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Briar Build Guide by SYROBE

Jungle {14.6} Syrobe's Mathematically Correct BRIAR 🩸 NEW ITEMS

Jungle {14.6} Syrobe's Mathematically Correct BRIAR 🩸 NEW ITEMS

Updated on March 19, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SYROBE Build Guide By SYROBE 668 76 909,715 Views 138 Comments
668 76 909,715 Views 138 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SYROBE Briar Build Guide By SYROBE Updated on March 19, 2024
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1 2 3
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ingenious Hunter

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Scorchclaw Smite

Scorchclaw Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

{14.6} Syrobe's Mathematically Correct BRIAR 🩸 NEW ITEMS

[14.6] Patch Commentary
14.6 more briar nerfs...

Riot already gutted the crit builds for briar and more recently are tanking her viability with lethality. Patch 14.6 is nerfing a lot more base healing and base damage on all her abilities. Yeah you get to Q and ward hop now very similar to Jax Leap Strike. but this is one small positive change with 3 direct nerfs to her W healing W attack speed and R damage. Riot is trying their hardest to force briar into a Bruiser playstyle and remove most of her damage and healing while making her scale on base HP. For newer players Id recommend going bruiser and only go lethality briar anymore if you are extremely experienced with that play style like myself.

14.3 Not many changes to briar directly, BUT Stridebreaker was reworked and is a VERY GOOD ITEM ON BRIAR NOW
Stride Breaker is now a tiamat item argubly better than titanic for Briar.
It gives attack speed, AOE melee damage, an active that slows everyone in it for 35% and gives briar +35% movespeed FOR EACH PERSON HIT. This equals around 200+ move speed with t2 boots and stride breaker as an item.
Briar W also gives movespeed so using her W and Stride breaker means NO ONE CAN OUT RUN YOU, its almost guaranteed to burn a flash and increase her GANKING potential significantly

14.2: Tldr Bruiser is even better, lethality is still strong, crit is dead.

Honestly crit briar has already been dead for a while now. I showed my crit build to Riot August as soon as briar went live on PBE last September and since then he has made her less viable with crit for multiple patches.
This is pretty understanable as my mathematically correct Crit briar build was literally broken and even after the nerfs was still decently strong.

However now Crit is very very bad compared to other builds now!

Also the new mini runes dont change much, always take the 10% tenacity and slow resist one, however I haven't found it to be noticebly impactful.


Its uptime is 2x longer thanks to her passiv bleed keeping her in combat for 5 extra seconds after she stops hitting a target.At level 6 Briar has 53 armor and 65 MR
This becomes 119 armor 138 MR after using ultimate with JUST JAKSHO.
This item gives SOOO much value. Full lethality than either jaksho or GA for defensive items is best build right now.

In Season 13 Briar was kind of split into separate Bruiser/crit/lethality builds and playstyles due to the Mythic Lock system.
Now that mythics are removed, you can just be a mix of EVERYTHING. Builds will be more situational, if the enemy is more squishy you can stack more lethality items, but if theyre more tanky you can opt for a bruiser on-hit briar build that gives you HP and a ton of attack speed as well as armor pen, armor, and MR!

I tried Voltaic Cyclosword and its a good item but its awkward to build.
Ghostblade is by far the best FIRST item now that Duskblade is removed and Eclipse is no longer a Lethality item. It provides higher DPS as Voltaic is only stronger for the single empowered Auto it gives.
If you take Voltaic CycloSword 2nd item it feels good, but then if you do this you wont have Collector until your 3rd item. If you do take collector 3rd item then it delays your Armor pen until 4th item. You pretty much always need a last whisper item 3rd because if you get 2 lethality items early, the enemy will almost always have more armor by your 3rd item which makes raw lethality not as good.

BRIAR IS REALLY STRONG IN SEASON 14! However her builds might take a while to get used to a new playstyle for most of you. Crit Briar is largely dead since they nerfed her too many times. Lethality is strong and even Bruiser Briar has a lot more damage now thanks to the new eclipse making it a bruiser item!

In Season 13, Bruiser Briar was really bad. This was a result of her many CONSECUTIVE nerfs over the next 3 months after she released. Her best first item was Goredrinker or Stridebreaker, but both of these builds still weren't good as she lacked a lot of base damage from the previous nerfs and building bruiser made it so her damage was nonexistent.

In Season 14 Bruiser is now really strong because they removed gore and made stride worse, so the best first item is Eclipse! This is now a bruiser item and NOT an assassin item! It provides a LOTTT more damage early and allows you to build full bruiser after without hurting your Damage.


Briar Passive causes her targets to bleed whenever they take damage from Briar's attacks, both abilities and basic attacks. Crimson Curse actually deals more damage than Hemorrhage except darius bleed gives him bonus attack damage at max stacks and resets on his ultimate. Briar bleed deals physical damage which can be reduced by armor, which heals Briar overtime. The healing is 25% of the damage Briars bleed deals after being reduced by enemy defensive stats. If a target dies with bleed stacks still going, she will heal the rest of their duration instantly. This does not result in a higher healing amount but just faster application of her passive healing.

Briar also gains increased healing from everything that heals her, including her Crimson Curse healing her Blood Frenzy healing and her Chilling Scream healing. Those abilites have natural healing which gets increased the lower Briar's HP is. This increased healing also applies to any lifesteal or omnivamp items Briar purchases from the shop.

Passive ability visual


Very small gap close with a targeted lock on stun. Reduces armor when it hits and does minimal damage. You can animation cancel Briar Q by using Briar W first. Briar W1 -> Briar Q instantly casts and cancles the animation for maximum damage output. Briar Q is also an auto attack reset and can be used to refresh her attack timer.

Briar's Head Rush can also be utilized during her Blood Frenzy to stop Briar from seeking out champions as long as she uses Head Rush on a minion or monster.

Q ability visual


Briar W has two parts which are referred to here as W1 and W2. This section will cover both parts. Briar W1 puts her in a Berserking state where she prioritizes any nearby champions. If no champions nearby it focuses minions and monsters instead, even WITHOUT vision of everything. This ability is heat-seeking and only range based. Briar can use Head Rush to prioritize minions and stop focusing champions to avoide committing sodoku.

Briar W1 is also a medium length dash. W1 can dash over almost EVERY wall in the game I made a video to show every possible wall jump See WALL GUIDE HERE


Briar W2 when activated, Increases Briars Attack Range from 125 to 175 (+50) for one single auto attack. This auto attack will heal Briar based on the damage it does and deals additional damage based on how low the enemy is. With the crit build this W2 bite is treated as an auto attack which allows it to CRITCALLY STRIKE. This is the foundation for the crit build as you will heal a lot more on a W2 crit than you would normally and dont need to save it for when the enemy is low. You can raw W2 an enemy and heal for a massive ammount as long as its a crit. This is also an auto attack reset which refreshes Briars attack timer.

This ability lasts for 5 seconds, can be stopped early with Chilling Scream, and will STOP focusing champions if Briar uses Head Rush on a MINION

W1 (DASH) & W2 (BITE) Visual


Briars E is almost functionally the same as Irelia's Defiant Dance.

Chilling Scream cannot be stopped by ANY crowd control and will keep charging up even if briar is stunned, knocked back, knocked up, silenced etc. This provides Briar with a ̶3̶5̶% 40% damage reduction at all ranks of E which should ALWAYS be saved. Never try to start a fight with E or finish off an enemy with E. Use your Chilling Scream for your self as that 40% damage reduction is applied the exact frame tick that you press it and heals you for quite a bit being increased by your passive the lower HP you are.

EDIT: briar got a hotfix since her GLOBAL winrate is 34%. This is a result of everyone building bruiser instead of crit.
Source here as of 09/15/2023

E ability visual


Briar sends out an Ultimate very similar to Super Mega Death Rocket! except it does NOT deal damage when it hits. Certain Death R1 is just a mark nothing else. After R1 hits a target it marks them. Then Briar is forced to take her R2 which sends her flying directly towards the enemy she marked with R1. All enemies including the initial marked target will take AOE damage from Briar ONLY when she arrives. Upon arriving Briar Certain Death ALSO FEARS everyone EXCEPT the initial marked target.

Briar R1 allows true sight of her target meaning if R1 hits someone they cannot gain any stealth from abilities like Thrill of the Hunt, Deceive, Void Assault, Guerrilla Warfare, or Twilight Shroud AND will be fully revealed from these abilities if they are used before it hits too

Briar R1 also has a 0.25 silence that stops champion recalls or cancels channeled abilities such as Curtain Call, Absolute Zero, Requiem, Meditate. Bountiful Harvest, and more similar channeled abilities and ultimates.


Chilling Scream or until the target you hit dies.

R1 & R2 ability visual

🧱Wall Jumps Guide 👟

EVERY Possible Wall Jump, Hop, or Dash in Summoners Rift with Briar W1.

This is why you should always take Ghost and not Flash on Briar _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
(13.19) I got crit briar nerfed sorry guys it was too op

I think briar is just weaker early now, will formulate my thoughts later into a video for what to build!

Full Patch Here

[Yes I asked premission from Riot August to share these DM's dont worry]
🧾[Briar Gameplay Codex] 📚
See chapters below:

How to Jungle as Briar:

It is essential as a Briar player to full clear.
Briar can start at either Red buff or Blue buff so always start the buff closest to your botlane for a leash. They might be upset and not want to leash but reassure them that this gives you a faster clear and allows you to get to your ultimate faster than having a toplaner leash. As a repayment be sure to come back and use Briar Ultimate down in botlane to help them out.


Briar jungle pathing is very similar to a Master Yi or Warwick as her ganks are drastically weaker without her ultimate. Briar gains a MASSIVE power spike as soon as she hits level 4 and level 6. You should never consider fighting in the early game until you are at least at that one of those powerspikes.
-GANKING 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

How to Gank as Briar:

Do not be fooled by Briar's Head Rush stun as an effective means for a gank as it is only 0.85 seconds in duration. So unless you have a huge follow up from an ally like Blitzcrank its honestly not worth trying to force a gank with.

You should only gank as Briar if you see an enemy over-extending without flash or around 50% of their Total HP. Otherwise you should always prioritize farming because the faster you get to level 6 with Briar the faster you can take over the game and snowball. Ganking risks getting yourself killed or putting yourself behind in farm XP & gold. As soon as you get level 6 with Briar that opens up the opportunity to fight anywhere on the map that you want but there are a couple caveats when it comes to using Briar ult.


-#1 Do not EVER use Briar ult down midlane if the 1st enemy outer mid lane tower has NOT been destroyed. Middle Lane in summoners rift is statistically the shortest length lane. Given that Briars Certain Death does not fear the initial target it hits, this makes it even worse to ult down mid. If Briar hits a midlane target, they will always be relatively close to their tower and closer to safety. Even worse, champs like Zed or LeBlanc can easily dash back to their tower once hit and force Briar to chase them and turn the gank around on you for a free kill.

-#2 Bot lane & Top lane are the best options for Briar Certain Death as these lanes are a lot longer in length and enemies are more at risk of dying to you if this ability lands since they have to run further back to reach their tower or any safety.

-#3 Bottom Lane is the best option to ult down and Briar should always ult botlane unless they have Sivir or Samira. These two adcs are the only threats as they can press 1 button to completely cancel out Briar ult with Spell Shield and Blade Whirl which make it so that you can never ult them if these spells are up.

Ulting to gank a toplaner is very hard as most toplaners have a lot more escapes and are a lot tankier than the average adc. This makes it more unlikely to get a kill off ulting toplaners and a lot more likely to get a kill from ulting bot lane. By using Briar ult botlane you can fully utilize the Certain Death AOE fear and separate the support from its ADC or vice versa. This by itself is enough to cause players to panick especially when they get feared. The chances of a kill from ulting botlane are far higher as you also will have your own botlane to back you up. Even if a jungler ganks bot before you, Briar ult gives the perfect counter gank setup and pretty much wins every fight so long as it hits and gets the fear off on a few others.

How to DUEL with BRIAR:

Briar wins duels at very specific levels. The earliest she can even win a duel is at level 4 when she has at least 2 points in her W. This makes it so that Briar can easily win a 1v1 fight with her increased stat checks from Blood Frenzy if no one else interferes. However most fights you are rarely going to be a fair 1v1 which is when you need to wait for level 6 power spike. The increased armor, mr, and life steal and movespeed from Certain Death allow briar to be a bit more tanky especially when combined with her ̶3̶5̶% 40% damage reduction while using Chilling Scream. These two power spikes at level 4 & 6 are when Briar is at her strongest but not unstoppable. Even at these levels, briars biggest power spike comes at two items.

When dueling, make sure to SAVE all of Briars abilities. Do not EVER use Chilling Scream unless its to stop an enemys burst combo or to stop yourself from Berserking in Blood Frenzy. You do NOT want to be in a frenzy with your Chilling Scream down as it is almost always going to get yourself killed.


Briar can animation cancel her Blood Frenzy if she uses that first and then instantly uses her Head Rush ability. The combo would be W1 -> Q very fast but not at the same time just Press W and Q right after. This will cancel the dash animation of Briars Head Rush and also cancel the dash animation of Blood Frenzy and instantly gap close, stun, and enter frenzy mode all within the same second. So always make sure you save your Q so that you can use it to animation cancel Briar's W.

Briar's Q, W1 and W2 are all auto attack resets that refresh Briar's attack timer, so with enough practice you can auto almost 3-4 times instantly.
Briar has extremely strong Smite securing as her W deals execute damage to minions.

However, when using Blood Frenzy on something like dragon or rift herald, Briar will stop attacking the monsters and focus any enemy champions if they come too close.

Be sure to only use Briar W on an objective when it gets low and if Briar tries to auto path away from the monsters to nearby enemy champs, you can FORCE Briar to stay on the objective if you press Q on it as Briar's Head Rush will stop Briar from targeting champions if she uses it on a minion or monster during her Blood Frenzy

Be sure to W1 + Q on the objective, followed by the W2 + Smite at the same time to execute the objective and secure it.
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