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Warwick Build Guide by hackmods

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hackmods

3v3 Cool Wick

hackmods Last updated on November 17, 2011
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An Introduction

This guide is brand new! If you have any suggestions on the way I should order the items, edit the runes or swap out items please pust and I will make not reference or update! Thanks.

*Note 2*
If you have a better title let me know! I have no clue what to title this!


So your reading this because your playing 3v3 tired after school burnt out, your favorite hero Singed was stolen from you because its free hero week and people auto lock him and play him without a bathing suit skin like a new *** and then disconnect 5 minutes in for no REAL raisin. OR Your playing ranked 3v3 and the all 5 heros you play are all banned / stolen because no one loves you so you pick the only hero you could think of and your ready to kick ***.


This guide is NOT troll. I run it every time I dont play singed and I always have fun. This guide lets you do massive magic AND attack damage while building attack speed yet doing AOE magic damage. If you follow this you will hit the biggest tank ever and still do 25% life damage from the magic stacks with his ult before even calculating the actual REAL damage. Follow this and win!

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Dont Troll Here.

If you do not like something please post and I will update.
If you think The Black Cleaver is bad tell me something I should replace it will and I will or I will mention viable alternatives.
Thanks to all who give feedback!

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Magewick Pros vs Cons

-Amazing laner, hard to harass.
-Great ganker/chaser
-Ulti is destructive
-Not squishy
-Passive lifesteal
-Great solo
-Ults are instant KO

-One of the first that the other team focuses
-Hard to harass
-CC stomps your ult and blood sense.
-Can run out of mana early game

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The follow are valid runes

Magic pen helps with your build.
Flat health is good on any hero.
Simple. Ability power is very powerful. And stacks with your Q for good damage.

Attack speed with blood razor + life steal = GG
A good alternative, magic pen.
Greater Mark of Desolation If you dont have those these will do.

Attack speed with blood razor + life steal = GG
You can never have enough armour, safer early game.
You can never have enough CDR.

You can never have enough CDR.
Simple. Ability power is very powerful. And stacks with your Q for good damage.
If you don't have either of those you can never have enough magic resist.

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For masteries, I like to put 21 in to Offense. This is really self-explanatory. Having a bit of extra damage, attack speed, cooldown reduction and ability power when ignite is on cooldown is nice for Warwick to have. The next 9 points are really up to you. Personally I like them all in utility for the ghost bonus makes you a better chaser and ganker, mana regen helps IMMENSELY early game, because many times you will find yourself mana starved. The extra experience is great because if your in lane almost all early game it will be easy to over level your opponents, making you more destructive. Finally I get increased duration on neutral buffs because let's face it; your still part time jungler so it's nice if your buffs stay with you for a while.

*borrowed will rewrite ASAP*

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Summoner Spells

I find this is very essential early game because it will make a slow Warwick a super fast angry wolfman.(I like to yell this when I chase... :D) Also it can be used to finish a running enemy late game that is not quite half health, or that is a fast champion.(example: Yi, Miss Fortune, Kennen etc.) Also if your target is getting close to a turret or a tank, you may want to ghost for a finish or an easy escape.

Again, great early game. You definitely cannot dive turrets so you need some way of making sure your targets dead. Ignite is your friend and you should use it always for early game running champions. Also this helps a lot when against Mundo because ignite destroys his Ulti.
I find its a great spell for Warwick.

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Skill Sequences

I find maxing Q first is important for multiple reasons. First since they lowered Warwicks passive life steal a few patches ago, this is very important in being able to stay in lane all game for massive farm / harass. Nothing is better then running up hitting Q and backing off. Even if they get one hit on you, you still gained more life then they hit you for *hopefully (knock on wood) * and they have a nice chunk of health gone.

I get W and E up about the same. If your up a few kills and really want to destroy towers, then W really lets you + your ally's to hit the tower super fast. It also helps in 1v1 with the passive life steal and the Magic damage stacks from your items. Also dont forget about your Blood razor that deals 4% of their life total in magic DAMAGE! REAL DUMB! You bit them 5 times in 2 second to do 20% of their life in magic damage. Not including everything else! Also the attack speed stacks with your runes and items = GG. *****es! GG.

E is also just as important. E lets you run fast! E with boots and runes makes you run across the map (3v3 is small) and kill almost anyone! It also helps you get away in 2v1's if one is already low health! I always get 2 of this at least before finishign W.

When you can ULT up do it! Your ult is on a short cool down, especially if you rand CDR runes. When you use it you do mass damage, gain mass life and Do an additional 20% of their life in magic damage if you have your Blood razor built! (always rush). Its way OP

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Real Items

The Following are some of the items I prefer to build and why I choose them.

Madred's Bloodrazor

Many people wonder why we need Bloodrazors. You may wonder how it will help when your not jungling or super DPS, its because of his Ultimate. AKA 20% of their life total will be dealt in magic damage in addition to his ult (4% * 5 swipes). It also works nicely when you hit someone 2-3 times a second with W to do an extra 8-12% total life damage.


This is a good cheep item that can be replaced. It lets you do massive magic damage on every hit plus it lowers there magic defence. Did I mention it also make you hit faster?

Sorcerer's Shoes

Good boots that let you penetrate better with your attacks and magic items. You also can use Berserker's Greaves for more DPS.

Berserker's Greaves

Good boots that let hit faster and are very cheap early game You also can use Sorcerer's Shoes for more magic penetration.

Wit's End

Stacks magic damage and makes you more resist to magic damage. Very useful.

Spirit Visage

Extra health regen, CDR, and magic resist.

Sunfire Cape

A good final item. Makes you super tanky. 6th Slot is more open / players choice.

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Build Order Explained

While rushing Madred's Bloodrazor is good for some people, an Item that takes 3000 gold to get makes you very weak early game. By getting Doran's Ring first you get extra HP, extra 15 AP (more heal on ) and extra mana regen so you can spam / . Next I get Boots of Speed because WW is slow when Blood Scent isn't activated. I rush Wit's End first because #1 its cheap and #2 it does an extra 42 damage per hit and adds mana resist and attack speed. After that I finish or Sorcerer's Boots depending if they are building magic resist. By now you have a nice attack speed + extra damage and your ready to get a Madred's Bloodrazor! By now the game should almost be won for you. Now you get Malady so you can do more magic damage per hit as well as lowering peoples magic resist for extra damage. If you still are toying with them then you get Spirit Visage for extra life steal and cool down reduction. Also the extra health and resist is useful. If you still are playing then get The Sunfire Cape for extra armour / AOE damage for a nice finish. You can swap the last item depending on how you are feeling, how fed you are.

To recap: dont get first as it takes 3000 gold and way to long to get. Build Wit's end first and you will be able to farm and get more kills and buy the Bloodrazor in about the same amount of time.

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Early Game (lvls 1-6)

The start of the game is almost do or die for Warwick. Hes an excellent laner and if he can get some easy kills early you'll be even closer to getting the Wit's End. This is the 101 on Warwick. Get first blood, dont die and farm. If you can get Wit's End and boots early in the game its GG and you win lane 90% of the time. WarWick snow balls really fast after you get Wit's End /Boots so if you get it early you can win.

The key to WW is farm. Dont auto attack just last hit so your not over extending because lets face it WW is sloowwwww before he gets Blood Sent and boots. Also don't be afraid to spam W to attack faster / push lane when needed.

Get first blood / assist
Dont die
Get Wit's End, boots, start Bloodrazors aka GG

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Mid Game (lvls 7-12)

Okay. Its mid game and you have your Wit's and boots and your almost there with your bloodrazors. Its time to farm and pick people off. With your Q being maxed and having a Dorans ring, you shouldn't have to leave lane unless your out of mana and almost dead or you need a new shiny item to destroy more with. Just don't over extend to far and just keep farming minions and there carrys.

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Late Game (13-18)

This is where if your fed you need to push and buy your other items. By now your doing 2 attacks a second and maybe even 3 with W maxed out. Now you can ult their carrys (all 3 in some games) to get kills fast. Don't be afraid to spam your ult as its on a minute cool down! Now run around the map like its yours. Take towers, kill enemies and get more gold to finish your build.

Congrats on winning as Win Wick.

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Thanks / End

If you do not like something please post and I will update.
If you think The Black Cleaver is bad tell me something I should replace it will and I will or I will mention viable alternatives.
Thanks to all who give feedback!

zapatou - "+1 this is how i build warwick but i suggest sorcere's shoes instead of AS boots because you deal essentialy magic damage with on-hits effects (malady,bloodrazor,wit's end,sunfire cape) plus at lvl8 and with some stuff hunter's call will cap your AS at 2.5 so there's no need for more AS"

Changed to Sorcers boots! - 8/3/11

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08/02/11 - Noob stole singed so I WW and tried my new build(s)
08/03/11 - Guide created after good success with the build
08/04/11 - Original guide done, added way more info
08/04/11 - Updated runes, more options / generic runes added
08/06/11 - Updated items to add Spirit Visage over Sunfire cape
08/06/11 - Changed build order, Wit's end is better to rush first
08/06/11 - Added an item explanation / build order