skill shots. Positioning is key and understanding enemy cooldowns to know when you are able to go in and try and get some souls is crucial to Senna. Early game can be difficult due to lack of range.

Senna is very vulnerable to a hard engage + Burst ADC as she has very few tools to get out when the enemy is on top of her, ensure that you gather souls in a safe manner.

Glacial Augment provides a slow on your auto attacks and on your Q Piercing Darkness. Great for ensuring kiting and ensuring enemies don't get away, or even can be used to help peel for other members of your team. Interacts with Approach Velocity.

I recommend the following minor runes -

Magical Footwear Gives you free boots saving you 300 gold. However, you will have to wait to receive them. Get them quicker by getting takedowns on enemy champions!

Another benefit is that the Slightly Magical Boots provides you with more movement speed than normal boots. Including the upgraded version!

Biscuit Delivery gives you greatly needed mana regeneration for laning phase. A MUST!

Approach Velocity Works in conjunction with Glacial Augment. Allows you to chase enemies easier. Also works with your W Last Embrace.


Presence of Mind as long as you deal damage you will generate mana. Get a takedown on a champion, and you get mana back! Key to not having mana issues throughout the game!

Legend: Alacrity Senna doesn't benefit too much from attack speed on items & runes, however I promise you will notice the difference mid-game onwards once this rune starts stacking.


Legend: Tenacity if you find yourself against hard engage in the bot lane. Could very well save your life!


Coup de Grace Allows the potential of executing targets that get low on health. Very good general damage increase rune.
Summoner Spells
Flash is always a must, however the secondary summoner you will want is a defensive one. This could be Heal or Exhaust depending on what your lane partner is also running.

This is the reason why Senna gets so powerful the longer the game gets on. Senna has her own mini-game in which minions and monsters that die near her have a chance of dropping a soul. After gathering souls her Attack Damage is increased and the shield on her ultimate Dawning Shadow is increased. Every 20 souls gives Senna additional attack range AND critical strike chance. If Senna is capped on critical strike (100%) she instead gains Life steal.

Senna has a higher chance of getting souls from MINIONS if she DOES NOT kill them. Cannon minions will ALWAYS give a soul IF Senna does not last hit it.

Champions and epic monsters and large jungle monsters (Example: Gromp)will ALWAYS give a soul, regardless if Senna gets the killing blow or not.

Souls are also generated by hitting the same champion TWICE with ANY ability / Auto attack. This has a short cooldown per Champion. You will also deal bonus damage to the target when doing this!

The text above is daunting at first but generally, don't kill minions, attack champions twice as often as possible for the best soul generation!

Piercing Darkness

This is Senna's main poke tool. It also resets Senna's auto attack. A standard attack combo would be AA(auto attack), Piercing Darkness, AA.

You can also use Piercing Darkness on allies to heal them, and Senna will always heal herself with this ability.

You can Piercing Darkness on minions or WARDS to either pick up souls on the ground or harass enemies for damage / soul generation.

Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of Piercing Darkness.

On hit effects are also applied.

Last Embrace

The first enemy target hit by Last Embrace will be rooted after a short duration. It will also root ALL enemies around the rooted target.

This can be devastating in team fights or just picking off a squishy individual target.

TIP: If used on a target that dies from the damage of Last Embrace, it will instantly do the AoE root. So you could use this on a minion next to an enemy that would die to instantly root the champion.

NOTE: Although Last Embrace root is AoE it will NOT do damage to the other targets rooted!

Curse of the Black Mist

Senna surrounds herself with an aura of mist and gains camouflage for a duration. If Senna breaks the camouflage, she regains it after a short duration of not performing actions that break stealth.

Allied champions who enter the mist gain Wraith Form for a duration equal to the remaining duration

WRAITH FORM: Gain camouflage. Enemies will have obscured vision of Wraiths moving outside of the mist. Wraith Form can be regained if lost by breaking the camouflage after 1.75 seconds of not performing actions that break stealth. Wraith Form ends immediately upon Senna's death.

Senna and allied champions in the mist have their movement speed increased.

Dawning Shadow

Senna Ultimate is a map-wide global spell with two portions. The centre portion deals damage and the outer portion (including the centre portion) gives herself and allied champions a shield.

This Ultimate also grants a short duration of vision along the trail. Any Mist wraiths on the ground will also be collected.

Spectral Sickle

Spectral Sickle if you are used to playing support then this is basically an Attack Damage version of Spellthief's Edge. Hit enemy champions or turrets within range of an allied champion to generate gold.

At 500 gold you get 3 wards and the item upgrades and again at 1000g. Wards can be refilled by going back to the fountain.

Boots of Swiftness

Provides Senna with extra mobility to either roam around the map to help mid-lane to get ahead. Very much required if you want to have an impact mid-lane and get back to help your bot-lane in time! Also very nice to dodge skill-shots.

Navori Quickblades

Provides Senna with extra damage on her Q,W & R when she gains more crit chance. The passive is active if this is the only item you purchase and you have 40 souls (giving you the total of 40% crit chance). Currently as of 13.2 I have been rushing this item first with great success and would recommend it over Infinity Edge. The main reason as this item also provides additional cooldown reduction to your basic abilities when you auto attack including when you use your Q.


Eclipse is a great extra burst item that works in conjunction with your passive. If you hit an enemy champion twice you will deal extra damage, gain movement speed and gain a shield. Perfect for trading and generating souls!

Umbral Glaive

Umbral Glaive This will help you clear out wards incredibly fast throughout the rift. You do not need to oracles part of this item in order to do extra ward damage, it is active throughout the entire game. Umbral Glaive allows you to do 2 damage to a ward, so if you are quick enough when you see it planted you can do an Auto attack + Q to destroy it.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Youmuu's Ghostblade Provides you with even more lethality and movement speed. Once again helps you roam around while providing you with even more damage!

Edge of Night

Edge of Night Provides you with even more lethality and a spell shield. Can be useful if the enemy have a quick CC they can use on you when you go in.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Guinsoo's Rageblade Provides you with a lot of extra attack speed in a teamfight. Only purchase if you are ahead and you feel like you are able to get off a lot of autos in a fight.

Rapid Firecannon

Rapid Firecannon gives Senna insane range on her first shot in a teamfight. When at late game this can be devastating to ANY squishy target.

Vigilant Wardstone

Vigilant Wardstone is something I generally don't purchase on Senna. This is because I would rather have another damaging item as my final slot than more wards. However if you feel your team really needs the vision that control wards provide late in game still, then this a cheap, ok-ish purchase still.
How to play Senna
You want to poke with two damaging autos / spells as often as possible on individual champions to scale up your Absolution passive stacking. The quicker you get to 20,40,60 souls the easier you will be able to harass for the rest of the game.

If needed use your Piercing Darkness to pick up souls on the ground you can't reach.

Ideally use Piercing Darkness in a way that attacks the enemy, and heals your lane partner at the same time.

You can throw out W Last Embrace to root a champion and then use Piercing Darkness on a minion wave to get the second hit on for an easy soul.

When enemy starts to move towards you in lane use Curse of the Black Mist to gain extra movement to help evade attacks. If they can't see you in the shroud, you will not be able to be auto-attacked.

Use Curse of the Black Mist to sneak in your jungler in lane as they will be camouflaged inside the circle.

Pay attention to the minimap and use your Dawning Shadow to potentially help allies on the other side of the map.

In teamfights, look to continue ensuring 2 hit combos and try not to be the first one in as Senna is incredibly squishy.

Use your range to your advantage and keep stacking up those souls!

Don't forget to keep searching for wards and clearing them if you are using an Umbral Glaive!
If you wish to ask me any questions about Senna or any other support champion, feel free to ask me on stream at

Also check out my Youtube channel for daily support content, including, guides, gameplay videos and Tier lists -

I hope this guide helps you and have a great day!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Terroronyou
Terroronyou Senna Guide
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[13.9] New Build! Bizzleberry's Season 13 Senna Guide

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