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Yorick Build Guide by Just GC



Updated on June 8, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Just GC Build Guide By Just GC 28 5 62,151 Views 2 Comments
28 5 62,151 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Just GC Yorick Build Guide By Just GC Updated on June 8, 2024
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Runes: most lanes

1 2 3
First Strike
Cash Back
Triple Tonic
Approach Velocity

Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide


By Just GC



this is an update to an upate of a s13 build i made that riot completely gutted with the new items. with this being said, the build i am showing here follows a similar concept with more focus on macro-pushing 4 lanes at the same time (im just that good).

Item Synergy -

Statikk Shiv:

This is kind of the core concept peice of the build, the new statikk procs off of minion kill at a 3 second cd. This means one, it pairs disgustingly well with Hollow Radiance providing a disgusting amount of madien split push in the mid to late game, and two, that you just turn into volibear, procing First Strike off cd; this ofc was made super good, as first strike is now formatted on procing it as much as possible to get that initial guaranteed 15 gold.

Spear of Shojin:

Shojin got even better on yorick since last season, it is not the easiest thing to fully stack into some champs, but the damage increase on goons is well worth the item when dueling. yorick goons do area spell damage, meaning they benifit directly from Shojin's spell damage increase. Shojin is also still bugged on yorick, the Dragonforce passive (increased ability haste for non-ultimates) actually works on yorick's ult; this is great for my build as we will be releasing goon a lot mid to late game.

Black Cleaver:

Black Cleaver is an all round good item and will be built in most games regardless of its percentage based armor shread. It provides very very good speed, any time you are dealing phyical damge. This makes you disgustingly sticky all while cleaving armor. very good consistant item through all stages of the game.

Hollow Radiance:

I get it, this is going to make some of your balls all fuzzy, but the amount of push this items give is crazy. Again the whole idea of this build is pushing side lanes with goon, this means that we need a **** ton of consitant push. Radiance lets goons push into big waves like they're nothing while still giving yorick a good amount of push. This item also works extremly well with Statikk Shiv as it again procs off of minion kill; yes thats right, if madien kills a single minion top lane, it will set off a chain reaction of static shiv and hollow radiance passives.


Trinity is another very consistantly good item, it works well through all stages of the game providing speed and sheen proc. Not to much to say, very good mid to late game item.

Rune Synergy -

(will cover main page in depth, everything else you can figure out)

First Strike:

Frist Strike is a really good source of income, It provideds not a crazy amount of damage, but what it does do is nice to have. Regardless it was recently changed from "How much damage can you do in a short bit of time" to "proc it off cd", as they made it so that if you do any amount of damage with it, you get an initial free 15 gold, along with whatever damage you do. This works really well with statikk shiv as you are ****ing volibear.

Cash Back:

Disgustingly efficient rune, ********. you just make 6% more gold, thats it. in the early to mid game will normally provide similar amounts of gold to first strike, Im guessing this will also be nerf in a coming patch. Also super nice for after you buy first item, as normally to hit Statikk Shiv power spike early, I will ommit buying boots. after buying this item though you will likely have enough gold given back to buy boots aswell.

Triple Tonic:

Triple Tonic, super nice rune givng you 3 different potions with 3 different effects.
  • Level 3, Elixir of Avarice Elixir of Avarice: gives 40 gold after a while, is also nice when clearing 3-4 wave crash lvl 4
  • Level 6, Elixir of Force Elixir of Force: gives a **** ton of adaptive force for how early into the game that is, use it before going in for kill, when your jgler is ganking, when getting dove, or just to take more plates early.
  • Level 9, Elixir of Skill Elixir of Skill: broken, if leveling W early, gives 3-hit wall at lvl 9.

Approach Velocity:

Approach velocity is also self explanatory, you do a lot better into range matchups as your all-ins are faster and you have more stick. As mentioned before it also allows you to run at lanes where your minions are attacking champs; which seems like a small thing, but has proved quite helpful to atleast me.

Eyeball Collection:

I take this over Cheap Shot simply because it gives flat AD, this ofc works well with the side-lane splt, giving both madien and goons more auto damage. If you want a stronger lane presence take the other one idgaf

Ultimate Hunter:

I know it looks int, but again, we are playing madien release timers, the more you are able to have madien consistantly up and around the map, the more gold and xp you are giving you're self. Again if you want to take smth else go ahead, but I do suggest it especially because it works well with the Spear of Shojin bug.

ok all done (other runes) ->

conq :

Conq is still bugged. probably always will be cause we are yorick players and lol bugfix. I suggest looking into how to properly conq bug, heres a good video from slogdog going over how to use it:
also check out his guide and channel :3 ->

hobkins :

This rune if ****ing nuts, its so much fun you need to try it even if not using this build. hob gives you a crazy amount of kill presure early allowing you to catch people off guard super easy. With the new ult auto cd changes hob allows you to auto champs 4 times in a second if properly executed, this is 15% max hp damage alone
pros n cons of build


  1. Maiden becomes the 6th teammate you always wanted
  2. Consistant gold and xp production
  3. If you are at all ahead, makes it even more sure that you win
  4. Objective focused (playing for team)
  5. Not as one-dimensional as most other yorick builds
  6. You know when a garen kills a 34 creep wave in 0.3 seconds? you can do that too.
  7. Super good tower push with statikk shiv


  1. Requires some level of brain to use later in the game (hard for most yoricks)
  2. Relies very heavily on goons, if you have a conisitant source then you are fine.
  3. Inconsistant skermishing damage,
  4. Makes it difficult to win most fights if you fall far behind (you will need to passive push lanes)


The only time you are really able to fight in lane is if you rush Black cleaver or are fighting a tank. Most of the time you are going to be playing back and farming up. Or taking short trades to proc first strike and get out. I would only really go in for kills if you know 100% you have the kill, or are getting a gank and acutally believe in your jungler. Otherwise just play safe and get that money up!
playing the build :0

Early :

As mentioned above you tend to want to play passive in the early game even if ahead, as it normally much more worth setting up a freaze and pressuring the enemy away from their reasources rather than constently looking for a kill/trade angle. This being said obviously punish the enemy laner if they step out of line. You generally want to try and get statikk shiv as fast as possible, Doing this will give you wave dominence.

Midgame :

mid game depends on how well you play early. if you are fed look PUSH YOUR LEAD, run your lanner into the ground, steal camps, get both grubs and herald, get all plating and if possible second turret. if you want vore further, kick bot out of their lane and take their second turret. if you are behind play around team looking to steal kills or at least get assists all the while having goons or madien in a side lane. if ahead i like to stay in lane and play for second turret. LOOK TO PLAY AROUND RELEASING MADIEN, its kinda the whole idea of this build :p

Late :

Depending on your build either play with your team or hard split while your team has a chace to fatten up. use your gamer macro 5 head knowledge to push opposite lanes from up comming objectives (e.g. send maiden top when playing for an elder to force a 4v5 or a lost inhib). again depedning on build you should focus on setting up good TPs to end, or just over power your oppoents in teamfight. idk just win xd.
Madien stuff
Releasing madien at the right time is an art form, and it takes a lot of games to learn to do properly. You do it to early and the lucian will come top and kill her, then you have no goon for drake fight, do it too late, and she just sits top doing nothing.

So when should you release her?:
  • When fighting for an important drake when fighting for third drake or soul, its good idea to send goon down top around 1:30 before drake is up, this is very over simplifed and it matters alot more the place and what type of waves are top, but 1:10 to 1:30 in advance is a good starting point.
  • When super behind, when behind you are starved of gold, if this is the case, play back and look to push and leave lanes, i.e. throw madien in a lane that no one is near, then run to the opposite lane and push that using goons. You can slowly build up to a point where you can participate in teamfights to snowball further.
  • When your inhib is gone and and obj is up, if you dont want supers in your base when fighting drake, try dropping maiden to counter push into it, she should be able to at most stages in the game (unless youre super far behind)
  • When gungus gives you a little too much lip, and you gotta send goon bot at 9min to put him in his place.

Im going to dump some **** here that I made and not explain any of it :3

then uhhh here:

and here the **** code to try it youreself: :p

import java.util.Scanner; public class Calc { static final int WAVE_MIN = 5; static final int WAVE_MAX = 8; public static void main(String[] args) { final float time_to_defend = 14; // 1 final float time_to_mid = 28; // 2 final float time_to_second = 48; // 3 final float time_to_inhib = 60; // 4 float[] section_array = { time_to_defend, time_to_mid, time_to_second, time_to_inhib }; try (Scanner trk = new Scanner( { System.out.print("Select current wave clash location (1-4): "); float wave_position_time = section_array[trk.nextInt() - 1]; System.out.print("Select closest alive enemy turret (2-4): "); float end_goal_time = section_array[trk.nextInt() - 1]; boolean visible = false; float time_visible = 0; float total_time = 0; float sec = 0; while (sec++ < end_goal_time) { total_time++; if ((sec >= wave_position_time && total_time % 30 == 0) || (sec == wave_position_time && !visible)) { int kill_time = time_to_kill(); System.out.println("Hit a wave! (" + kill_time + "s delay)"); sec -= kill_time; if (!visible) { System.out.println("Madien shown on map!"); visible = true; } } if (visible) { time_visible++; } System.out.println("Time: " + displayTime(total_time)); } System.out.println("Total time - " + displayTime(total_time)); System.out.println("Time spent visible - " + displayTime(time_visible)); System.out.println("Visability - " + (time_visible / total_time) * 100 + "%"); System.out.println("\nSuggested release time - " + displayTime(total_time + 10) + " from dragon spawn."); } } private static int time_to_kill() { return (int) (Math.random() * (WAVE_MAX - WAVE_MIN)) + WAVE_MIN; } private static String displayTime(float seconds) { int min = (int) (seconds / 60); int sec = (int) (seconds % 60); if (sec<10) { return (min + ":0" + sec); } return (min + ":" + sec); } }
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Just GC
Just GC Yorick Guide
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