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Morgana Build Guide by Actioner

Support [14.12] Morgana Support in Action⚡️

Support [14.12] Morgana Support in Action⚡️

Updated on June 14, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Actioner Build Guide By Actioner 683 47 2,131,893 Views 22 Comments
683 47 2,131,893 Views 22 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Actioner Morgana Build Guide By Actioner Updated on June 14, 2024
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Hello! Actioner here. I'm here to teach you the fundamentals for the Support role. I will surely try my best. So I've been playing League of Legends since late Season 3. I've been always a Main Support and I'm more than happy to share this passion and knowledge with you. I'm currently a high Master player with highest ever reached: Challenger Top 40(EUNE) and Master(EUW). I don't main a specific champion on Support, I can play 20+ support champs, so I always adapt to meta and what works best for me during that time. My secondary role is Mid-lane with a pretty small champion pool.

Feel free to join Action Squad and follow my journey!


Morgana is a high damage utility support with a special ability to deny enemy CC while locking enemies in place with her massive crowd control kit that provides slow, root and stun!

+ Strong CC
+ Great Range
+ High Damage
+ Skill immunity

Morgana has big pick potential with her Root ability and that's what makes her strong from the start of the game. Her kit has a quite nice range with good amount of damage and a skill to deny enemies crowd control abilities.

- Very Squishy
- Low Mobility
- Long Cooldowns
- Small Support Kit

Very squishy with a decent mobility makes Morgana an easy catch!. Her cooldowns are insanely high especially in the early stage of the game, gets better later on! She doesn't have enough skills to support your team either so you have to be more precise with your decisions.


  • Arcane Comet is the best option for Morgana as it gives you enough extra damage for lane pressure. Summon Aery is not a bad option either as it can give an extra shield to your teammates that can block any type of damage, BUT it does less damage than Arcane Comet.
  • Manaflow Band helps negate running out of mana in laning phase. It pumps you up with extra 250 to your maximum mana and extra mana regen after you reach that threshold. Definitely an important rune as you don't want to run out of mana due to poking with your Tormented Shadow.
  • Ability Haste is really important on Morgana! Her cooldowns are pretty long so Transcendence provides you a good boost on level 5, 8 and 11 which you can reach fairly easy every game. Don't forget that Ability Haste affects Summoners Spells and Active items cooldown!
  • Since Morgana excels in laning phase with her high ability damage, picking Scorch is your best bet for some extra harass. It can be applied by any ability and its best to pair it with Tormented Shadow which is easier to land than hiting a Dark Binding.

  • Cheap Shot makes Morgana's early kill potential and poke even stronger.
  • This rune improves will help you with Zoning, controlling objectives and boost your early picks potential.


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Dragon Practice (Passive):

Morgana heals herself equal to 20% of the post-mitigation damage dealt by her abilities to champions, large minions, and medium and large monsters.

Helps Morgana to sustain, mostly helpful during laning phase. You can only heal when dealing damage to enemy champions, cannon minion and large jungle monster like blue/red buff golem, the big wolf in the pack and the big raptor ect.

Morgana releases a sphere of dark magic in a line in the target direction, dealing magic damage to the first enemy it hits and rooting them for a duration.

This is Morgana's most important ability and the one you should primarily maximize in level first!
Dark Binding:
  • Is always cast from the original casting position. So getting pushed let's say from Heroic Charge or Devastating Charge won't change your Q's starting position.
  • Can also hit enemy minions and jungle monsters not just enemy champions.
  • Dark Binding's hitbox is slightly bigger than it seems, meaning you can sometimes hit enemies who look out of range. A good comparison example is Light Binding which has much smaller hitbox.


Morgana desecrates the target area with infected soil for 5 seconds, dealing magic damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies within, increased by 0% − 170% (based on target's missing health). The first tick of damage is dealt instantly to enemies in the area at the time of cast. Tormented Soil deals 155% damage against non-epic monsters. This is the ability that procs your Arcane Comet and Manaflow Band easy for the extra damage on enemies. Also it provides you easy gold for your World Atlas Quest.
  • Soul Siphon triggers from Tormented Shadow's damage, which in turn triggers Tormented Shadow's effect, reducing its own Cooldown reduction cooldown.
  • Since Tormented Shadow procs Arcane Comet its a good way to check a bush from a safe distance.


Morgana  shields the target allied champion or herself for up to 5 seconds, which absorbs magic damage and grants crowd control immunity while the shield holds. Morgana's shield is pretty powerful but you have to be really accurate when you use it. Black Shield prevents your ally from getting CCd. That means he can't get slowed, stunned, suppressed, knocked up, feared, silenced or rooted. Morgana's shield works only if the CC hit your ally while is shielded. In other words using your Shield on an ally that is already under Nether Grasp will be a big waste!

Black Shield: Skills that have 2 Crowd control effects such as Cosmic Binding can still apply effect on the aimed target if the first effect breaks the Black shield.


Morgana latches chains of energy onto nearby enemy champions over the cast time, dealing them magic damage and forming a tether between Morgana and each target for 3 seconds, during which the targets are revealed and slowed by 20%.
Basically there are 2 phases on Morgana's ultimate. (1st) Morgana attach chains on enemies while getting bonus movement speed moving towards them. (2nd) If the tethers are not broken by the end of their duration, the tethered targets are dealt the same magic damage again and are revealed and stunned for 1.5 seconds.
  • Spell Shield skills and Cleanse Spell will block the tether's slow application and initial damage but not the shackles which means that after 3 seconds the target can get stunned.
  • Soul Shackles cannot be cast without a valid target nearby.
  • You are able to cast ultimate even when enemy is invisible either hiding in a bush or ability like Ambush. Soul Shackles indicator will light up available!


Control Ward
You are not going anywhere without buying this everytime you back to base. You should at least have 1 placed on the map and 1 in your inventory everytime if not 2. Combined with [Stealth Ward], you can get a serious amount of vision for your team. Do not forget to switch it to [Oracle Lens] when your [Spellthief's Edge] is almost completed.

Zhonya's Hourglass
This item will help you get the entire Soul Shackles easier, while in other cases without it you would propably need to give up on some targets while you are ulting to survive. Morgana is squishy so this helps a lot. Stopwatch will help you in the early game and it does reduce the cost of Zhonya's later on! It is also a must pick if you are kinda the only one in your team that has to initiate and start the fights!

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Best option for boots, it provides you less cooldown on your Flash. If you want some extra damage you can go [Sorcerer's Shoes] but Ionian is the best bet.



Starting of as Morgana its a good idea to gather your team and go for an early invade. Morgana has a big pick potential with her Dark Binding which you shall level up first anyway during laning phase. If your team decides not to invade then you help your jungler get his buff.

Once you get on lane try picking someone with your Dark Binding preferably the one that position closer to your ADC so he can follow up. That way you can have an early advantage before hitting Level 2 either by getting some of their Summoner Spells down or even by killing someone! Make sure that as you hit your Q, move closer to the target for some free auto attacks. You can use the bushes early on to hide urself and make an easier Binding. Try this ''level 1 tactic'' on the first wave only and avoid it on the 2nd wave half because this is where u get level 2 and you don't want to have it on cooldown. If you don't hit your Q, its fine move on hitting the minions to help you and your ADC get level 2 before or same time as the enemy!

On Level 2 you level up:

Once you have your Tormented Shadow you should use the skill to farm gold for your World Atlas quest. Now... you should never spam it everytime its up because you will run out of mana fairly quick. Also, make sure to use it when enemy isn't that close to the minions and prioritize the enemy ADC if possible! You don't want to hard push the lane with it or killing the minions urself just to farm your quest. Feel free to hit the minions though for a faster wave clear, when your ADC needs to back.

During laning phase try to hit your Dark Binding and always follow up with Tormented Shadow for the extra damage and self-healing. After casting those move closer for auto attacks. Keep in mind that Tormented Shadow heals you during your fight through Soul Siphon so don't be scared to go for 1-2 auto attacks.

Dark Binding is easier to hit in shorter range distance. However, you should not walk closer risking your life for a Q, unless they have cooldown on their abilities. Knowing when is the next Arcane Shift, Tumble, Relentless Pursuit is a good example. Also, as I mention earlier using bushes is a good way to hit those Q's as the enemies don't know your exact position.

Another good idea is since the enemy ADC has a dash/dodge tool you can lock down the enemy Support when it's not close to his ADC. In such scenarios the enemy ADC might turn immediately towards you or your ADC taking a fight. If you are not close to bind enemy Support its a good 2v1 for you and your teammate.

When you hit Level 6, you should look for a fight. Start with hitting your Dark Binding then get closer for Soul Shackles and use Black Shield on you if they have a strong CC Ability that can stop you from keeping enemies in range like Solar Flare, Condemn, Buster Shot. You can always setup an ambush with your ADC or Jungle and start with Dark Binding then Soul Shackles if they are close enough to you.

Soul Shackles reveal hidden enemies, meaning that if lets say a champion is invisible in a bush or due to a skill like Twitch, Vayne is in your ultimate range, the skill indicator will light up.

Morgana excels on rooting someone in a position, right? That makes her an excellent choise for roaming. Always take the safe path in your side to roam. You don't want to get yourself caught by enemy jungle, also is most unlikely to be warded.
  • Is the enemy botlane missing? Roam!
  • Did you recall and Bot is missing? Roam from base and then head to your lane.
  • Is your lane pushing but you feel like you can't pressure for early plates? Ping and Roam!
  • Is your jungler going for crab or a fight is 'about to happen' there? Push your wave and roam!
Do not use your Flash while roaming unless you know that enemy doesn't have it. Work mostly around Dark Binding while you are roaming and Flash if you are in trouble.

How to deal as Morgana against ganks!
First of all as I said couple of times through this guide, your Dark Binding is the strongest skill. The best thing you can do is to keep the wave management around mid side. Avoid attacking the minions when there is no need and avoid hitting them with Tormented Shadow. You should always give your Jungler the opportunity to gank for you! Pushing towards the tower all the time and especially when you don't have any clue where is the enemy jungler, its a big mistake to do with Morgana.

Stay in range, you don't need to walk close. Make sure you use you wards and when you are about to get ganked look for the closest threat to use your Dark Binding. That is either the Support or the Enemy jungler, ADCs don't have Crowd control. Denying those CC with your Black Shield and keeping one locked with Dark Binding will deny the enemy ADC to follow up with any damage.

When you are getting ganked from High Mobility champions such as Rammus, Udyr, Lillia it's good to avoid throwing your Dark Binding as soon as you see them because it's way too easy for them to dodge. Instead you wait untill they get somewhat closer to you, to increase the chances of hitting it.

On the other hand if you are getting ganked by an enemy Jungler that has a reposition ability like Kindred, Graves you most likely won't to avoid aiming your Dark Binding towards him, but instead use it on the Enemy Support.


Morgana's late game is simpler than her early game. Moving out of laning phase the best thing you can do is always stick around your ADC. At this point of the game you have to always ward around jungle and objectives. Even at this phase of the game Morgana is strong on picking, so don't be scared on trying picking on enemy heroes using your Dark Binding.

In teamfights you should prioritise your Black Shield on your ADC OR a Midlane that can quickly initiate a fight like Diana, Azir, Katarina ect.
In other scenarios where you have a Warwick, Rengar, Darius ect that are looking for a catch, you can Black Shield them before they get out of your range and they are closer to the enemy.

In worst cases where your team composition doesn't have any champion that can engage, YOU have to be the one that must do it. So when you feel confident and your team is grouped, try to use Dark Binding on someone then if enemies are close to him quickly Black Shield yourself then Flash into the enemies and Soul Shackles. While in the fight use your Tormented Shadow, tank as much damage as you can and to keep as many as possible in range of your ultimate.


Morgana pick is mostly a situational pick and you should not Blind pick her, but get to know your team composition first if possible. If you are picking after most of the enemies, that makes it even better. Morgana's laning phase is strong to a point where you can snowball the game and excels when it comes to roaming, so work mostly around that for a better and easier late game too.

I hope you found this guide helpful! Make sure to drop a Vote, comment and reputation! For more content check my Twitch, Discord and the rest of my social at the start of the Guide! :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Actioner
Actioner Morgana Guide
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[14.12] Morgana Support in Action⚡️

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